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Dali Lijiang Shangri-La Yu
Price from:US$1200
Dongchuan Yuanyang Jianshu
Price from:US$1200
Kunming and Dongchuan Red
Price from:US$700
Kunming Lijiang Shangri-La
Price from:US$1300
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Where to visit:
  • Lijiang
  • Shangrila
  • Kunming
  • Dali
  • Jinghong
  • Yuanyang
  • Jianshui
  • Dongchuan
  • Tibet
  • Xi'an
  • Guilin
  • Beijing

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Yunnan Tours
Dali Lijiang Shangri-La Yunnan Photography Tour - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Dali, Lijiang and Shangri-La are the three ancient cities on the Yungui plateau. They are the dreamland offering you awesome photography sites to capture the diverse Yunnan
Price from:US$1200 

Dongchuan Yuanyang Jianshui Photography Tour - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Dongchuan Red Land, Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Jianshui Old Town.This 8 Days Dongchuan, Yuanyang & Jianshui Photography Tour offers Superlative Visual Feast of Yunnan.
Price from:US$1200 

Kunming Kaili Guiyang Bullet Train Tour - 7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Kunming Kaili Guiyang Bullet Train Tour,Yunnan Guizhou Bullet Train Tour,Kunming Kaili Guiyang High Speed Train Tour,Yunnan Guizhou High Speed Train Tour.
Price from:US$900 

Kunming and Dongchuan Red Land Tour - 5 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
With gorgeous and colorful hues, Dongchuan Red Land is praised as ¡°God¡¯s palette¡±, becoming a new rising tourist destination near Kunming, loved by photographers, backpackers and hikers.
Price from:US$700 

Yunnan Luoping Golden Canola Flower Tour - 5 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
This is our special-designed tour for tourists to enjoy the yellow rapeseed flowers blooming in Luoping in spring
Price from:US$700 

Kunming Dali Highlights Tour - 4 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Exploring the distinctively beautiful landscape, ancient treasure and the colorful minority culture of Kunming and Dali in 4 days will be your best choice to tour in Yunnan.
Price from:US$600 

Kunming Lijiang Shangri-La Sightseeing Tour -9 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
This tour is from Yunnan to Lijiang, Shangri-La and Meili Snow Mountain is very classic in Yunnan Province.
Price from:US$1300 

Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangri-La Tour - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Take our 8 days classic tour in Yunnan to explore the best of Yunnan in just one go!
Price from:US$1200 

Lijiang Shangri-La & Kunming Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
From the graceful Lijiang to mysterious Shangri-La, and to the sunny Kunming, this 6-day tour demonstrates a best chance to explore the unique beauty that Yunnan has to offer.
Price from:US$900 

South to North Yunnan Tour - 12 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Travel from South to North of Yunnan
Price from:US$1300 

Kunming Jianshui Yuanyang Tour - 7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
[Stone Forest] Have a stroll in this unique natural forest of stone;[Yuanyang Rice Terraces] Get close and touch the amazing man-made landscape.
Price from:US$900 

China Rice Terraces Tour - 4 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Explore unique Stone Forest;Attend sunrise and sunset at amazing Yuanyang Rice Terraces;Enjoy the Old Town of fabulous Jianshui;Visit secluded villages as Qingkou, Tuanshan and Xingmeng.
Price from:US$600 

Xishuangbanna Highlights Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Kunming Xishuangbanna Highlights Tour
Price from:US$800 

Kunming Lijiang & Lugu Lake Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Stone Forest,Lijiang Ancient Town,Mosuo Family visit,Lugu Lake
Price from:US$800 

China Red Soil Land Tour - 2 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yunnan Dongchuan Red Soil Land Tour,Visit Dongchuan Red Soil, the most typical red soil in Yunnan;Witness marvelous sunrise and sunset in colorful Landscape.
Price from:US$200 

Shangrila Daocheng Yading Tour -8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Shangri-la Adventure Tour to Meili Snow Mountain and Daocheng Yading
Price from:US$1200 

Yunnan Holiday Tour to Kunming Dali Lijiang Shangrila - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yunnan Tour, Dali Tour, Lijiang Tour, Shangrila Tour, Zhongdian Tour, Kunming Tour, Yunnan Travel, Kunming Travel, Yunnan Trip, Yunnan Tour Package, Yunnan Travl Agency, Yunnan Tour Operator, Yunnan Local Tours
Price from:US$1250 

Yunnan Tour to Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Dali, Shaxi, Lijiang, Shangrila - 12 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yunnan Tour,Yunnan Travel,Yunnan Tours,Travel to Yunnan,Yunnan Sightseeing, Yunnan Travel Guide,Yunnan Trip,Kunming Tour, Jianshui Tour, Yuanyang Tour, Dali Tour, Shaxi Tour, Lijiang Tour, Shangrila Tour.
Price from:US$1800 

Yunnan Tour to Kunming, Dali, Shaxi, Lijiang, Shangrila - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Kunming Tour,Dali Tour,Shaxi Tour,Lijiang Tour,Shangrila Tour,Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour,Three Pagodas Tour, Stone Forest Tour,Erhai Lake Tour, Dali Old Town Tour,Songzanlin Lamasery Tour,Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour.
Price from:US$1200 

Kunming Jianshui Yuanyang Tour - 7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Stone Forest Tour,Jianshui Tour, Zhu Family Garden Tour,Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour,Hani Minority Villages Tour,Kunming Yuanyang Tour,Yunnan Rice Terraces Tour,Kunming Tours,Yunnan Tours,China Rice Terraces Tour.
Price from:US$900 

Yunnan Tour to Lijiang,Shangrila,Kunming - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Lijiang Tours,Zhongdian Tours,Yunnan Tours,Kunming Tours,Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour,Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour,Garden Sumtseling Monastery Tour,Shudu Lake Tour,Stone Forest Tour,Yunnan Travel Packages.
Price from:US$900 

Lijiang Shangri-La Tour - 5 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour,Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour,Garden Sumtseling Monastery Tour, Bitahai Tour, Shudu Lakes Tour, Naxi Dongba Culture Tour.Zhongdian Tour,Shangrila Tour, Lijiang Tour,Lijiang Shangrila Tour.
Price from:US$1000 

Kunming Dali Tour - 4 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yunnan Tours, Dali Tour, Three Pagodas Tour,Dali Old Town Tour, Erhai Lake Tour,Kunming Dali Tour, Yunnan Tour, Yunnan Trip, Yunnan Voyage, Yunnan Holiday Tour, Yunnan Sightseeing Tour, Kunming Tour, Dali Tour
Price from:US$800 

Yunnan Tour to Kunming, Shangri La, Lijiang- 11 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
A Luxury Yunnan Tour to Kunming, Stone Forest, Zhongdian / Shangri la, Benzilan, Tacheng, Lijiang
Price from:US$3500 

Meili Snow Mountain Kawagebo Peak Shangrila Tour - 14 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Meili Snow Mountain Tour,Mt. Kagebo Peak Tour,Three Parallel Rivers Tour, Tacheng Nature Reserve Tour, Shaxi Old Town Tour, Shangrila Tour, Tacheng Gold Monkey Tour,Xizhou Tour, Laojunshan Tour,Liming Lisu Vilalge Tour
Price from:US$3200 

Xishuangbanna Yunnan Pu Er Tea Workshop Tour - 4 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yunnan Tea Making Tour,Yunnan Pu Er Tea Workshop Tour,Xishuangbanna Tea Plantation Tour, Jinghong Tea Garden Tour, Yunnan Tea Garden Tour, Mengla Tea Workshop Tour,Yunnan Yiwu Mountain Tea Tour
Price from:US$1000 

Yunnan Small Group Tour - 12 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yunnan Small Group Tour,Yunnan Private Group Tour,Yunnan Group Tour,Yunnan Regular Group Tour,Yunnan Join In Group Tour, Yunnan Sightseeing Tour, Yunnan Coach Tour, Yunnan Bus Tour, Yunnan Organized Tour.
Price from:US$2600 

Yunnan Short Tour - 4 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yunnan Short Tour,Yunnan Quick Tour, Yunnan Fast Tour, Yunnan Essence Tour, Yunnan Highlight Tour, Yunnan Fast Tour, Yunnan Glimpse Tour, Yunnan Rapid Tour, Yunnan Speed Tour,Yunnan Express Tour,Yunnan Tour.
Price from:US$1000 

Yunnan Private Sightseeing Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
China Spring City Tour, Yunnan Tiger Leaping Gorge Tour,Lijiang Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Tour,Lijiang Dongba religion Culture Tour,Dali Cangshan Mountain Tour,Dali Erhai Lake Tour,Dali Three Pagoda Temple Tour
Price from:US$1500 

Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Yuanyang Rice Terraces Tour,Yunnan Rice Terraces Tour,China Rice Terraces Tour,Jianshui Town Tour,Yunnan Rice Paddies Tour, Yunnan Paddy Fields Tour, Yunnan Rice Fields Tour, Yunnan Terraced Rice Fields Tour
Price from:US$1500 

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