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Shanghai Beijing Bullet Tr
Price from:US$1000
Beijing Xian Bullet Train
Price from:US$900
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Where to visit:
  • Lijiang
  • Shangrila
  • Kunming
  • Dali
  • Jinghong
  • Yuanyang
  • Jianshui
  • Dongchuan
  • Tibet
  • Xi'an
  • Guilin
  • Beijing

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China Tours
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park Tour - 5Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Zhangjiajie National Forest Park£¬Tianzi Mountain£¬Yuanjiajie£¬Yangjiajie£¬Tianmen Mountain National Forest Park
Price from:US$700 

Jinan Qingdao Bullet Train Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Jinan and Qingdao are the most popular destinations in Shandong province which offer great contrasts. From the Mount Tai to the seashore of Qingdao, you will enjoy the best of Shandong.
Price from:US$900 

Terracotta Warriors Shaolin Temple Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Marvel at the magnificent man-made wonder - Terracotta Warriors;Go to Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng to learn about Buddhist culture and real Shaolin Kung Fu.
Price from:US$900 

Xiamen, Nanjing Tulou Wuyishan Tour- 5 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
This 5 days Fujian discovery tour covers a full range of scenic spots in Xiamen, Nanjing and Wuyishan.
Price from:US$700 

Beijing Huangshan Bullet Train Tour- 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
High speed train tour from Beijing to Huangshan Mountain. Here is a wonderful way to travel to Yellow Mountain from Beijing. It's only about 6 hour's high speed train journey from the capital to the most beautiful mountain in China.
Price from:US$900 

Shanghai Beijing Bullet Train Tour -7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Connect the essential Shanghai city tour with Beijing Culture Exploration by taking the high speed train. Just five hours for the 1318 km!
Price from:US$1000 

Beijing Xian Bullet Train Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Explore the thousand years of history in Beijing & Xian, the two ancient hearts of China by speed train! Experience the contrast of the ancient and present China.
Price from:US$900 

Shanghai Suzhou Hangzhou Huangshan Bullet Train Tour - 9 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
High speed train: Suzhou - Hangzhou; Hangzhou - Huangshan
Price from:US$1100 

Beijing Shanghai Bullet Train Tour - 9 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
High speed train : Beijing - Jinan; Qufu - Shanghai As a stop on Beijing Shanghai High-speed railway, Jinan offers you a great chance to explore the history of Confucianism and climb Mount Tai
Price from:US$1100 

Xian Mount Huashan Hiking Tour - 4 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Terracotta Warriors Tour with Mount Hua Hiking,Xian Highlights Tour with Mount Huashan Hiking,Mount Huashan Hiking Tour ,Mount Huashan Hiking Trails
Price from:US$600 

China Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge Hiking - 14 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Challenge the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge trekking which is like walking above the clouds;Go figure out why Lijiang and Shangri La have such as great pull to tourists;
Price from:US$2000 

Yellow Mountain Climbing Tour - 7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Tour the dynamic modern metropolis Shanghai, view the peaceful China Water Town Tongli, visit the classic Chinese Garden in Suzhou, and enjoy the marvelous natural beauty in Mt. Huangshan
Price from:US$900 

Great Wall & Mount Huashan Hiking Beijing Xian Tour - 7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Beijing Hiking Tour, Xian Hiking Tour, Great Wall Hiking Tour, Huashan Mountain Hiking Tour, China Hiking Tour
Price from:US$900 

Shanghai Xian Beijing Ovenight Train Tour - 7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Beijing Xian Ovenight Train Tour, Beijing Shanghai Ovenight Train Tour, Xian Shanghai Ovenight Train Tour,Xian Beijing Ovenight Train Tour,Shanghai Beijing Ovenight Train Tour,Shanghai Xian Ovenight Train Tour.
Price from:US$1500 

Hanoi to Beijing Vietnam China Tour - 16 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Hanoi to Beijing Tour, Hanoi to Guilin Tour, Hanoi to Yangshuo Tour, Hanoi to Guangxi Tour, Hanoi to Xian Tour, Hanoi to China Tour, Vietnam to China Tour, Travel from Hanoi to Beijing, Travel from Hanoi to Guilin.
Price from:US$3800 

Beijing to Hanoi China Vietnam Tour - 14 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Beijing to Hanoi Tour, Travel from Beijing to Hanoi, Beijing to Hanoi Voyage, Beijing to Hanoi Trip, Beijing to Hanoi Train Tour, Guangxi to Hanoi Tour,Xian to Hanoi Tour, Shanghai to Hanoi Tour, Guilin to Hanoi Tour.
Price from:US$3200 

Guilin Yangshuo Trekking Tour - 7 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
GUILIN Trekking Tour,DAXU Trekking Tour,CAO PING Trekking Tour,YANGDI Trekking Tour,XINGPING Trekking Tour,YANGSHUO Trekking Tour,Guangxi Trekking Tour,Li River Trekking Tour,Guilin Hiking Tour, Yangshuo Hiking Tour.
Price from:US$1400 

Chongqing Tour - 3 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Chongqing Tour, Chongqing Travel,Chongqing Trip, Chongqing Adventure, Chongqing Voyage, Chongqing Sightseeing Tour, Chongqing Attractions Tour, Chongqing Holiday Tour, Chongqing Cruise Tour, Chongqing Travelling.
Price from:US$600 

Haikou Sanya Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Sanya Tour, Sanya Travel, Sanya Trip, Sanya Holiday Tour,Sanya Vacation Tour, Sanya Beach Tour,Sanya Winter Tour,Sanya Sightseeing Tour Haikou Tour, Haikou Travel, Haikou Trip, Haikou Holiday Tour, Haikou Vacation Tour.
Price from:US$1500 

Harbin Winter Tour - 3 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Harbin Winter Tour,Harbin Winter Travel,Harbin Winter Trip, Harbin Winter Holiday Tour,Harbin Winter Ice Tour,Harbin Winter Snow Tour,Harbin Tour, Harbin Travel, Harbin Trip, China Winter Tour.
Price from:US$600 

China Muslim Tour - 14 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Beijing Muslim Tour, Xian Muslim Tour, Guilin Muslim Tour, Hangzhou Muslim Tour, Wuzhen Muslim Tour, Suzhou Muslim Tour, Shanghai Muslim Tour,China Muslim Tour, China Muslim Halal Tour,China Muslim Tour.
Price from:US$3400 

China Winter Holiday Skiing Resort Muslim Tour - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
China Winter Muslim Tour,China Winter Snow & Ice Muslim Tour, China Skking Muslim Tour, China Winter Skiing Muslim Tour, China Winter Holiday Muslim Tour, Beijing Winter Muslim Tour, Harbin Muslim Tour, China Muslim Tour.
Price from:US$1900 

Beijing Xian Shanghai & Yangtze River Cruise Muslim Tour - 11 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Beijing Muslim Tour,Xian Muslim Tour,Chongqing Muslim Tour,Yichang Muslim Tour,Shanghai Muslim Tour,Yangtze River Cruise Muslim Tour,China Changjiang River Cruise Muslim Tour,China Muslim Tour, China Islam Tour.
Price from:US$2700 

Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai Muslim Halal Tour - 10 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Beijing Muslim Halal Tour, Xian Muslim Halal Tour, Guilin Muslim Halal Tour, Yangshuo Muslim Halal Tour,Shanghai Muslim Halal Tour, China Muslim Halal Tour,China Islam Tour, China Islam Halal Tour, China Muslim Tour
Price from:US$2500 

Hainan Tour - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Hainan Tour,Hainan Travel,Hainan Trip,Hainan Holiday Tour,Hainan Vacation Tour,Haikou Tour,Bo'ao Tour,Xinglong Tour,Sanya Tour,Haikou Travel,Bo'ao Travel,Xinglong Travel,Sanya Travel,Hainan Beach Tour, Hainan Travelling
Price from:US$1950 

Sanya Tour - 5 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Sanya Tour,Sanya Travel,Sanya Holiday Tour, Sanya Vacation Tour, Sanya Sightseeing Tour, Sanya Tour Itinerary, Sanya Seabeach Tour, Sanya Surfing Tour, Sanya Cruise Tour, Sanya Tour Trip, Sanya Summer Tour
Price from:US$1150 

East China Tour - 8 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
East China Tour, East China Travel,East China Trip, East China Holiday Tour, East China Sightseeing Tour, East China Vacation Tour, East China Pearl River Delta Tour, East China Journey, East China Travelling.
Price from:US$1600 

Nanjing Tour - 4 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Nanjing Tour, Nanjing Travel, Nanjing Trip, Nanjing History Tour, Nanjing Sightseeing Tour, Nanjing Holiday Tour, Nanjing Vacation Tour, Nanjing Voyage, Nanjing Highlight Tour, Nanjing Culture Tour, Nanjing Jiangsu Tour.
Price from:US$800 

Shanghai Huangshan Mountain Tour - 6 Days ¡¡¡¡View details
Shanghai Huangshan Mountain Tour,Shanghai Huangshan Mountain Travel,Shanghai Huangshan Mountain Trip,Shanghai Huangshan Mountain Sightseeing Tour,Shanghai Huangshan Mountain Holiday Tour.
Price from:US$1400 

Huangshan Mountain Climbing & Trekking Tour - 4 Days. ¡¡¡¡View details
Huangshan Mountain Trekking Tour,Huangshan Mountain Trekking Travel,Huangshan Trekking Trip, Yellow Mountain Trekking Tour,Yellow Mountain Trekking Travel,Yellow Mountain Climbing Tour,Huangshan Climbing Tour.
Price from:US$850 

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