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Laos China Mongolia Driving Tour - 20 Days

Destination: Laos China Mongolia
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Laos China Mongolia Driving Tour Route:Mohan-Mengla-Mengxing-Jionghong-Zhenyuan-Nanjian-Dali -Shaxi-Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang-Dali-Kunming-Stone forest-Luoping-Xingyi-Anshun-Guiyang-Kaili -Guiyang-Chongqing-Suining-LangzhongLangzhong-Guangyuan- Xi’an  - TerraCottas Warriors - Pingyao-Hunyuan-Datong-Wulanchabu- Erenhot
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$4000/persons 4000USD/Person

Day 01 Mohan-Entry 32km
Enter China, and deal with the related procedures at border. Drive to Mengla for other process and/ or stay overnight.

Day 02 Mengla-Mengxing-Jinghong 200km 540m
Finish the rest procedures at Mengla and then drive to Jinghong for around 2hrs. Then you can travel in around Jinghong, or keep going to next destination. Options around in Jinghong: Ganlanba Dai village, Menglun Tropical Botanic Garden etc.

Day 03 Jionghong-Zhenyuan 360KM 1080m
Drive from Jinghong to Zhenyuan for around 6-7 hours; enjoy the wonderful landscapes and ethnic culture on the road.

Day 04 Zhenyuan-Nanjian-Dali 300KM 2050m
It is a bit tired but beautiful driving day. The roads is winding through mountains, villages, fields, tea gardens etc. it makes us be carefree and happy when drive on the road among natural green mountains and fields.
About 6-7 hours driving on today.

Day 05 Dali Travel Around
For many travelers, Dali town is much more original and less of commercial atmosphere than Lijiang ancient town. So you can enjoy one day in Dali, if time not permit, you can also cancel it during your trip. The Lake surrounding Dali is called Er'hai Lake, which is the seventh-biggest freshwater lake in China.

Day 06 Dali-Shaxi-Lijiang 200KM 2450m
We suggest driving through county road and mountain road then you can enjoy the wonderful viewing and experience on road. Shaxi is a lovely local and original village you can pass by. Then get to Lijiang for staying.
About 6-7 hours driving on today.

Day 06 Lijiang-Tiger Leaping Gorge-Lijiang 80km 2450m
We drive from Lijiang to Tiger Leaping Gorge for around 2 hours of single way; and have a 2-3 hours trekking there. It is one of the deepest gorges in the world. You will be surprised by the grand and beautiful gorge. After trekking drive back to Lijiang in the afternoon. Then free time for you in Lijiang ancient town.

Day 07 Lijiang-Dali-Kunming 560KM 1890m
We drive on highway from Lijiang via Dali to Kunming. It's a bit tough today of around 8 hours driving on road.

Day 08 Kunming-Stone forest-Luoping-Xingyi 330KM 1200m
Today we will cross to Guizhou province from Yunnan province. Guizhou lives more different ethnic people like Miao and Yi people and other above on 40. We will via Stone forest and can visit on the road if you're interested in. Stay overnight in Xingyi.

Day 09 Xingyi-Anshun-Guiyang-Kaili 563KM 690m
Drive start in the morning, about 180kms national road of good road condition from Xingyi to Anshun. And you can detour for the Huangguoshu Waterfall nearby Anshun, the largest waterfall in China.
about 300kms on highway and then visit the Huangguoshu Waterfall near by Anshun, And then we drive to Xingyi, Xingyi's Karst landscape of large scale is very beautiful.

Day 10 Kaili-Guiyang-Chongqing 550km 260m
Drive from Kaili to Chonqqing via Guiyang. Driving on highway and for around 7-8 hours today; for lunch you can drive out of highway to a small city, then go on drive on highway. The view of hills fill up your two sides is good. Especially with a good weather.

Day 11 Chongqing-Suining-Langzhong 380KM 480m
From Chongqing to Suining is highway of around 1.5 -2 hours. From Suining to Langzhong is national road G212 with good condition for around 2-3 hours; after arrival you have free time to experience in this ancient town. It's the southeast area near/of Sichuan, with mountains and farms beside your side when drive on road.
Option: you can also drive through Chengdu city by spend one more night there.

Day 12 Langzhong-Guangyuan-Xi'an 590km 400m
From Langzhong to Guangyuan is national road with good condition and drive around 2 hours. And drive from Guangyuan to Xi'an to is around 7.5 hours, it's almost highway, except the road near Ningqiang宁强, just around 15KM is under construction.
It's a tired driving day today.

Day 13 Xi'an CITY TOUR
Free relax and visiting in Xi'an today. Xi'an has been the capital of China in over 10 dynasties, and you can see history everywhere. The options: the hundred years old city wall, drum tower, bell tower, and the Chinese History museum (one of the best 3 in China) etc. but you might not finish all in one day .

Day 14 Xi'an - Terra-Cottas Warriors 70km of single way 400m
In the morning drive to Terra-Cottas Warriors from Xi'an city about 1.5 hours of 70km. Visit Terra-Cottas Warriors after arrival. Stay overnight in Terra-Cottas Warriors or back to Xi'an city.

Day 15 Terra-Cottas Warriors - Pingyao 500km 1340m
Drive to Pingyao from morning on highway G5; Around 500KM for about 7 hours driving.

Day 16 Pingyao-Taiyuan 110km 800m
Relax sleep after, you can walk around in this charming ancient town. It's a place definitely worth to relax there. Till to late afternoon, drive to Taiyuan city in 2hrs for stay overnight and ready for next day.

Day 17 Taiyuan-Hunyuan-Datong 360km 1050m
Get up earlier, drive to Hunyuan by highway and provincial road for around 4-5 hours. After arrival, have lunch and visit the Hanging Temple, which is a miracle in ancient Chinese construction, the whole temple was built on the mountain cliffs. Then go on driving to Datong in 2 hours.
It will be a tightly day today; you'd better control the time exactly.

Day 18 Datong-Wulanchabu 125km
Visit the Datong Grottos in the early morning (it's open at 8:30am). Spend around 2-3 hours for visiting; then drive to Wulanchabu in the afternoon. Stay overnight in Wulanchabu.

Day 19 Wulanchabu-Erenhot 360km 890m
Drive to Erehot, relax and prepare for exit processing on the next day.

Day20 Erenhot-Exit
Deal with and finish the process, then exit from China to Mongolia.


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