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Kyrgyzstan China Nepal Driving Tour - 22 Days

Destination: Kyrgyzstan China Nepal
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Kyrgyzstan China Nepal Driving Tour Route:Kyrgyzstan -Irkestam/Torugart - Kashgar-Yecheng- Mazha-Dahongliutan - Tielongtan-Jieshandaban -Songxi-Rutog-Shiquanhe (Gar) - Zhada- Mt. Kailash-Manasarovar Lake-Zhongba-Lhatse -Shigatse - Nimu - Lhasa-Nagartse-Yamdrom Lake-Gyantse- Shigaste-Tingri-Mt. Everest Base Camp-Shegar-Nielamu- Zhangmu -Nepal
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$4400/persons 4400USD/Person

Day 01 Kyrgyzstan-Irkestam/Torugart - Kashgar 125km,1290m
Enter China, and deal with the related procedures. Drive to Kashgar. We will prepare all the necessary permits for both vehicle and drivers process.

Day 02 Kashgar 1290m
One day deal with the process in the CIQ. Guests can visit Kashgar local Market , the Mosquee Idkar, Abakh Hodja Tomb etc. if have time.

Day 03 Kashgar-Yecheng 260km, 1765m
The road from Xinjiang to Tibet could be the highest road in the world. From Yecheng to Ali, you will suffer the altitude change from 1300km-6000km. It's a big challenge and if heading to Lhasa, there would be at least 10 days in the 4500 km altitude. If you have never go to the high altitude are, please consider about the healthy, because it's very hard if you want to find a hospital; Yecheng is the last big city before you arrive Lhasa, please be sure to buy enough necessary thing. And prepare well like bring some your own medicine etc.

Day 04 Yecheng-Mazha  250km, 3600m
Drive to Maza and visit along the way. You can stop for taking photos.

Day 05 Mazha-Dahongliutan - Tielongtan 360km, 4500m
Dahongliutan is the last place which have accommodation before enter Tibet. Please prepare the suitable clothes (keep warm) and the suitable sleeping bags as well as tent.

Day 06 Tielongtan-Jieshandaban (5600m)-Songxi-Rutog 370km, 4300m
Drive to and corss the Jieshan Pass (5600m). This is the most dangerous section along the Xinjiang-Tibet road. Be ware of the high altitude sick; don't be too excited after getting down of the vehicle.

Day 07 Rutog-Shiquanhe (Gar) - Zhada 350km, 3900m
Visit the beautiful Bangongcuo Lake in the morning near Rutog, and then drive to Zhada in the afternoon.

Day 08 Zhada-Mt. Kailash (6638m) 220km, 5600m
Visit the famous Tuolin temple and mysterious Guge Kingdom Ruins near Zhada and then we drive to Mt. Kailash in the afternoon. And in next 3 dyas circumambulate around the holy mountains- the pilgrim Kailash.

Day 09-11 Mt. Kailash 5600m
We can say the route around Mt. Kailash is a simple one: you can start by crossing a plain, then head up a wide river valley, climb up and over the 5630m Drolma-la, head down antother river valley, and finally cross the original plain to the starting potin. It's so straightforward, and so perfect a natural circuit, it's easy to see how it has been a pilgrim's favorite for thousands Years. The trekking season suns from mid-May until mid-October but trekkers should always be prepared for changeable weather.

Day 12 Mt. Kailash-Manasarovar Lake 4588m
Drive to visit Manasarovar Lake, the holy lake of Tibet. Lake Manasarovar altitude is 4587km. And the landscape here is one of the most beautiful one.

Day 13 Manasarovar Lake-Zhongba 320km, 4772m
We leave the holy mountains and lake and then drive to Zhongba and waiting for our tour to Mt Everest---the highest place of the world.

Day 14 Zhongba-Lhatse 495km, 4100m
Drive along the grand plateau and go to Lhaze via Saga.

Day 15 Lhatse-Shigatse - Nimu - Lhasa 402km, 3650m
Drive to Lhasa via Shigatse and Nimu. Please pay attention there is a limitation speed of Shigatse-Lhasa: 60km / hour.

Day 16 Lhasa 3650m
Full day visiting in Lhasa, the holy city. Visit Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple and strolling in Barkhor Street.

Day 17 Lhasa 3650m
Visit Sera Monastery and Drepung Monastery around Lhasa city. Then free time after that.

Day 18 Lhasa-Nagartse-Yamdrom Lake-Gyantse-Shigatse 370km, 3880m
Drive to Yamdrok Lake via Nagartse. Make a stop and take a light walk beside the lake. After that go on drive to Gyantse, visit Palkhor Monastery in Gyantse when pass by. Then drive to Shigatse for stay overnight.

Day 19 Shigaste-Tingri 240km, 4300m
In the morning visit the Visit the impressive Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigaste. It is a real pleasure to explore the busy cobbled lanes twisting around the aged building. After that further drive to Tingri.

Day 20 Tingri-Mt. Everest Base Camp-Shegar 200km, 4400m
Drive from Tingri to base camp in the morning, then visit at Mt. Everest and you can walk to the base camp and take photos from afar etc. Free walk around today here and enjoy the alluring landscape. Then drive back to Shegar (also called Old Tingri) for stay overnight.

Day 21 Shegar-Nielamu-Zhangmu 260km, 2000m
Leave the world roof and drive to Zhangmu from Shegar via Nielamu, and prepare for the exit the next day.

Day 22 Zhangmu -Nepal
Exit China to Nepal from Zhangmu today.


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