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Lushan Mountain Jingdezhen Wuyuan Sanqingshan Mountain Longhushan Mountain Tour - 7 Days

Destination: Lushan Mountain Jingdezhen Wuyuan Sanqingshan Longhushan
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Lushan Mountain situates south of Jiujiang city in northern Jiangxi province. Solitary and imposing, it towers over the southern bank of the Yangtze River, leaving behind its shadows upon the Poyang Lake. Overlooked southward on top of the mountain, the Poyang Lake is like a silver mirror. In the north, the Yangtse River looks like a jade ribbon flying to the east. This picturesque mountain is famous for its grandeur, elegance and perilous nature.Lushan Mountain bristles with lofty peaks in an infinite variety of forms. Some rise sharply from the ground like stone needles while others look dangerously steep or elegant. The best known characteristic of the mountain, perhaps, is the ever-changing mist that wraps up the peaks all the year round.


Jingdezhen, or the Town of Jingde , is a prefecture-level city, previously a town, in northeastern Jiangxi province, bordering Anhui to the north. It is known as the "Porcelain Capital" because it has been producing quality pottery for 1700 years. The city has a well-documented history that stretches back over 2000 years.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1100/persons 1100USD/Person

Day  1: Nanchang
Upon your arrival , Our  tour guide will pick you up from Nanchang airport and transfer you to thehotel, You may have a moment of rest at hotel.  Then you will have a city tour around nanchang. Visit Tengwang Pavilion, Standing by the shore of Gan river with a spectacular view and deep culture ,is known as one of the three most famous pavilions in south China. Then drive back to hotel.

Day 2: Nanchang - Lushan Mountain
After breakfast, Drive to Lushan mountain, about 2.5 hours to the top by mountain way. Then all day long hiking on the mountain, Visit Ruqin lake , Flower Path, Brocade Valley,  Dangerous Peak. Negotiation Platform,Immortals' Cave , Imperial Pavilion (Scenery Hightlights: sheer peaks and precipices, changeable clouds and fogs, springs). Then Vsit Meilu villa, The former residence of Chiang Kai shek and his wife Madam Song Meiling, Visit Lushan mountain museum, Which is Lulin
No. 1 villa, is also the former residence of Chairman Mao.

Day 3: Lushan Mountain -  Jingdezhen
In the morning , Hiking to Hanpokou. Where you will see the highest peak of Lu mountain, The great hanyang peak, See the No. 1 fresh water lake of China Poyang lake, the five old men peaks from a far distance. Visit the great American writer- Pearl Buck ¡®s villa. Drive down to Jindezhen, Which is known as the ceramic capital of China, Visit Guyao (the ancient kiln site), see the traditional production line where every ceramic pieces made by hand . See the most typical kilns
used for more than one thousand years ago. Visit the porcelain folklore museum and the exhibition rooms of the four traditional porcelain types, Check in hotel in Jingdezhen.

Day 4:  Jingdezhen - Wuyuan
In the morning, Drive to Wuyuan, Known as the most beautiful countryside in China, in spring time, When rape seed flower reached its full blossom, that is the best time to see this place , With the
Hui style residential houses (black tiles and white walls) standing among the yellow flower field , What a  picturesque scenery. You will visit the Rainbow Bridge, Sixi village, Likeng Village, Yu family Ancestral mansion Here.

Day 5: Wuyuan - Sanqing Mountain -  Longhu Mountain
Drive to Sanqing Mountain, Take the cable car to the top of the mountain, hiking in the mountain.(Nanqingyuan Scenic Area, Goddess peak, Python Rock peak, West shore scenic area, East shore
scenic area.). The mountain was listed as a world natural heritage by The UNSCO in 2008, as well as one of the major national parks in China. It is charming for oddly shaped pines, rocks and forest, the scenic area is covered with thousands of picturesque peaks and tumbling gullies,   in which the age old trees flourish and rare birds and animals inhabit. it is also a famous Taoist  mountain with a history  of over 1600 years, The ancient Taoism cultural heritage Sanqing  palace has been well preserved.  In the afternoon, drive to Yingtan city, Check in hotel in Yingtan or Longhu mountain(Dragon and tiger mountain).

Day 6:  Longhu Mountain - Nanchang
Visit Longhu Mountain Scenic Area. also known as Dragon and Tiger Mountain, is a famous Taoism mountain with a long history. Which is also a beautiful Danxia landform characterized by its cliffy
scarp, the red cliffs and rocks can be seen everywhere. Another marvelous sight here is Cliff Tombs. It was ranked as a world nature heritage site in the year 2010. as well as a national forest park .
 Travelling around the park, Go rafting on Luxi River,(Bamboo raft ,safe ,comfortable).Watching the hanging coffin show. See Taoists' Abbey£¨temples Driving back to Nanchang in the  afternoon£¬Check in.

Day 7: Nanchang
Drive to Nanchang airport, fly to your next destination

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