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Shanghai Zhejiang Fujiang China Coast Tour - 13 Days

Destination: Shanghai Zhejiang Fujiang
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Travel Route: Shanghai- Fenghua - Ningbo - Mt. Yandang - Fuzhou - Mt. Wuyi - Taining - Quanzhou - Zhangzhou (Earthen Houses)  - Shantou  - Chaozhou - Xiamen - Kinmen -Shanghai
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2200/persons 2200USD/Person

Day 1  Shanghai 
Shanghai, the largest commercial and financial center of China. Our guide will meet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel for rest and relaxation.
Day 2  Shanghai- Fenghua - Ningbo
In the morning, we drive to Fenghua through the new Hangzhou Bay Bridge. Arrive Fenhua, where you visit the former residence of Chiang Kai-shek in Xikou. And you arrive in Ningbo at last, where you visit Tianyige Library, the oldest on in China.
Day 3  Ningbo - Mount Yandang
After breakfast, we travel to Mount Yandang, famous for grotesque rocks, cliffs, dingles, caves, waterfalls and lakes, is therefore called a "Museum of Nature". 
Day 4  Mt. Yandang
A whole day excursion exploring the fantasy of Mt. Yandang, including tour  the Ling Peak, Ling Cliff and Dalongqiu Pool are praised as the "rattlers of Yandang".  
Day 5  Mt. Yandang - Fuzhou
After breakfast, we travel to Mawei. Then visit the scenic West Lake, the Former Residence of Lin Zexu, a national hero in the Qing Dynasty and the city. For dinner we taste the famous local cuisine.
Day 6  Fuzhou - Mt. Wuyi
After breakfast, we travel to Mt. Wuyi. Mt. Wuyi, located in Chong'an County, northern Fujian Province, is a well-known scenic and historical site under state protection. It was inscribed on the List of the World Natural and Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. With high peaks and winding streams, the mountain with an average height of 650 meters presents the best scenery in Southeast China. In the morning, we tour Tianyou Peak. It covers an area of 4 square kilometers. The main attractions include Tianyou Peak, Yunwo, Yinping Peak, Cloth-drying Cave, Yi-lan Pavilion, Chadong and etc. At the Yi-lan Pavilion you will be intoxicated by the amazing scenery. In the afternoon, our sightseeing tour includes visits Jiuqu River (Nine Twist Stream), we will  experience the exciting bamboo rafts on the famous Nine-Bends Stream. Tour Wuyi Palace, Clouds Break, Tea Cave, Song Dynasty street and Zhu Xi's Memorial House. For dinner we will be served the local famous Wuyishan Tea Banquet.
Day 7  Mt. Wuyi
Today, we continue our sightseeing tour in Wuyishan. The Shuilian Cave, Tianchejia and Dahongpao Scenic Areas will be visited. 
Day 8  Mt. Wuyi - Taining - Quanzhou
This morning, we travel to Taining. Go to Taining by bus (2 hours). Enjoy a cruise on the beautiful Golden Lake. Visit Ganlu Temple and Shangshudi Mansion. Travel to Quanzhou. 
Day 9  Quanzhou - Zhangzhou (Earthen Houses)  - Shantou
After breakfast, we dirve to Nanjing County, the kingdom of Earthen Houses, listed as world relics by UNESCO. Nanjing Tulou (Earthen Houses) listes as world relic by UNESCO in July, 2008. A miracle in architecture, Earthen Houses, Tulou in Chinese, in the mountainous areas of Fujian Province. The architectural structure, carvings, examples of ancient calligraphy, pillar couplets of these dwelling houses reflect the wisdom and creativeness of the people. When you visit the unique buildings of the world in the countryside scenery, you can hardly tear yourself away from them. Upon arrival, visit the Tianluokeng earth buildings Clusters and Hekeng earth buildings Clusters, with amazing scenery. Taste farmer banquet as lunch. Drive to Shantou in the afternoon.
Day 10  Shantou - Chaozhou - Xiamen
Drive to Chaozhou. You will tour Kaiyuan Monastery built in 738, known as the largest ancient complex in Chaozhou and the first old temple in Eastern Guangdong,  Xiangzi Bridge first built in 1170, one of the well-known bridges in ancient China. The experts named it as the earliest hoist stone bridge in the world. You will also tour the ancient city walls with a history of more than 700 years. Travel to Xiamen.
Day 11  Xiamen -Kinmen
Kinmen Island is located in Fujian Southeast Sea, is now under the jurisdiction of Taiwan. Past the mainland and Taiwan cross-strait confrontation as a military powerhouse. Kinmen and Xiamen now has a quick ferry ride, just one hour you can reach Kinmen Island. Island covered with dense forest, road networks, military bases are still everywhere, Chiang inscribed "Wuwangzaiju" characters are very eye-catching. We will visit on the island Jyuguang building and Jhaishan Tunnel. Afternoon boat back to Xiamen.
Day 12  Xiamen - Shanghai
After breakfast, you will tour Gulangyu (Isle of Blown Waves), enlisted on the top ten tourist attractions in Fujian Province, Sunlight Rock, Shuzhuang garden with southern Chinese characteristics and oceanic wisdom of connotation and tolerance in it, Hulishan Fortress built in the Qing Dynasty, and the Ring Road reputed as Hawaii of the Orient. Fly back to Shanghai.
Day 13  Shanghai
After breakfast, you are transferred to airport for your return flight back to your home.
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