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Yunnan Ancient Tea Horse Road Tea Mountain Tea Plantation Tour - 16 Days

Destination: Yunnan Ancient Tea Horse Road Tea Mountain Tea Factory
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Yunnan is rich in resources, there are 26 kinds of ethnic, tea production has a long history, social and human resources are very rich, deep culture is a fertile soil for tea, but also tea cultural background and brilliant foreshadowing, Yunnan is Tea the birthplace, is the use of the First Tea Cultivation in the long river of history, in the tea plant cultivation, tea processing, distribution and consumption of social practice, a wealth of material deposited with the spirit of the intron, and more nation¡¡Às social and human integration within the Folkways, epitaxial poetry, painting, sound, the United States, child care situation justice, rational distillation derivative, derivative, chimeric, grafting, developed a unique and glorious tea culture and tea cultural resources.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$3000/persons 3000USD/Person

Day 01 Arrive Kunming 
Sightseeing: the Green Lake, Kunming City

You'll begin your journey to the diverse and captivating province of Yunnan from the capital city, Kunming. Upon arrival at the Kunming International Airport, meet your local guide and transfer to the hotel. And then, you will take a leisurely stroll along the Green Lake, a charming area of teahouses and small boutiques selling handicrafts and beautiful local paintings. If time permits, you will have a Kunming city tour.


Day 02 Kunming-Yuxi-Zhenyuan
Sightseeing: Huaiao Dai ethnic minority in Gasa Town, Yi ethnic villages;

After breakfast, you will have a beautiful driving about 380 kilometers to Jiujia Town of Zhenyuan County. Drive around 5 hours from Kunming to Jiasa Town in Xinping Yi and Dai Autonomous County. Have lunch with Dai ethnic flavor in Jiasa Town.

After lunch, continue the driving to Zhenyuan Yi, Hani and Lahu Autonomous County. It is 80 Kilometers driving from the downtown to Jiujia Town where you will visit the Qianjiazhai Ancient Tea Trees Growing Area in Ailaoshan Mountain Nature Reserve.


Day 03 Jiujia Town-Zhenyuan-Puer City
Sightseeing: Qianjiazhai Ancient Tea Trees Growing Area,
Visit the Qianjiazhai Ancient Tea Trees Growing Area in Ailaoshan Mountain Nature Reserve in the morning; then drive to Puer City.

Day 04 Puer-Jinghong
Sightseeing: Puer Tea Plantation Mountain, Puer tea factory.

In the morning,drive up to Puer Tea Gardens, overlooking Puer City where Austin was interviewed by the media. You will explore the Chinese Tea Institute and their library of dried tea leaves before being whisked off to a tea tasting and more interviews.

Visit the Puer tea factory and experience how local people cook the Puer tea cakes.

In the afternoon, transfer around 2 hours to Jinghong City. Then continue the driving to Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden in Mengla County; Stay at Menglun Botanical Garden Hotel


Day 05 Menglun Botanical Garden-Yiwu Ancient Town
After a noodle breakfast, visit Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden. Situated 103 kilometers, or 3 hour ride, from Jinghong, the Tropical Botanical Garden was founded in 1958 and is currently playing an important role in research in the areas of medicinal plants, taxonomy, economic plants and biochemistry. This garden proudly holds 3,000 species of plants, one of the richest botanical concentrations all over the world.
After visiting Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden, drive along a winding road through a tropical rain forest and stopped briefly at a rubber tree orchard on the way to Yiwu.

Take a bumpy dirt road to see an 800yr old tea tree overlooking a gorgeous lush valley in Zhengshan Mountain. On the way back you walk along the Tea Horse Trail which begins in Yiwu village and goes all the way to Tibet.

Our next stop is He Tian Neng's old tea workshop where you drink tea and see the stone blocks used to press tea cakes.You will watch as workers make puer tea cakes by hand.


Day 06 Yiwu Town-Jinghong City
Sightseeing and Activity: Pressing Puer Cakes in the tea factory.

Today we got the chance to make our own puer tea cakes at a small Cha Ma Shi factory in Youle, another of of the 6 famous puer tea mountains. After steaming, pressing and wrapping 2 cakes each we really got to experience how naturally simple the whole process is compared to other types of tea which are fried, rolled and processed substantially more. The only downside I see to puer cakes is the lengthy aging process which is necessary for the deep rich taste to develop.

From this small tea factory we traveled Dadugang, the owner of the largest tea plantation in Asia.  Terraced fields of 30yr old tea bushes could be seen in all directions and the view was breathtaking.  In stark contrast to the small factory we'd seen earlier in the day, the Dadugang factory was filled with massive processing equipment, primarily for green though they make 107 different varieties, which had a very industrial feeling to it.  We had some tea with the owners of DaDuGang while Austin had a long discussion about policies and international tea trade.Trnasfer back to Puer City in the late afternoon.


Day 07 Jinghong City-Menghai County-Huimin Town
Drive to Menghai County, visit Nannuo Mountain Tea Plantation and Yunnan Tea Research Institute. Nanuo is one of six tea Mountains, the origin of tea of the world, today we will visit a tea plantation with history of over 600 years old.

At Yunnan Tea Research Institute, we will be given a lecture on Yunnan minority tea culture while enjoy the tea performance of courses of Flaming Tea from Ai'Ni ethnic minority, cool mixed tea of Jinou, Earth-pot tea of La'hu and so on.

Visit Jinzheng Octagonal Pavilion, and then drive to Lancang Lahu Autonomous County. Transfer to Huimin Town which is 50 kilometers away from Lancang Lahu Autonomous County.


Day 08 Lancang County Ancietn Tea Mountains-Menglian County
Get up in the early morning, visit Jingmai and Mangjing Ancient Tea Mountains in Huimin Town.

The Jingmai Mangjing Ancient Tea Association consists of 209 member households from two administrative villages, namely Jingmai and Mangjing, which are composed of six natural villages. Some of the poorest populations are often ethnic minorities in border regions where the Jingmai Mangjing Ancient Tea Association is located.

Transfer to Menglian Dai, Lahu and Va Autonomous County and visit Nayun Ancient Town of Dai ethnic people.


Day 09 Menglian-Ximeng County
Drive one hour and a half to Ximeng County, visit the Ancient Tea group and the original forest in Fodianshan Mountain with 2458 meters above the sea level. There are 19.5 square kilometers ancient tea trees in Fodianshan Mountain, which is well-known as one of the 8 famous tea mountains in Puer City.Visit the tea factory in the afternoon.

Day 10 Ximeng County-Lincang City
Visit the Mengsuo Dragon Pool and Wa ethnic villages in the morning;
A long but nice driving from Ximeng County to Lincang City via Shuangjiang County. Visit The 10, 000 Acres Wild Ancient Tea Trees in Shuangjiang County.


Day 11 Lincang City
Sightseeing:Lincang Tea Culture and Customs Garden and Lincang tea factories.

We had breakfast around the corner from our hotel before walking through a tea retail area where we learned how to evaluate puer tea cakes by looking at the consistency of the leaves. For lunch we had some overly fresh fish which wiggled when dropped into the hot bowl, even after being sliced.

In the afternoon we picked up one of the servers from the the morning tea house and headed up to a park dedicated to the Yunnan ethnic minorities and their tea traditions. We saw a garden of transplanted 400-500yr old tea trees and explored this vast (and deserted) park including a hilltop graveyard, a tea pot courtyard, and expansive paths with beautiful views of the mountains and town of Lincang. The park officials even arranged for two girls to perform a traditional tea ceremony for us where they boiled the water with a small fire, roasted the tea leaves with bamboo paper and bowed as they offered us each a cup. The sang traditional songs which were quite unique to my ear.


Day 12 Lincang-Fengqing County
Sightseeing:Drive to Fengqing County via Yunxian County in the morning. Visit Dianhong Black Tea Company in Fengshan Town.

More lush countryside as we drove north passing through terraced fields of rice and tea.  After checking into our hotel we drove to Dian Hong, a large tea company specializing in black tea.  We toured their museum and enjoyed many cups of tea while Austin talked business and setup a factory tour for us the following day. Afterwards we went to their tea institute and saw a field with 71 rows of different tea bushes!  It was amazing to see the difference between them, even though they were all ¡°tea¡± and had the serrated edges, many of them looked vastly different.  This research institute has over 200 varietals of tea which they are studying.

Dian Hong owners took us out for a fancy dinner and afterward we did some more exploring around the city.


Day 13 Fengqing County-Dali
Sightseeing: Dianhong Black Tea factory.

After breakfast we took Jeep through a rough winding road to see a Dian Hong black tea factory and enjoy a few cups of strong black tea.  The most unusual feature was the 3rd floor bamboo drying floor where tea was spread out to dry and then dumped through a rectangular hole for processing.

Afterward we took another breathtaking drive on the way to Da Li.  After browsing two hotels, the third was chosen for us, located right in the heart of the historic old city.  We checked in, had a great meal and walked the bustling streets including the main drag nicknamed ¡°Foreigners Street¡± where we saw our first non Chinese people outside of our group.  The evening was spent at various street side shops as we explored this lively city.

Day 14 Dali
Sightseeing: Xizhou Old Town, Dali Ancient Town, Three Pagodas, the Ancient City Wall, Xiaguan Tuocha Tea Factory.

After an early buffet breakfast we picked up the Da Li museum curator and drove into the mountains towards a Buddhist temple which we then hiked up to.  The head monk graciously served us tea which was processed on the premises and steeped with water from the nearby mountain streams.  We spent some time exploring the grounds of the temple, wandering through the dense forest with Da Li city far below.

Back on the bus we drove along the waterfront on our way to the famous Xiaguantoucha tea company.

In the evening we walked along the bustling streets of Da Li and found a restaurant down a side alley where we surprisingly ran into three visiting Canadians and enjoyed a delicious meal.  After dinner we had a few drinks along a festive street with tables lining a rushing stream.

Day 15 Dali-Lijiang
Sightseeing Lijiang Ancient Town, Black Dragon Pool, Dongba culture Museum
Morning drive to Lijiang.Visit Lijiang Ancient Town, Black Dragon Pool, Dongba culture Museum.


Day 16 Lijiang Departure
Transfer to Lijiang International Airport for departure.Tour ends.


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