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Dali Lijiang Zhongdian Jinghong Yuanyang Jianshui Puer Jinghong Chiang Saen Tour - 14 Days

Destination: Yunnan Thailand
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Tour Route:Dali-Lijiang-Zhongdian-Jinghong-Yuanyang-Jianshui-Puer-Jinghong-Chiang Saen
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2500/persons 2500USD/Person

Day 1 Kunming
Arrival in Kunming, the capital of Yunnan, located in China's far southwest. She has mild climate and can be visited at any time of year. Transfer to hotel.
Meal: Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner / Local across-the-bridge rice noodles for dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in Kunming 

Day 2 Kunming
Sightsee in Dragon Gate in Western Hills, a group of grottoes, sculptures, corridors and pavilions chiseled from the cliff. You can get views of Lake Dian. In the afternoon, visit Cuihu Park, a city central lake where local people have pleasure time, and Bird and Plant Market, a daily market where local people sell birds, animal pets, indoor plants and flower. Enjoy Dynamic Yunnan in the evening.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in Kunming
Activity: Evening performance of Dynamic Yunnan( Minority singing and dancing)

Day 3 Kunming - Dali
Take morning flight from Kunming to Dali, the home of the Bai minority people. Transfer to embark on a boat in Erhai lake. We may have chance to visit lakeside village. Drive to visit Three Pagodas£¬the landmark of Dali, which were built during the Tang and Song dynasty. Xizhou Bai's village to visit Bai people's family house and taste three courses tea. Zhoucheng Bai's village to visit workmanship of batik. Balance of the day, Sightseeing in and around Ancient Dali Town, an ancient walled town set between sparkling Lake Erhai and the 12,000-foot Cangshan Mountains
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner 
Accommodation: Overnight in Dali
Transport: Flight from Kunming to Dali + land transport

Day 4 Dali - Lijiang
Drive from Dali to Lijiang (200km, 3.5hrs driving). Stop to visit Grotto of Shibao Mountain where many stone statues carved during the Tan and Song dynasties can be seen on the way. Shaxi Old Town which is regarded as the most preserved town on the tea and horse trail. Then transfer to Lijiang, the home of the Naxi minority people. On arrival in Lijiang, sightseeing in and around Lijiang Old Town which was named a World Heritage Site by the United Nations.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in Lijiang

Day 5 Lijiang
Drive to visit Yufeng Monastery, a lama temple, which is famous for a 500-year-old camellia and is said to produce 10,000 blossoms in spring each year. Baisha Village and Wall Painting, the old capital of the Naxi, where you can admire the frescoes on one of its ancient temples. Sightsee in and Shuhe Old Town, a Naxi old town with fewer tourists. Visit Jade Spring Park, with its splendid view of 18,000-foot Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, stopping at the small Naxi Culture Museum to learn about their distinctive Dongba pictographic characters and religion. Enjoy Naxi ancient music in the evening.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner 
Accommodation: Overnight in Lijiang
Activity: Evening performance of Naxi Ancient Musical

Day 6 Lijiang - Zhongdian
Drive from Lijiang to Zhongdian (200km, 3.5hrs driving), the home of the Tibetan minority people. Stop to visit Shigu Village to see the sweeping First Bend of the Yangtze River; then visit the tremendous Tiger Leaping Gorge, where the river forces its way between Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and Haba Snow Mountain.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in Zhongdian

Day 7 Zhongdian
Drive to visit Pudacuo Scenic Attraction (Bita and Shudu lakes), the Nature Reserve. In the afternoon, visit Tsongzanlin Monastery which is the largest Tibetan style temple in Yunnan with more than 800 monks and 3 living buddhas living in. On the way, stop at a nearby village to visit local Tibetan family house.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Tibetan Hotpot Dinner 
Accommodation: Overnight in Zhongdian

Day 8 Zhongdian - Kunming - Yuanyang
Take morning flight from Zhongdian to Kunming. On arrival in Kunming, transfer to visit Stone Forest en route to Yuangyang (390km, 7.5hrs driving). Stone Forest, which is called the "No.1 Wonder under Heaven". The area is a deeply eroded limestone Karst area. The unique natural scenic and Sani people's folklore are characteristics of the Stone Forest Scenic Area.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in Yuanyang
Transport: Flight from Zhongdian to Kunming + land transport

Day9 Yuanyang - Jianshui
Transfer to visit Terraced Fields which, over the centuries, rice farmers have carved the steep hillsides into an amazing series of terraces, and the changing panorama of mountains and clouds will challenge the photographer to capture its feeling. The main scenic attractions are Duoyishu, Bada and Laohuzui(tiger mouth). Then hike through Hani Village to explore Hani people who build most of the terraces and visit their mushroom style house. Drive to Jianshui (162km, 3.5hrs driving), which is one of the most beautiful city in South Yunnan.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner 
Accommodation: Overnight in Jianshui

Day 10 Jianshui
In the morning, transfer to visit Tuanshan Village where to explore well-preserved civil houses of Han nationality and temples or joss houses which were built by the end of the 19th century and Shuanglong Bridge which has 17 spans. A three- tiered tower stands in the middle of the bridge and a smaller tower is at the end on the north bank. Return journey to Jianshui, transfer to visit Confucian's Temple which is the second largest of its kind in China. It was built during the Yuan Dynasty in 1325. Then depart to wander through old town to sightsee in local well and explore workshop of making Doufu. Visit Zhu Family's Garden, a rich man's house which was built over 100 years ago. Its traditional style is kept intact.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner 
Accommodation: Overnight in Jianshui

Day 11 Jianshui - Puer
Drive from Jianshui to Puer (400km, 7hrs driving), enjoy your scenic tour on the way. On arrival in Puer, transfer to visit tea garden.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in Puer

Day 12 Puer - Jinghong
Drive to visit Sanchahe Natural Reserve en route to Jinghong (160km, 3hrs driving). Sanchahe Natural Reserve (known as Wild Elephant Valley)is actually a nature reserve for tropical rainforest and wild lives. It has an area of nearly 1.5million hectares. Here in jungle live wild Asian elephants. Wild elephants usually come out at night, so local people built tree houses in forest for tourists who want to observe elephants. A 2 ¨Ckilometer long cable which runs over the tree tops from the main entrance into the heart of the park enables people to enjoy rainforest view from the air. Return journey to Jinghong, the home of Dai people.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner 
Accommodation: Overnight in Jinghong

Day 13 Jinghong - Menglun -Jinghong
Depart to visit Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden. Stop to visit Ganlan Ba, also known as Menghan. It is a basin by the Mekong. With fertile land, abounding in rice and various tropical fruits and busling morning market, it has always been a very traditional inhabiting area of Dai nationality, vast paddy field in the countryside dotted with numerous Dai villages spreads out a very peaceful picture of rustic life. Linger through Dai minority village. Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden, established in 1959, is about 90 kilometers from Jinghong. Covering an area of 860 ha, the garden grows thousands upon thousands of varieties of tropical and subtropical plants from home and abroad, including many rare exotic and endangered plant species. The garden is regarded as the ¡°Green Germ on the Crown of the Plant Kingdom¡±. Return journey to Jinghong on the same day.
Meal: Breakfast / Chinese lunch / Chinese Dinner
Accommodation: Overnight in Jinghong

Day 14  Jinghong - Saen
Drive to Jinghong wharf, where you board the speed boat to Chiang Saen of Thailand. The journey cruising dowm the Mekong will take 10 hours (Dep. time 08:00, Arr. Time 18:00). Enjoy the scenery on the both banks of Mekong. On arrival in Chiang Sane of Thailand, you operate the rest of journey on your own.
Meal: Breakfast / Boxed lunch / Dinner 
Accommodation: Overnight in Chiang Saen
Transport: Speed boat from Jinghong to Chiang Saen

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