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Yunnan Xishuangbanna Birding /Jinghong Birding Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Xishuangbanna/Jinghong
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Xishuangbanna is reputed as a fauna kingdom, it's true to name, according to statistics of scientific research, there are more than 450 kinds of birds living in forest of Xishuangbanna. Jungle is best home of these lovely cherubs, they are smart, naughty, cute and shy, so, to see them won't be so easy even you have already heard they twittering around you.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1000/persons 1000USD/Person

Day 1 :Start from Jinghong, driver to Mengla, a town close to Lao border and with lush forest, we will cross man areas covered with forest, watching birds on the way, especially between Mengyuan and Nonglin, in the zone where farming land abuts on forest (recommended by local Nature Reserve Authority). Stay at hotel in Mengla.
Day 2 : Go to Bubeng Nature Reserve to watch birds, where tall trees
grow and cable bridges are set to connect trees with each other on the top for people to walk on and get open view. Move back across rainforest to Menglun, where the biggest tropical botanical garden is
located. Stay at hotel in the garden.
Day 3 :Spend some morning time in the garden, a good place for birding, too. Later drive to Green Stone Forest for watching birds (recommended by zoological specialist), then go through Jinuo area, where it's covered with dense forest and quite lot of birds live. Further drive to Sanchahe Nature Reserve, known as Wild Elephant Valley as well, stay at local hotel beside rainforest.

Day 4 : Watching birds around nature reserve of Wild Elephant Valley in the morning before tourists arrive, drive along old road to Pu Wen, across areas where forest connects farm land, move to Caiyanhe Nature Reserve, an ideal habitat of all kinds of birds (recommended by zoological specialist). Stay at local inn surrounded by lush trees in nature reserve.
Day 5 : Try finding various birds in Caiyanghe Nature Reserve at very
early time. After move to Maizihu Lake, for more traces of birds (recommended by zoological specialist), it is a park located to the east of Pu'er Town, around which it's all covered with luxuriant
vegetation, pine trees mostly. Stay at local hotel in Simao.
Day 6 : Drive along old road to Zhalayakou Mountain Gap to look for
more birds (recommended by zoological specialist), which is to the north of Simao town, area is crossed by road to Kunming, but abandoned after new road entered service, so it's quiet and wild. In the evening, departure for Kunming by flight. Tour ends.

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