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Jianshui Yuanyang Shengcun Laomeng Hani People Terraced Rice Paddies Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Jianshui Yuanyang Shengcun Laomeng Hani People Terraced Rice Paddies
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Yuanyang county lies at an altitude ranging from 140 along the Red River up to nearly 3000 metres above sea level in the Ailao mountains and is situated about 50 km north of the border with Vietnam.The Hani and Yi, the creators of the monumental rice terraced mountains which have made Yuanyang famous, are the original inhabitants of these regions.The vast majority of the ethnic minority women in Yuanyang county still wear traditional clothes as their daily attire. The main ethnic group is the Hani who share the region with several other minorities such as the Yi and Miao. Market days in the villages tend to be very colourful when the different minority groups in the vicinity, each in their own traditional costume, come together to trade and socialise.

The terraced areas of interest to visitors are mainly found between 1000 and 2000 metres above sea level. The winter temperatures here, although never freezing, are such that they only support one rice crop a year. After the harvest, from mid-September till mid-November depending on the elevation, the terraces are filled with water until April, when planting begins.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$1300/persons 1300USD/Person

Day 1:Kunming - Jianshui
Drive from Kunming to Jianshui. We will spend the afternoon visiting some sites around town. First see Confucius Temple, a construction aged over 700 years, whose size ranks the biggest in province and the second of country, then Wan Yao Village, the cradle of famous Jianshui Purple Pottery, we will see how workers are making clay into elegant jars, vases or other nice vessels in different shapes. Finally we stroll in Zhu Family Garden, a private residence built in late Qing Dynasty 100 years ago, covering an area of 20,000 square meters and with labyrinthian arrangements of yards, pathways and elaborately-furnished rooms. Stay in the Garden for night.
Day 2:Jianshui - Yuanyang
In the morning, see the Chaoyang Gateway Arch built in 1389,  it's the east gate tower of former city wall surrounding Jianshui, now serving as a landmark of the city. Do a relaxing walk around the old part of town, see 600-year ancient well that is still feeding people, visit local tofu workshop to discover how this popular food is processed, and find out how local life is going on. Later drive to Yuanyang, a small mountainous county of Hani and Yi people, around which there are grand views of thousands of rice terraces. Upon arrival, we will drive to Longshuba first to catch the view of sunset, if weather's ideal, terraces filled with water would reflect rosy light to give wonderful view. Overnight in Yuanyang.
Day 3: Yuanyang - Shengcun
First see the daily market in town, Yuanyang is a quite ethnic area, inhabited by Hani, Yi, Dai, Miao and other minorities, market is the best site to meet them and find out the facts of their authentic lives. Drive to trail head, start our scenic hiking across rice terraces to ShengChun, a small town across big valley from Yuanyang, en route we enjoy wonderful view of rice terraces to our hearts' content, scenery around us would give an illusion that we are walking in a picture. Ancestors of Hani and Yi people spent more than 1200 years assarting thousands of terraces on sidehills, during their arduous work through generations for food, undesignedly they created the most inspiring scene in southern Yunnan. Overnight in ShengChun.
Day 4 :Shengcun Market - Laomeng
Today is the market day of ShengChun, a crowded and noisy occasion that falls every 4 days, local people are mainly Yi and Hani Minorities, in colorful costumes, bustling around to sell native produces or to buy daily commodities. We will spend a relaxing morning in the market to feel the liveliness of countryside. Around noon transfer to trail head near Duo Yi Shu, see more rice terraces, then drive over several mountains and across some Hani villages to Lao Hu Zui, another good site for viewing rice terraces, en route we can get off car and do some relaxing hiking across villages by sections. Move further to Lao Meng, a small town seated by the river, warmer compared with Yuanyang, on the way if time permits drop in some Dai village. Overnight in Lao Meng.
Day 5: Laomeng Market Day - Jianshui
Today is Sunday, market day of Lao Meng, weekly gathering of different ethnic groups living around this area, Miao, Yao, Hani, Yi and some Dai. Higher temperature make the occasion look more lively and festive than the others, and assorted ethnic groups in different costumes make the streets especially colorful, as many modern supermarkets are replacing traditional markets at other places, in the countryside around Yuanyang or neighboring regions, regular assembly of both merchandise and people is still an important part of local life. We will spend the morning in the market, walking around, taking photos, chatting with local people and feeling their friendly manners. After we drive all the way back to Jianshui. Stay in Jianshui.
Day 6 Jianshui - Kunming
Drive to visit Tuan Shan, an age-old village enlisted amongst the 100 Protected Memorial Buildings of the World by WMF in 2005, for its well-maintained style and features of 19th. Century, here numerous ancient civilian dwelling houses still remain intact and folk traditions are still performed in its original way. After we drive back to Kunming, en route drop in Mongolian village near Tonghai, the only place in province where Mongolian people live, villagers are descendants of soldiers who came from north on expedition to Yunnan 700 years ago, we will try to  find out how their life is changed after getting off horseback. Tour ends upon arrival in Kunming.
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