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Yunnan Sichuan Tibet Motorcycle Riding Tour - 29 Days

Destination: Yunnan Sichuan Tibet
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Motorcycle Riding
Best Travel Time:All year
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Tibet enjoys fame as ¡°The Roof of the World¡± ¨C and the roads from Yunnan to Lhasa are the least traveled roads in the world, offering surprising views and varied ethnic cultures along the way. If Tibet is one of the relatively untouched areas of the world, then the eastern part of Tibet, bordering Yunnan Province, is the most untouched area of Tibet.Ride cross the Great River Trenches of Asia, Travel through the Hidden Corridor of Eastern Tibet to Lhasa.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$6000/persons 6000USD/Person

Day 1 Arrival in Kunming
You'll begin your journey to the diverse and captivating province of Yunnan from the capital city, Kunming. Upon arrival at the Kunming International Airport, meet your local guide and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 Kunming City Tour 60KM
Sightseeing: the Western Hill, Dragon Gate, Yunnan Ethnic Villages, Yunnan Nationalities Museum, Dianchi Lake

Ride around Kunming City. Visit the Western Hill, Dragon Gate, Yunnan Ethnic Villages, Yunnan Nationalities Museum and Dianchi Lake.

Day 3 Kunming-200KM-Chuxiong
Sightseeing: Yi ethnic villages, Chuxiong City, Yiren Ancient Town
Ride to Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture, the largest Yi minority prefecture in Yunnan Province.
Visit Yiren Ancient Town, the Ten Month Solar Calendar Park, Chuxiong Museum.


Day 4Chuxiong-200KM-Dali
Sightseeing: Yi ethnic villages, Bai ethnic villages, Dali Ancient Town
Ride to Dali with some ethnic villages on the way.
Enjoy the nice view of Dali Ancient Town in the afternoon.


Day 5 Dali-183KM-Lijiang
Sightseeing: Erhai Lake, Xizhou Ancient Town, Zhoucheng Village, Lijiang Ancient Town


Ride to Lijiang, there are too many bends from Dali to Lijiang, it could be ride very carefully.
Visit Lijiang Ancient Town in the late afternoon.


Day 6 Lijiang riding around the city 30KM
Sightseeing: Baisha Village and murals, Yuhu village, Black Dragon Pool and Dongba culture Museum, Shuhe Ancient Town, Lijiang Ancient Town

Day 7 Lijiang-200KM-Shangrila
Sightseeing: the First Bend of Yangtze River, Tiger Leaping gorge, Little Zhongdian Grassland, Dukezong Ancient Town
From Lijiang, you'll ride about 60KM to the First Bend on the Yangtze River with imposing gorge scenery, visit the Iron Chain Bridge,the Red Army's Long March Memorial Monument in the Shigu town. The town of Stone Drum got its name from a large, cylindrical, marble tablet shaped like a drum. The scenery is magnificent as the road running through the Lijiang valley which is filled with wheat fields and drying haystacks. You will have an experience of the floating from the First Bend of the Yangtze River to Longpan Town, after one hour floating, meet the driver and trasfer to Tiger Leaping Gorge.
Visit the Tiger Leaping Gorge, the deepest gorge in the world. With 34 rapids of the Yangtze River, it is called the Jinsha in this area because you can find gold in the river. Afternoon, you'll head for Shangri La, the former Zhongdian which is welknown as the paradise destination for every tourist. Upon arrival in Shangri La, you will have entered the Tibetan cultural area and a landscape of barley fields and yaks scattered in the valleys. Walk around Dukezong Ancient Town, an important town of the Ancient Tea-horse Trade Caravan from Yunnan to Tibet and India.


Day 8 Shangrila- 100KM-Zhongwenshui-100KM-Xiangcheng
Sightseeing: Songzanlin Monastery, Xiangcheng Town,
In the morning, visit the Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, the largest Tibetan monastery in Yunnan. Songzanlin Monastery has another alias - 'the little Potala Palace ', so named because the whole monastery is in the traditional style with mysterious atmosphere.
Ride to Xiangcheng County, visit the Da Xiao Snow Mountain on the way.


Day 9 Xiangcheng-110KM-Daocheng-100KM-Yading in Riwa Town
Sightseeing: Yading Nature Reserve
Today we will reach the highlight of this journey - Yading Nature Reserve, home to three sacred Tibetan mountains. Tibetan Buddhists believe that making a kora around these mountains brings them favor with the gods. The scenery here easily rivals that of national parks of the west such as Yellowstone and Yosemite in terms of spectacular, pristine mountain scenery. Overnight at tent hotel.


Day 10 Yading Nature Reserve / Daocheng (100KM)

Sightseeing: Chonggu Monastery, Drolma-la tso Lake, Yading Nature Reserve
Horse-riding to Chonggu Temple, see the scenery of Chonggu Temple and holy peak Xiannairi. From Chonggu Temple trekking up to Drolma-la tso ( Pearl Lake) or ride a horse about 15minutes. Pearl Lake is the best place to view the holy peak Xiannairi. You can still choose the local sightseeing bus to explore around. Late afternoon drive back to Daocheng. Overnight at Yading Hotel or same level other hotels.


Day 11 Daocheng / Xiangcheng / Benzilan(271Km)
Sightseeing: Sangdui village
Departs at Daocheng early morning, pass Sangdui village to Xiangcheng along different plateau forest scenery and local Tibetan villages. Overnight at Beizilan (dorm bed).


Day 12 Benzilan -97KM-Feilaisi
Walk to see the famous Jinsha River bend, then start driving to Deqin Feilai Temple by pass Snow mountains.  Feilai Temple is the best place to see holy Mt.Meili. Mt. Meili is one of the most sacred mountains of Tibetan Buddhism. 'Kang Karpo Peak' means the God of Snow Mountain in Tibetan, and is a holy land for worshiping. Pilgrims from Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan,and Gansu travel to the mountain at the beginning of each winter to worship. Thousands of devout pilgrims worship together and encircle the holy mountain, adding even more mystery and loftiness to the mountain. Overnight at local hostel(twin-room with private bath).


Day 13 Feilaisi-235KM- Markham
Go on northwards along the Lang cang jiang river valley, the upper reaches of Mekong River. Pass the border between Tibet and Yunnan at Yanjing, arrive at Markham after another 111km to join the Sichuan Southern route to Lhasa. Overnight at Markham Kangsheng Hotel or Chadaofeng hotel.


Day 14 Markham / Dzogong ( 158km)
Sightseeing: Lancang-Mekong River
Cross Lancang river, pass over the highest pass- Dongda which is 5008m. Overnight at Dzogong local best hostel.


Day 15 Dzogong / Pasho (201km)                                         
Sightseeing: pomba pasture
Drive from Dzogong to Pasho via pomba pasture, Overnight at Pasho Zizuan Hotel.


Day 16 Pasho / Rawok-tso / Pomi (219Km)
Sightseeing: Tibetan villages, the mountains and glaciers
The way from Pasho to Pomi, you will see glaciers, snow-capped mountains, forests, local villages and also the beautiful lake Rawok-tso. Overnight at Pomi Zizuan Hotel.


Day 17 Pomi / Bayi (240Km)
Sightseeing: the grand peak of Mt.Namche Barwa

Drive from Pomi to Bayi, pass by the gorgeous alpine valleys lined with rhododendron bushes, cross over the Serkhym-la where you will have a chance to view the grand peak of Mt.Namche Barwa. Overnight at Bayi Shangbala Hotel.


Day 18 Bayi / Draksum Tso/ Gongbujiangda County(220Km)
Sightseeing: Niyang River,
Morning start driving to Lhasa along the beautiful Niyang River, you will do a detour off the Sichuan-Tibet Hwy to visit Draksumtso(Basumtso) lake en route. Overnight at Gongbu Jiangda County


Day 19 Gongbu Jiangda County- 270KM-Lhasa City
Sightseeing: Milaya Mountain Pass (5013M),
Ride to Lhasa from Gongbu Jiangda County, visit Milaya Mountain Pass on the way.
Be greeted and offered a white scarf (called Hada) in a Tibet traditional way which brings you good luck. Have a rest for the acclimation after arrive Lhasa city.



Day 20: Sightseeing in Lhasa city
Sightseeing: the Potala palace, Jokhang Temple and Barkhor Bazaar

This morning, visit Potala Palace. It is more than 3,700 meters above sea level and it is the highest palace in the world! At the top the palace called golden roofs, you can have a bird-eye view of the whole of Lhasa. In the distance there are undulating mountain ranges, the beautiful Lhasa River, tracts of fields, tree-shaded villages and the glistening Jokhang Temple.

Afternoon, visit Jokhang Temple, it is the first built during the period of Sontsan Gambo in the 7th century, features Buddhist prayer wheels, reclining deer, golden sutra streamers. You'll find that many Pilgrims pray before the monastery.


Day 21 Lhasa City tour
Sightseeing: Drepung monastery, Sera monastery & Norbulingka summer palace
Today you will be arranged to visit Drepung, Sera monasteries and Summer Palace - Norbulingka palace. Both Drepung and Sera monasteries are Gelugpa (yellow hat) sect monastic colleges. Drepung monastery was the seat of the Government prior to Potala, it was once the world largest monastery in the history with 10,000 monks hailed from different monasteries all over Tibet. Sera monastery is famous for its Buddhism philosophical debate practice, the clapping sound and aggressive expression of the monks are well worth to see. Norbulingka is the summer palace of Dalai Lama, you can visit the residences of different lineages of the Dalai Lama. The park is crowded with picnickers and traditional activities during the Shoton (Yogurt festival) in August. Overnight at Lhasa.


Day22 Lhasa --Yamdrok lake---Gyantse  280KM
Sightseeing: Yamdrok lake
Drive 300kms from Lhasa to Gyangtse, en-route visit Yamdrok lake, it is one of the most sacred lakes in Tibet.


Day23 Gyantse--Shigatse -100KM- Tashilunpo Monastery
Sightseeing: Palkhor monastery with Kumbu Pagoda, Tashilumpo monastery
Ride to Shigatse, visit Tashilunpo Monastery, and go to take the Mt.Everest Travel Permits from the government. Prepare some food and drink for the Mt.Everest tour.
Accommodation: Shigatse Wutse hotel


Day24,Shigatse --Lhatse --Shegar 230KM
Sightseeing: Tashilunpo Monastery, Yarlong Tsangpo river
Morning visit the Bachen Lama Set - Tashilunpo Monastery, which was Built in1447 by the first Dalai Lama. Then the spectacular tombs of Panchen Lamas. Afternoon drive back to Lhasa along Yarlong Tsangpo river by the Nepal friendship road. Overnight at Lhasa
Accommodation: Everest hotel


Day25,Shegar--EBC 140KM --Rongbuk Monastery --Mt.Everest sunset
Sightseeing: Mt.Everest, Rongbuk monastery
Ride to Mt.Everest Base Camp,en-route visit Rongbuk monastery, the monastery with highest altitude.

Today, you will get up earlier for the chance to see the wonderful sunrise, especially in early May and late October, that is the best season to see sunrise.


Day26,EBC--Shegar 140KM 
Enjoy the sunrise view of Mt.Everest from Rongbuk monastery, then ride back to Shegar.


Day27,Shegar --Shigatse 230KM
Ride from Tingri to Shigatse.
Accommodation: Shigatse Wutse Hotel


Day28,Shigatse--Lhasa 270KM
Ride back to Lhasa City.
Accommodation: Tibet Hotel or other class hotel


Day29 Lhasa Departure
After breakfast, drive to the airport or train station, your tour ends.


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