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China Long March Route Red Army Retreat Nostalgic Tour - 18 Days

Destination: China Long March Route of Red Army
Duration: no date
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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The Long March (October 1934-October 1935) was a military retreat undertaken by the Red Army of the Communist Party of China, the forerunner of the People's Liberation Army, to evade the pursuit of the Kuomintang (KMT or Chinese Nationalist Party) army. There was not one Long March, but a series of marches, as various Communist armies in the south escaped to the north and west.The most well known is the march from Jiangxi province which began in October 1934. The First Front Army of the Chinese Soviet Republic, led by an inexperienced military commission, was on the brink of annihilation by Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's troops in their stronghold in Jiangxi province. The Communists, under the eventual command of Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, escaped in a circling retreat to the west and north, which reportedly traversed over 9,000 kilometers over 370 days. The route passed through some of the most difficult terrain of western China by traveling west, then north, to Shaanxi. In this trip tourist will travel along the many route of Long March of Red Army, which was mixed with beautiful nature, ancient culture, modern city and revolutional sites, also covered the unique folklore of South and North China. It is a tour of spirit, an enjoyment in sight, also an rare exploration to the heart land of China.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$3200/persons 3200

D1 Shanghai     

Arrive in Shanghai today, receive warm welcome from your tour guide and transfer to hotel. Shanghai is the most prosperous city in China, and you can not miss it in your tour to China for sure.


D2 Shanghai City Tour

Your tour start from Shanghai Museum today, which is boasting the largest in Far East. A lot of priceless treasure are exhibited here. And then we would like to show you around in ancient Yuyuan Market.

Since Shanghai is the economic center of China, naturally it is full of sky scrpters, Oriental Pearl TV Tower (468 meters) , Jinmao Tower ( 420 meters) and Shanghai World Financial Center ( 492 meters ).  So China Tour Special will take you have a bus tour in Lujiazhui sitting with other local chinese tourist in the afternoon to enjoy these great building. Don't need to ascend the building, it is amazing enough already just looking up these landmarks of Shanghai sitting at the double-decker sightseeing bus.

In the late afternoon, you will drop a short tour at Bund today. Bund is a very special and beautiful street in Shanghai, mainly built by European companies in 18th Century, and it is already the symbol of Shanghai now.

D3 Shanghai / Xiamen 

Your red tour will start from the mountains between Fujian and Jiangxi province, firstly fly to Xiamen in the morning, and then visit Guliangyu island, drop a visit in the Jiaoshu Garden.  Night in local hotel.  


D4 Xiamen - Yongding

Today you will ead for Yongding county in the morning, about 3 hours' driving today, and you will enter the mountainous area of Fujian gradually. Hakka people built over 24000 earth buildings in Fujian, which are great project similar as the Great Wall, and Tulou buildings in Yongding are the best. So today you will visit a few best sites of them. In the afternoon you will visit the most beautiful buidling of Zhengchenglou, which is said to be the prince of Tulou. And then you will visit another Tulou of Cuxi Tulou group, where a lot of Tulou buildings are located, and you can hike up the mountain to have a bird's eye view of it. Night in local hotel. 


D5 Yongding - Gutian - Ruijin

The Red Army leading by Chairman Mao used to take the rich Fujian as their refuge in their early period, and it was from the conferrence in Gutian village, Chairman Mao built his leadership firstly in Red Army, and then a lot of vitories were achieved by Red Army. And in the morning you will head for Gutian village in about one hour's driving. You will see the site in a small temple, and here you will also admire the huge white marble staue of Chairman Mao.

And in the afternoon you will arrive in Ruijin of Jiangxi province in about 2 hours driving.


D6 Ruijin - Chengdu  

Ruijin was the first capital of Red China in 1930s. Under the right leading of Chinaman Mao, the Red Army chieved one by one victories and their territory was widened largely in many provinces of China, so they built their own central soviet government in Ruijing, a small and beautiful town in the big mountain between Fujian and Jianxi. A lot of sites were still reserved in Ruijin, such as the Great Hall of Soviet Government, Congress Hall, Government building, etc, which are all proof of that hot period. So today you will explore in this mysterious city and learn a lot about the revolution of China. Besides the revolutional sites, the nature and villages of Ruijin is also very beautiful, so you will also visit the tour site of Ruijin today. In the late afternoon you will drive to Ganzhou and then fly to Chengdu in the evening by 3U8938  (22:10 / 23:55 )   


D7 Chengdu - Shimian

Sichuan province is important part of Long March for Red Army, a lot of important battles and accidents were happened in Sichuan, and it is also a paradise of tourism. So it is necessary to visiit here. As capital of Sichuan Provicne, Chengdu is the most prosperous city in West China, and its Giant Panda is the most famous. In the morning, head for the Giant Panda Breeding and Research Center in the suburb, just 10 kms north to Chengdu, where you can see the lovely pandas making various funny movement in eating and playing, also it is a good chance to take picture for them.

After the tour in Panda Garden, you will drive to Shimian county in about 3 hours, enjoy the mountain of West China. 


D8  Shimian - Luding - Kangding

The Dadu River was a deadly barrier for Red Army in Long March, they must cross the river because of the urgent chasing from enemy. And the batte of occupying Anshunchang port was happened herei, today you will visit the site of this important battele.

After it, you will continue to drive to Luding in about 2 hours' driving, enjoy the big mountain and villages en route. Arrive in Luding at noon. Since the Anshunchang port has less boat, so Luding Bridge had played key role in the Long March, which saved the Red Army and their Long March from been overwhelmed. The brave heros of Red Army crossed the bridge naked with only chains after fierce battle! And most of the leaders of Red Army and CCP crossed from this bridge.

In the late afternoon you will arrive in Kangding city in about 2 hours' driving, which is a beautiful Tibetan city. Free to walk around.


D9  Kangding - Tagong - Danba

The Red Army climbed over the big mountain to Danba from Luding, and the ruin of Red Army has been erased here, but it is a good place to enjoy the nature and culture of Tibetan. Just sitting in the car, you will cross over the mountain pass of 4200 meters of Zeduoshan and enter the wide Tibetan plateau. Yes, you are in wide Tibetan plateau now. The washed blue sky, waving hill humps, yaks, Tibtean villages, white poplar forest, clean brooks all will show you a new world, it is the kingdom of Buddha, land of purity, please let go all of the pressure and worries!

Wide Tagong Grassland, huge Tagong Monastery, and Snow peak of Mt. Yala, will show us another beautitul side of Tibetan plateau. If you like, you can even rent horse from local Tibetan and have short time's riding tour on the grassland!

You can not miss Huiyuan Monastery for sure. It is a small monastery just a few miles off the main road, but it has high position in Tibet. The 7th Dalai Lame used to take refuge here due to invision of Mongolian to Lhasa in 1728, and the 11th Dalai Lama was also born here in 1838.

Arrive in Danba in the late afternoon, and you will head for Jiajv Tibetan village in the mountain directly. It is a tour of homestay in local Tibetan family guesthouse today. And China Tour Special would like to invite you try dinner of Tibetan food tonight!


D10 Danba - Rilong

Get up in the early morning to breathe the clean air of mountain, and walk around in the village. It's widely spreaded that the girls of Danba are the most beautiful in Tibetan area, and local villagers also have the folklore of holding beauty contest every year, try your chance!

Tibetan in Danba care very much about the beauty of their houses, so their houses are normally built in good location, beautifully decorated outside and inside. Their composed a beautiful picture together with the mountain, fields and plants around them. And Jiajv village is the most beautiful in Danba, so China Tour Special will take you up the best point to watch the village and mountain.

After tour of Jiajv village, your guide will take you to Sopo Tower house. In ancient time, wars were frequently broken between villages, so clever Tibetan created tower house to protect themselves. It still remains as mystery   how local people built such high towers without modern tools! And today a lot of towers are well reserved in Danba, and best place is Sopo village.

In the afternoon you will continue your tour to Rilong village by 2 hours' driving. Xiaojin, Dawei, and Rilong, you can enjoy more view along the waving road and river.  Arrive in Rilong town in the late afternoon, stay in the hotel for night today.


D11 Rilong - Chengdu - Xi'an

It was in Xiaojin county the Red Army from Ruijin central government successfully met with their alliance in Sichuan, and they are far away from danger of perish temporally and relieved a lot. Close to this place, it is famous Mt. Siguniangshan, which got its name from the 4 snow peaks of 6250ms, 5355m, 5279ms, 5025ms, meaning mountain of four girls. You will return Chengdu either by Mt. Jiajinshan of 4000 ms or Mt. Balangshan of 5040 ms. Which route to take, depend on the road condition at that time. But for us, we prefer route of Mt. Balangshan, there is a Chinese saying The Boundless vista is at the perilous peak. In this tour, tourst can enjoy the cloud sea and more snow peaks, also in the other side of Mt. Balangshan is paradise of giant panda, Wolong Nature Reserve.

In the late afternoon you will arrive in Chengdu, and fly to Xi'an in the evening.


D12 Xi'an City Tour

As one of the hotest tour cities in China, ancient Xi'an is famous for Terra Cotta Warriors Museum. It is amazing experience to visit these warriors and horses under earth over 2000 years. It won its reputation of the 8th Wonders in the world. And China Tour Special will also take you to a local warriors factory, where you can learn with locals making warriors.

Xi'an used to be the most prosperous capitals since Qing Dynasty 2000 years ago and reached its peak in Tang Dynasty 1000 years ago, just like America today! And the Wild Goose Pagoda is one of the witness. Monk Tang Xuanzang in 7th century travelled ten thousand miles a long silk road to India learning Buddhism, and returned Xi'an 14 years later and probed Buddhism here. So after our tour to Terrca Cotta Museum, we will drop a visit here.

In the evening, you will have a dinner of dumplings banquet, in which you will enjoy the Jiaozi of diverse and varied taste, and then followed a magnificent performance of Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show , a re-enactment of the royal arts performance of a 7th century.


D13 Xi'an - Yan'an

In the morning you will have a short time's hiking on the Old City Wall. Similar as Great wall, it used to play important role in city defense. And then your guide will take to you Yan'an city 350kms away, another important revolution center in the Anti-Japanese War in 1940s. And in the route, you will drop a visit to Tomb of Huangdi, Yellow Empor, all of Chinese admire him as their anscestor. And you will also enjoy the spare loess plateau of North China, also the unique cave residance.


D14 Yan'an City Tour

The Red Ary arrived in Yan'an after 12500kms' trekking eventually, and the Long March was succeeded. Yan'an turned out to be the new political center of Red China as well as the center of leading War against Japanese Invasion. The central government of CCP and Chairman Mao stayed here 13 years. It was sacred place attracting all of the revolutional youth, including a few interntional people as Edgar Snow, Agnes Smedley, Henry Norman Bethune. So today your tour will be around in this revolutional city. You will make fuss over the extremely poor condition of early Chinese leaders also moved by their optimistic and hot altitude to life. Such as Yangjialing village, Meiyuan Garden, Baotashan Tower, etc.


D15 Yan'an - Beijing

Beijing witnessed the final success of China revolution. Fly to Beijing in the morning, and then relax in this ancient city. In the afternoon you will have a leisure walk at Tian'an men Square, the world's largest public square, also the new heart of Red China. And then you will visit the mysterious palace of Chinese emperors, the Forbidden City, which boasts 9999 rooms and the biggest palace in the world. In the evening you will enjoy a delicious Beijing Roast Duck to celebrate your success of Long March in China.  .


D16 Beijing City Tour

Your Beijing tour starts from the Great Wall today. The Great Wall is regarded as one of the 8 wonders in the world, and Chairman Mao had said: ¡°Walk on the Great Wall, and to be a real man¡±. So hiking on the great wall is necessary. We will walk on this ancient stone stage on feet, and trace the ancient history of China through the old wall and mountains. You will hike on the best section in Mutianyu, which is far away from the crowds, we believe you will be impressed by its grandness, steepness and beautifulness.

The Scared Road could not be missed, so in the afternoon your tour will be it, and It also leads a visit to the Ming Tomb, the tomb area specialed only royal families. It would be an interesting adventure, where you will see how the emperors desired for immortal.

D17 Beijing City Tour

You will take a rickshaw to explore the old street of Beijing, Hutong, where you will see how the old Beijing people live. In the afternoon you will walk around in the quiet and wide Heaven Temple, which is used to worship emperor's ancestors and pray for a harvest season.


D18 Beijing Departure

Send you to airport,and then you will leave China with sweet memory. End!


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