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North Korea International Worker¡¯s May Day Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Beijing ¡ú Mount Ryonggak ¡ú Pyongyang¡ú Kaesong/DMZ
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:May
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Spend this year¡¯s International Worker¡¯s Day (or better known as May Day) in the DPRK! International Worker¡¯s Day is a holiday recognized in over 80 countries worldwide (including the DPRK) to celebrate the international labour movement. North Korea celebrates May Day in its own special way, and this year you can be a part of the festivities. This is a great time of year to the travel to the DPRK as the weather warms and the North Korean people are themselves enjoying the May Day holidays. Be prepared for mass dances in the square, picnic in the park with luring locals, tug-of-wars, volleyball games and more! A North Korean cultural experience like no other!

The tour begins in Beijing, where you¡¯ll be staying near the dynamic Sanlitun Village. Fly to Pyongyang via Air Koryo to see all of the Pyongyang highlights, including a visit to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where late DPRK leaders lie in state. Hike the mountains of Ryonggak, and travel to Kaesong to take a tour of the DMZ on the border between South and North Korea.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2250/persons 2250USD/Person

Day 1: Beijing
Arrive in Beijing, PRC and check in at a 4 star hotel near the Sanlitun Village. Uri Beijing coordinator will welcome you in the lobby of the hotel and will assist the group to a traditional Beijing dinner for group orientation.

Day 2: Beijing - Pyongyang
AM: Meet group at the lobby of the hotel to receive DPRK visas and for group transportation to the Beijing Capital International Airport. Fly to Pyongyang, capital of the DPRK. Our local Korean tour guides greet you at the airport. As you drive to the Yanggakdo International Hotel, make a quick stop at the Arch of Triumph, the world's largest triumphal arc, to take photos. Check into the hotel and enjoy welcome dinner. Optional: enjoy an evening on rides, roller coasters and bumper cars at the Kaeson Youth Amusement Park, Pyongyang's best amusement park.

Day 3: Pyongyang - Mount Ryonggak
AM: Start the day at the Grand People's Study House, Pyongyang's 100,000m2 central library, and the Kim Il Sung square, the third largest public square in the world. Then escape the city to the nearby mountain of Ryonggaksan (8 miles outside of Pyongyang) to picnic, hike and see the Popun Temple. Take in the views at the top of the Kamtu Peak in the Ryonggak hills (be prepared to hike about an hour to the top; otherwise, you will have the option of resting at the picnic grounds).
PM: Return to Pyongyang to visit the Tower of Juche Idea, a 150-meter granite monument dedicated to the Juche ideology developed by Kim Il Sung. Ride the deepest metro in the world, Pyongyang Metro, on a special 5-stop tour beginning from Prospect Station to Kaeson Station. Dinner will be on Changjon Street, characterized by the fluorescent lights of the new residential buildings.

Day 4: International Worker's Day (May Day)
AM: Attend a viewing at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun, which houses the preserved bodies of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il (formal dress is required for this event). Visit the Mansudae Grand Monument. This important site is famous for its large, bronze statutes of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il. Visitors are sometimes asked to follow local custom by bowing and laying flowers at the feet of the statues. Visit the Manggyongdae Native House, birthplace of Kim Il Sung and drink from the fountain that adds 6 years to your life!

PM: Picnic with locals at the well-frequented Moranbong Park, a popular gathering place for picnics, dancing, singing and all of the good stuff that makes a holiday fun. We'll leave the rest of the afternoon flexible to allow for a possible mass dance where you can put your dancing shoes on (not literally) and show off your Korean moves. If there is a circus or symphony performance, we'll also let you know. Take a walking tour of Pyongyang on the Daedong River Promenade and have a BBQ dinner on the river. Enjoy a draft beer at the Rakwon Paradise Microbrewery (optional and at your own expense).

Day 5: Kaesong / DMZ
AM: Depart for Kaesong, the city surrounding the DMZ (2 hour drive by coach). Visit Panmunjom, the DMZ, from the North Korean side and participate in tour by a North Korean military officer. Enjoy traditional Kaesong cuisine for lunch. Visit the Koryo History Museum and stop in at the Koryo Stamp shop for all of the iconic North Korean postcards, stamps and artwork.

PM: Return to Pyongyang to continue the history lesson at the now bigger and grander Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and step inside the actual USS Pueblo (the ¡°American Spy Ship¡± captured in 1968). Share ending stories and laughs over pizza, pasta and wine at Pyongyang's own Italian Specialty Restaurant.

Day 6: Pyongyang - Beijing
Board Air Koryo plane back to Beijing. Estimated time of arrival is 10:00 a.m. local time. Please reserve connecting flights departing after 2pm local time, to allow sufficient time for immigration/customs clearance, baggage claim and re-check-in.

This itinerary is subject to change at any time.


¡ª 1 Night Beijing hotel and orientation dinner
¡ª Transportation to the Beijing airport before Pyongyang flight
¡ª DPRK visa fees and handling
¡ª Round trip ticket from Beijing to Pyongyang on Air Koryo
¡ª 4 nights' DPRK hotel accommodations (double occupancy, 4 stars)
¡ª 3 meals per day
¡ª Coach transportation in DPRK
¡ª Two local DPRK guides
¡ª One local driver
¡ª Admission fees (except those listed below)

Not included
¡ª Private sedan transportation from Beijing International Airport to hotel (approximately $75)
¡ª Round-trip airfare to Beijing from home country
¡ª Chinese visa fees and processing, if applicable
¡ª Travel insurance and medical evacuation insurance (required)
¡ª Personal expenses (laundry, telephone, etc.)
¡ª Souvenirs
¡ª Extra drinks during meals (one complimentary beer included)
¡ª Tips for guides and drivers (please budget $10 per day per traveler)

Special Entrance Fees for Optional Events
(Some entrance fees are priced in Euros. We strongly recommend to bring exact change in Euros to pay at the door; USD is accepted, but may be subject to an unfavorable exchange rate)

¡ª Pyongyang circus: 20 Euros
¡ª Pyongyang symphony: 30 Euros
¡ª Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum & Puebl 10 Euros (new entrance fee due to re-opening and renovation of museum)
¡ª Extra a la carte items incurred during meals (i.e., dog meat soup, Kaesong chicken soup, wine at the pizza/pasta restaurant, specialty restaurants such as the Okryu cold noodle restaurant, all roughly $5-10)
¡ª Amusement park entrance and rides, approximately 1-3 Euros each, elevator to the top of the Juche Tower, 5 euros)
¡ª Beer at microbreweries ($1-3 per draft)



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