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Yunnan Ethnic Minorities Tour - 11 Days

Destination: Kunming, Jianshui, Yuanyang, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la
Duration: Eleven Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Tour Highlights include:
1. Kunming Jianshui Yuanyang Dali Lijiang Shangri-la Kunming Tour.
2. Breath-taking view of Rice Terraces Fields.
3. Close visit of Hani, Yi, Naxi, Bai, and Tibetan ethnic minority people and their diverse culture.
4. China World Heritage Sites including Lijiang Ancient Town, Songsamlin Monasery, etc.
5. Stunning natural scenery of mountains and gorges.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1800/persons 1800USD/Person

Day 1 Arrive in Kunming (Flight not included)
Guide and driver meet you at the airport and transfer you to your hotel in the city. Enjoy night view of Kunming on your own or take a good rest after your flight journey.

Hotels: King World Hotel 3* /Kunming New Era Hotel 4* /Bank Hotel Kunming 5*


Day 2 Kunming to Jianshui
Jianshui Ancient City is 220km south of Kunming. It is about 4 hour journey by car. En route, visit the Stone Forest.
- The Stone Forest located in the in Shilin Yi Autonomous County is a set of limestone formations with various shapes. It is a natural miracle formed by erosion over 270 million years.

- Jianshui Ancient City is located 220km southeast of Kunming city with a history over 1,200 years. It once was an important city in Yunnan province. There are still many cultural relics bear its former glory, particularly Zhu Family Garden, Temple of Confucians, Seventeen Span Bridge, old cobbled streets and stone wells.

Hotels: Jianshui Hotel


Day 3 Jianshui
A day visit of the key attractions in Jianshui city including Confucian Temple, Zhu Family Garden, Old Town, Chaoyang Gateway and Seventeen Span Bridge.

Hotels: Jianshui Hotel


Day 4 Jianshui to Yuanyang
Continue a 90 km drive southward to Yuanyang where you will visit the most beautiful Rice Terraces in China.

- Yuanyang county is located in southern Yunnan Province. It is home to Hani and Yi people since 2,000 years ago. The place now is famous for its rice terraces fields that Hani and Yi people originally made for farming purposes. Spectacular views can be seen anywhere at the popular areas like Duoyishu Village, Daba Village, Habo Village and Longshuba Village.

Hotels: Yunti Hotel


Day 5 Yuanyang to Kunming
It is about 6 hours journey back to Kunming from Yuanyang. Take a rest in Kunming and wait for the surprise from next destination ¨C Dali city.

Hotels: King World Hotel 3* /Kunming New Era Hotel 4* /Bank Hotel Kunming 5*


Day 6 Kunming to Dali
Flight journey from Kunming to Dali is only some 40 minutes. On arrival, your local guide will meet you at the flight arrival. Head for key attractions afterwards - Xizhou Village, Three Pagodas, Cruise on the Erhai Lake and Dali Old Town.

- Xizhou is a typical village of Bai people, about 20km from Dali city. It is an unspoiled village with much character and charm. Except the local houses with exquisite sculptures, woodcarving and colored drawing, Shaping Monday local market, you can also try three tea ceremony at Xizhou.

- Three pagodas is an icon of Dali and a must-see of Dali tour with extremely long history and ancient Buddhist architectures. The three independent pagodas form a symmentric triangle, visible from miles away.

- Erhai is huge lake, occupying an area of 250 square kilometers. It is a gem of Dali and Yunnan province offering diverse food for local people. Visitors can take a boat ride to enjoy the breath-taking landscape, traditional cormorant fishing and local houses of Bai Minority people.

Hotels: Dali Landscape Hotel 3* /Dali Landscape Hotel 4* /Regent Hotel 5*


Day 7 Dali to Lijiang
En route, visit Mt. Shibaoshan. On arrival, take a stroll at Lijiang Old Town ¨C community of Naxi Ethnic People.

- Shibaoshan is a nature reserve and religious site famous for numerous temples and grottoes as well as old forests. It worth a visit when driving from Dali to Lijiang.

- Lijiang Old Town has a history over 800 years and has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was once one of the key points along the old tea horse road. Different from other ancient towns in China, its architecture, culture and art has strong characteristics of local Naxi people.

Hotels: Sanhe Hotel Lijiang 3* /Lijiang Yinxiang Old City Hotel 4* /Guanfang Hotel Qidian 5*


Day 8 Lijiang
It is a must to visit the snow-capped Jade Dragon Snow Mountain when you are in Lijiang. Take cable car up and hug the glacier whenever you come. Drop a visit of Basha town for murals and Naxi ethnic culture.

- Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, known as Yulong Snow Mountain, is a mountain range stretching a length of 35 kilometers (22 miles) in Yunnan Province, southwestern China. Part of Yulong Snow Mountain near Lijiang has been developed into a scenic area, offering cable car ride up to the mountain to hug the glacier.

Hotels: Sanhe Hotel Lijiang 3* /Lijiang Yinxiang Old City Hotel 4* /Guanfang Hotel Qidian 5*


Day 9 Lijiang to Shangri-la
Road journey from Lijiang to Shangri-la takes about 3.5 hours. En route, drop a visit at Tiger Leaping Gorge which is about 2 hours from Lijiang. Continue to Shangri-la afterwards.

- Tiger Leaping Gorge is considered as one of the world's deepest gorges with mountains over 5,000 meters on each side. Many tourists come for its spectacular views and challenge the various hiking trails.
Hotels: Shili Hotel 3* /Holy Palace 4* /Paradise Hotel 5*


Day 10 Shangri-la
A full day visit of Songzanlin Lamasery and Podacuo National Park

- Modeled from Potala Palace, Songzanlin Monastery is a Tibetan-buddhist monstery built on a mountain slope, 5 km away from the city of Shangri-la. It is one of the holiest monasteries outside of Tibet. - Pudacuo National Park is notable as the first national park in China. It is llocated some 50 minute drive away from Shangri-la city. Visitors can enjoy spectacular view of lakes, dense forests, pasture and close visit to local minority villages.
Hotels: Shili Hotel 3* /Holy Palace 4* /Paradise Hotel 5*


Day 11 Shangri-la to Kunming Departure
Take 40 minutes flight journey from Shangri-la to Kunming, then forward to your next destination or back home. Kunming is convenient connected with all major domestic flights and international cities including Macau, Hong Kong and all major destinations in souther


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