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Eastern China Coast Shanghai Zhejiang Fujian Tour - 12 Days

Destination: Shanghai, Huangshan, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Wuyishan
Duration: Twelve Day
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Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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This China World Heritage Sites Eastern China Tour to Shanghai Zhejiang Fujian will present to you not only cultural diversity, but also inspiring scenery and true experience of local life. The famous sites include Yellow Mountain, Hongcun Village, West Lake in Hangzhou, Yongding Tulou in Xiamen, Wuyi Mountain and Yuyuan Garden in Shanghai.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2000/persons 2000USD/Person

Day 1 : Shanghai - Huangshan
Arrive in Shanghai, then board flight to Huangshan. On arrival, take a leisure walk at Tunxi Ancient Street.
- Tunxi Ancient Street is a centuries-old street located in the center of Tunxi city. The 1,273-meters long street is paved with maroon flagstones with many shops standing on both sides featuring tea houses, traditional medicine and herb stores, clothing, food and antiques.

Hotels: Xinan Country Villa Hotel (down town) 3*, Huangshan International Hotel 4*, Xiangming Hotel 5*


Day 2:Huangshan
Drive to the Yellow Mountain Area after breakfast and stay overnight on the mountain.
- Yellow Mountain, also named Mount Huang, is regarded as one of the most famous mountains in China. This scenic area is well known for its breathtaking scenery consisting of pine trees, rocks, sea of clouds and hot springs. It has been an inspiration for traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography.

Hotels: Paiyunlou Hotel 3*, Beihai Hotel 4*, Beihai Hotel 4*


Day 3:Huangshan to Hangzhou
Leave the mountain after breakfast. The early-birds can enjoy nice sunrise if weather permits. Transfer to Hangzhou after a visit to Hongcun Village.
- Hongcun Village is a 900-year old ancient town standing in the mountain area. Enjoyed a reputation as one of China's top 10 charming villages, Hongcun has a very beautiful and peaceful view consisting of aged houses, stone bridges, water lily ponds and hills as backdrops. It is a place for visitors, as well as artists and directors.

Hotels: Enjoyor Hotel 3* Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua 4* Sofitel Westlake Hangzhou 5*


Day 4: Hangzhou
Enjoy a visit to the West Lake, a new world heritage site. Other highlights include Lingyin Temple and Meijiawu Tea Plantation.
- West Lake in Hangzhou is a freshwater lake with towering misty mountains in three sides. In the 5.6 square kilometers lake area, there are numerous temples, pagodas, gardens and bridges. It has been an inspiring place from ancient times for Chinese poems, painters and garden designers. In 2011, it was listed on UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
- Lingyin Temple is one of the main Buddhist temples in China with numerous centuries-old stone carvings and pagodas. It is located in the north-west of Hangzhou covering a huge area. It offers chances to eat in the temple and experience what the monks eat.
- Meijiawu is a 600-year old village with more than 500 households. It has been a famous production base of Longjing Tea since 1950s and received many world-renowned celebrities. The village now is an area combining sightseeing, farmhouses and tea culture.

Hotels: Enjoyor Hotel 3* Ramada Plaza Hangzhou Haihua 4* Sofitel Westlake Hangzhou 5*


Day 5:Hangzhou to Xiamen
Take morning flight to Xiamen and visit South Putuo Temple in the afternoon.
- Nanputuo Temple is a Tang Dynasty (618-907) temple in south of Xiamen frequently visited by Buddhists. The temple is quite small and old, but it has an amazing polished wooden Buddha and other collection of Buddhist cultural relics. You will feel a sense of peace when enter the temple though there are crowds most of the time. Visitors can enjoy vegetarian food here and nice scenery by hiking to the mountain top behind the temple.
Hotels: Jinghua Hotel 3* Xiamen Huaqiao Hotel 4* Sheraton Hotel Xiamen 5*


Day 6:Xiamen
A day visit of Gulangyu Island, the most famous site of Xiamen city.
- Gulangyu Island is only 5-minute ferry journey away from the coast of Xiamen. Featuring nice beaches and Victorian-era style architectures, the island is a great place to wander around for picturesque views. It is also rich in history with lots of cultural sights including Piano Museum, Shuzhuang Garden and churches.

Hotels: Jinghua Hotel 3* Xiamen Huaqiao Hotel 4* Sheraton Hotel Xiamen 5*


Day 7:Yongding
A full day visit of Yong Ding Tulou, a unique type of rural dwellings in Fujian.

- Tulou (Hakka Earth Building) is a type of rural dwellings built by Hakka People in the mountainous areas in Fujian. It is commonly rectangular or circular architectures formed with mixture of stone, bamboo, wood and other materials.The most famous ones are in Yongding and Nanjing which have been inscribed in 2008 by UNESCO as World Heritage Site.

Hotels: Jinghua Hotel 3* Xiamen Huaqiao Hotel 4* Sheraton Hotel Xiamen 5*


Day 8:Xiamen to Wuyishan Mountain
Board morning flight to Wuyishan. On arrival, visit the area after check in.

- Wuyishan is a beautiful mountain range in the north-west corner of Fujian province. This world heritage site covers an area of 99.975 hectares featuring surprisingly amazing scenery, especially the Jiuqu River, Tianyou Peak, Ancient Street, Tea Plants and forests. It will take you about 2 or 3 days to visit most of the park.

Hotels: Wuyishan Wang feng Garden 3* Yuanhua International Hotel 4* Yeohwa Resort Wuyishan 5*


Day 9:Wuyishan Mountain
Enjoy more of the beautiful and peaceful sights in Wuyi Mountain.

Hotels: Wuyishan Wang feng Garden 3* Yuanhua International Hotel 4* Yeohwa Resort Wuyishan 5*


Day 10:Wuyishan to Shanghai
Visit Xiamei Ancient Village, then take evening flight back to Shanghai, a metropolis in China.
- Xiamei village is an ancient town with a history dated back to Ming Dynasty (1368-1644). Most of buildings are very well preserved and featuring the sculpture of brisk, wood and stone, which is one part of the Wuyi World culture heritage.

Hotels: Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai3 *, The Bund Hotel 4*, Radisson Shanghai New World 5*

Day 11:Shanghai
Full day visit of Shanghai must-see sights including Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall, The Bund and Jinmao Tower. Visit Julong Silk Exhibition if time permits.

- Yuyuan Garden is considered as one of the renowned gardens in south China retaining some of best Chinese traditional architecture and culture. The garden features exquisitely placed pavilions, ponds, trees, doorways, and rockeries. Outside of the garden is a market full of souvenirs and eateries.
- Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Hall exhibits a giant walk-around model of the city offering chances to know Shanghai's future.
- The Bund is one of the most attractive sights in Shanghai lying on the western bank of Huangpu River in the city center. It is home to 52 buildings of different European architectural styles. It is enjoyable to take a walk alongside and discover the "museum of buildings".
-The 88-storey Jinmao Tower stands in the Lujiazui area of Shanghai. It ranks the top three tallest building in China and only second to the World Financial Center in the neighborhood. It is considered as one of the new landmarks of Shanghai with its height and superb design of its exterior. Apart from a bird view of Shanghai, there is much to experience such as the luxury hotel and the world's highest bar.

Hotels: Kingtown Hotel Plaza Shanghai3 *, The Bund Hotel 4*, Radisson Shanghai New World 5*


Day 11:Depart Shanghai
Bid farewell to this world heritage sites tour today after breakfast. Your guide and driver will accompany you to the airport.

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