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Sisters Meal Festival Photography Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Guiyang Kaili Shidong
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:April - May
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The Sister Rice Festival or the Sister Festival, (other names: Sister Meal Festival, Sisters' Meal Festival) held annually by girls on the 15th day of the third lunar month, is one of the most active festivals of the Miao people in Taijiang, Shibing and Jianhe counties, Guizhou Province. The date of the festival is different according to places. The ceremony is simple, unsophisticated, and distinctive and the Sister Festival in Shidong, Taijiang County is the most typical one. Girls, who are the center of the festival, invite their sweet hearts to eat Sister Rice, play a drum, dance, sing, give keepsakes to each other, and get engaged, which displays the fact of love between the lads and the girls during the course of changing from the matriarchal clan society to the patriarchal clan society. In the festival, there are traditional songs and dances, the dragon dance and bull fighting activities, the interaction between the tranquil and soothing rural life and the modern tours seeking nature are likened to "the festival hidden in the pistil", which is "the oldest oriental Valentine's Day" and is becoming a brilliant landscape in the modern tourism economy in Southwest China.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1400/persons 1400USD/Person

Day 01: Guiyang to Kaili

You will meet your tour guide at Guiyang airport and take a 3 hour drive to Kaili. Check in to your hotel and you will be free to explore Kaili at night. 


Day 02: Kaili Tour

Start your tour with a visit to Kaili Museum. Learn some background knowledge of native ethnic minorities living in this area.

You will then be driven to Conganjiang county, where the Gejia Ethnic reside. You will take a stroll around Gejia Village.

Later you will visit Qingman and Shiqiao Village in the afternoon.Qingman Villagers are famous for tradtional embroidery making, and Shiqiao is a place where you can see rice paper making, the working process has remained the same for hundreds of years.

-Gejia (Matang) Village: Matang Village, located roughly 18 kilometers north of the city of Kaili, is a Gejia ethnic minority village.

-Qingman Village: Qingman Miao Village is located in the northwest of Kaili. There are more than 350 households and 1,600 more villagers.

-Shiqiao Village: Shiqiao Village is a historical village known for rice paper production for hundreds of years.

Day 03: Kaili Tour

Today's highlight is the Diaojiaolou, wind and rain bridge and the dancing party at Upper Land Village, one of the most beautifu villages in Kaili. 

Later we will visit Jidao Village which is rarely known by the public, the village is very interesting.

The Village of Baika is a place famous for Lusheng production, a form of musical instrument made of bamboo.  If you have chance to see a Lusheng solo, you will be amazed.


Day 04: Shidong Tour

We will drive for 3 hours to Piantou village in Shidong.  People come from every small village hidden in high mountains, by boat, by trucks, by foot, to this peninsula by Qingshui River. They will celebrate their festival in the day, and stay in tents at night.

The highlight is the 1,000 people singing and dancing ceremony in Shidong.   We have to park our coach far away from the dancing place and walk 40 minute.  The traffic might be a problem.  Please follow the instruction of our tour guide all the time.  Please remember this is a real local festival, a real open market, pay respect to local culture.

The locals are proud to show you how beautiful their daughters are after dressing up in traditional dress.  Be free to take photos, prepare some sweets for children, do not try to buy any silver dressing from locals.  Help us to keep the culture from generation to generation.

Please notice that we have to drive back to Kaili, because the accommodation in Shidong is not good enough for staying overnight.

Day 05: Shidong Tour

Today is the 2nd day of Sisters Meal Festival. We will choose the most interesting item on the schedule list and go!  Please notice lots of outdoor activities might change due to the weather condition, and our tour guide will keep contact with local village chief for most updated informations.  Please be sure your camera has enough battery and sufficent space.

We might prepare lunch box for today because of the visiting to villages.
Please notice that we have to drive back to Kaili, because the accommodation in villages is not good enough for staying overnight.


Day 06:Kaili to Guiyang

You will have free time till your are transferred to Guiyang airport for your flight back to your sweet home.

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