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Guizhou Ethnic Minority Tour - 9 Days

Destination: Guiyang¡ªShuitouzhai- Kaili¡ªWugao-Danzhai¡ªZhaoxing-Basha-Jiabang -Rongjiang
Duration: Nine Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Guizhou, literally means "precious land" in chinese. What such a ironic name it is for a province that is regarded as one of the poorest in China! But brimming with dramatic landscapes, rich in minority culture and diversity in ethnic folk festivals, Guizhou is absolutely an amazing destination that should be list on any traveller's itinerary.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1800/persons 1800USD/Person

Day 1 Guiyang¡ªShuitouzhai
Pick up you in airport and then drive to Shuitouzhai. Visit Shuitouzhai Buyi ethnic village, which is built on the bank of Qinglonghe river with a charming atmosphere. All the villager are farmers and traditional technique such as traditional man-power mill, rice wine brewing and Toufu making are continuing in the village. Overnight in Indigo hotel in village


Day 2 Shuitouzhai
Visit the green tea plantation on the top of Baihuashan moutain, taste the fresh tea from plantation (optional). Hike in Xianghuoyuan gorge (3h). There is a good combination of valley, forest, water falls, and cave.
Overnight in Indigo hotel in village


Day 3 Shuitouzhai¡ªKaili
Drive to Kaili, discover the Gaozhai region on the way, where live the little flower miao group. Appreciate their exquisite embroidery and batik costume. Visit Matang Gejia ethnic village appreciate the exquistive Batik Making.
Over night in Kaili in hotel


Day 4 Kaili¡ªWugao
Drive to village Jiaogao and then start to hike Wugao village (3h), which is located in deep of mountain. Visit the family in wugao village and interact with family, such as catch fish from rice field for dinner (we suggest we buy some food from Kaili city so we can cook with the family). Overnight in family wood house


Day 5 Danzhai¡ªZhaoxing
Visit the Gaoyao terraced field so called ¡°colorful terraced¡± and discover black hat Miao nearby. Then take a high way to Zhaoxing. Visit Zhaoxing Dong village, one of the most picturesque Dong villages with several examples of the sophisticated and elegant Dong traditional architecture (drum towers, wind and rain bridges).
Overnight in Indigo lodge in Zhaoxing


Day 6 Zhaoxing
Visit of the Dong Culture Museum located in a small Dong mountain village. Walk in the rice terraces to Zhaoxing about two hours. Visit Jitang and Dengjiang village in afternoon. Enjoy Polyphonic songs concert in evening. Overnight in Indigo lodge in Zhaoxing


Day 7 Zhaoxing to Jiabang via Basha Miao village
Discover Basha Miao village, Basha has been in such view for hundreds of years that very one is in indigo garment every day and every man, always holding a gun or knife, has the hairstyle of ancient warriors. Then drive to JiaBang village. Overnight in Jiabang family house


Day 8 Jiabang-Rongjiang
Visit Dali, like a gem in the mountain. The village is filled by the beautiful Dong ethnic style wood house, roofed bridge and drum tower and looks like in the fairy style.
Stay overnight in Rongjiang Dongxiangmi hotel


Day 9 Rongjiang-Guiyang
And then drive to Qingyan, visit the old town Qingyan. And then drive Guiyang, or Guiyang City tour in Guiyang according to your flight schedule. And departure by flight.


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