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Guizhou Guangxi Ethnic Minority Discovery Tour - 12 Days

Destination: Guiyang¡ªShuitouzhai-Kaili¡ªMaliao-Rongjing¡ªCongjiang- Zhaoxing-Longshen-Ping¡¯an-Yangshuo
Duration: Twelve Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vheicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Guizhou is one of China's most diverse provinces. Minority groups account for more than 37% of the population and they include Miao, Yao, Yi, Qiang, Dong, Zhuang, Bouyei, Bai, Tujia, Gelao and Sui. 55.5% of the province area is designated as autonomous regions for ethnic minorities. The rich population of minorities in Guizhou allow for a great many ethnic festivals throughout the lunar calendar. During the first lunar month (usually February), the early festival in Kaili (east of Guiyang) celebrates local culture with acts of bullfighting, horse racing, pipe playing, and comedy works.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2400/persons 2400USD/Person

Day 1 Guiyang¡ªShuitouzhai 
Pick up you in airport and then drive to Shuitouzhai. Visit shuitouzhai Buyi ethnic village, Which is built on the bank of Qinglonghe river with a charming atmosphere. All the villager are farmers and traditional technic such as traditional man-power mill, rice wine brewing and Toufu making are continuing in the village.
Overnight in Indigo hotel in village 


Day 2 Shuitouzhai
Hike from Shuitouzhai to wangche via changtian and wanggu, we hike over mountain and through terraced land, water field, forest with nice mountian scenery.
visit and lunch wangche village and pratice calligraphy in buyi family. Wangche are boasting as calligraphist village of Buyi ethnic and in village almost all villager man doing calligrahy.
Overnight in Indigo hotel in village


Day 3 Shuitouzhai¡ªKaili
Drive to Kaili, on the way, discover the Gaozhai region where live the little flower miao group. Appreciate their exquisite embroidery and batik costume. Visit Matang Gejia ethnic village appreciate the exquistive Batik Making.
Over night in kailii in hotel


Day 4 Kaili¡ªMaliao
After breakfast, we will be transported to Kaijue Miao village, and take a short hike to Maliao £¬a village which is located in the top of the mountain , in this peaceful village will allow us to experience the rural culture . We will stay with the local family. Miaos are a very hospitable people; they warmly welcome visitors and always keep their house open for guests.
Home-stay at local Miao family in Maliao


Day 5 Maliao-- Rongjiang
Today we will travel by car into Congjiang County to begin our stay in the heartland of the Dong ethnic group. Rongjiang is the gateway town to the multitude of Dong villages scattered throughout Congjing County. After a day-long bus ride, we will have time to relax and refresh ourselves.
Stay overnight at Dongxiangmi hotel


Day 6 Rongjing¡ªCongjiang
After breakfast we will head to Congjiang to explore the nearby Miao Village of Gaodong and Basha which is notable for the unusual hairstyles worn by the local males. Basha Village is a place where ancient culture has been completely protected, and this group is quite different from other Miao groups in terms of their clothing and daily life. Visit Xiaohuang village and Bapa village
Stay in Congjiang hotel 


Day 7Congjiang ¡ªZhaoxing
Today we are heading to zhaoing Dong village, one of the most picturesque Dong villages with several examples of the sophisticated and elegant Dong traditional architecture (drum towers, wind and rain bridges).
Overnight in Indigo lodge in Zhaoxing (charming hotel)


Day 8 Zhaoxing
Visit of the Dong Culture Museum located in a small Dong mountain village. walk in the rice terraces bank to Zhaoxing about two hours. Visit Jitang and Dengjiang village in afternoon. Enjoy Polyphonic songs concert in evening.
Overnight in Indigo lodge in Zhaoxing 


Day 9 Zhaoxing --Longshen-Ping'an
Today's highlight will be the amazing terraces on the mountain of Yao minority , where  famed for it beautiful natural landscape. We will visit the spectacular 'Dragon's Backbone' rice terraces, Longji Village and Ping'an Village and appreciate their 650 years history. We will also visit the Yao minority in the local Longsheng village before moving on to our final destination of Guilin in Guangxi province.
Stay in Ping'an hotel 


Day 10 Longsheng ¡ªYangshuo
After breakfast we are heading to the tourist paradise Yangshuo, the most attractive place in china, the li river and bamboo raft, the beautiful countryside.
Biking and drifting is the best way to be outdoor activities.
Stay in hidden dragon villa hotel 


Day 11 Yangshuo
Xingping is an old town which located is 1 hour's drive away from Yangshuo , with more then 1300 years of history , this village will offer you the best scenic of the Li river location. We will also visit the fishing villages around. Drive back to Yangshuo in the afternoon (Extra activity not included in our program: Liushanjie show in the evening, optional)
Stay in hidden dragon villa


Day 12 Guilin
City tour in Guilin according to you flight schedule. And departure by flight.


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