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Guizhou Ethnic Minority Culture Expedition Tour - 7 Days

Destination: Guiyang Kaili Zhenyaun Shidong
Duration: Seven Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Travel deep into the intriguing landlocked area from the charming capital of Guiyang in the centre to the picturesque and unspoiled Kaili in the east and then to the historical Zhenyuang Ancient Town nearby.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1300/persons 1300USD/Person

Day 1 Arrival Guiyang
Arrive in Guiyang, you will be met at the airport & transferred to your hotel. Free at leisure for the rest of the day.

- Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou Province, is located at the east of the Yunnan- Guizhou Plateau in the southwest of China. The city features low latitude, high elevation and diversified landforms. In the subtropical zone, Guiyang enjoys a warm and moist climate, which endowed the city with abundant biological resources.


Day 2 Guiyang -> Kaili 
In the morning, you will take a 2.5hours driving to Kaili. On arrival, take a visit to Kaili Folk Museum to have an overview of the ethnic groups in Guizhou. Then go to visit Qingman Short-skirt Miao Village by bus (1 hour) and Shiqiao Miao village (20 minutes). The Fish in Sour and Spicy Soup is optional for your dinner. Stay overnight in Kaili.

- Kaili is the capital city of Qiandongnan Autonomous Prefecture in Guizhou. It has a population of approximately 450,000, and the area is 1,306 square meter. It is home of Miao and Ge ethnic groups. As the home to minority groups, Kaili host more than 100 Miao festivals throughout the year. It is a popular destination for backpackers and others seeking to experience rural China.

- Kaili Folk Museum has a collection of over ten thousand items of different ethnic groups in the area. It boasts an ideal place to view the ethnic culture at a glance.

- The riding to Miao Village is an enjoyable one. Along the way, you will find those mountains are gorgeous and the rice paddies amazing. After 20 minutes driving, you will arrival Shiqiao Miao village, which noted for its traditional way of making paper from the tree bark. Family visit will be arranged. Return back to Kaili in the late afternoon.

Dong Minority people are extremely fond of the taste of sour and spice. As the saying goes, Dong people cannot make their lives without the sour and spice food. Among several dishes created by Dong people, the Fish in Sour and Spice Soup is the most famous. It looks like the hotpot, sharing the similar way of cooking and eating. You will have a little plate with kinds of delicious sauce including soy sauce, pepper, ginger, red pepper oil, sesame seed oil, preserved bean curd.


Day 3 Kaili -> Zhenyuan
Take about 4hours driving to Zhenyuan. On arrival, you will have a visit to Qinglong Cave and Zhenyuan Ancient Town. Stay overnight in Zhenyuan.

- As one of Top Ten Tourist Town, Zhenyuan, also be an ancient town of the Miao people on a plateau in the mountains of the eastern part of Guizhou Province. This town is famous for its long history with many rich and generous cultural relics, making it much like a historic garden. Zhenyuan Ancient Town covers only an area of 3.1 square kilometers but greets you with more than 160 scenic spots including caves, palaces, pavilions, temples and rivers with their unique architecture, exquisite engravings and marvelous natural landscape. The Dragon Boat Festival, held on May 25th of every year, is the most ceremonious celebration in Zhenyuan.

After your arrival, you will see one of the most famous sightseeing nearby Zhenyuan- ancient complex in Qinglong Cave. It is really a wonderful masterpiece of human beings, combining the nature items and man-made temples.


Day 4 Zhenyuan 
Today, enjoy a relaxing Wuyang River Cruise. Then free yourself for the rest of day. Stay overnight in Zhenyuan.

Cut through by the Wuyang River, Zhenyuan Ancient Town is divided into two parts: south city and north city, which forms a water town. Hence you will see the importance of Wuyang River for this ancient town. Today, you will take a cruise on the Wuyang River. It will bring you one surprise after another. Grotesque gorges, perilous peaks and crystal-like waters present a wonderful picture before you, as if you were entering a wonderland. 4Secluded caves, gurgling springs, rugged rocks, dangerous passes and spectacular waterfalls interspersed on the mountains of both banks endow the Wuyang River, along with the dangers of Yangtze River and the elegance of Li River in Guilin. Each scenic spot has been given a fanciful name according to their beautiful legends.


Day 5 Zhenyuan -> Shidong -> Kaili
Drive back to Kaili. On the way you will visit Shidong and continue back to Kaili. Stay overnight in Kaili.

After 1hour driving, you will reach this very small town in Taijiang County. However, it is very famous for its silver ornaments-making. If you are interesting in, you could visit the silversmith and see the producing process of silver ornaments-making. Moreover, if you are lucky, you will have a chance to join the Miao people's Sister's Meal Festival in the Shidong area. Sister's Meal Festival, which takes place in the spring, is easy and interesting to visit for the girl's spectacular costumes. Each girl prepares her rice with a symbol inside and then wraps it in a handkerchief.

Then, continue another 3hours driving to Kaili. Arrive in Kaili in the late afternoon.


Day 6 Kaili -> Guiyang
Drive back to Guiyang, you will then have chance to visit Hongfu Temple which is located on top of Mt. Qianling and Jiaxiu Pavilion- the landmark building of Guiyang which has a history of more than 400 years. Stay overnight in Guiyang.

With 300 years of history, Hongfu Temple is the most famous Buddhist temple in Guizhou Province. The temple has a lot of temple halls such as Daxiongbaodian Hall, Kwan-yin Palace, Temple Hall for Worshipping Buddha and Sutra-Keeping Pavilion. Therefore, you can smell a strong fragrance of the joss sticks.

Sitting on a huge rock in the Nanming River in the southern part of Guiyang, Jiaxiu Pavilion is first built in the 26th year in the reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynasty (1598).The pavilion got its names since the builder believed that people in Guiyang are the finest and most talented under heaven that is the internal meaning of Jiaxiu in Chinese. In this pavilion, you can enjoy the rich collection of stone engravings, calligraphy works, paintings and woodworks by ancient artists. Among them, there is a long antithetical couplet with 206 characters written by a member of the Imperial Academy from Guiyang, which has 26 more characters than that one in Daguan Pavilion in Kunming, which claims to be the longest one in the world.


Day 7 Departure Guiyang
Bid a fond farewell to this ancient land as you leave for your next destination.


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