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Guizhou Shidong Piantou Village Miao Sisters' Meal Festival Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Guiyang,Kaili,Chonganjiang Datang Shidong.
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:April
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Are you interested in China Miao minority culture? And want to visit Guizhou miao villages? This Sisters' Meal Festival tour must be your best choice, and remarkably it is held only once a year!!! With considerate travel plan and caring tourist guide, this tour will bring you to take a glance at Miao culture and Miao people, and more importantly have a very precious chance to participate in Miao Sister's Meal Festival.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1100/persons 1100USD/Person

Day 1: Guiyang - Kaili
We are so glad that you join our annual tour to discover interesting Miao Sisters' Meal Festival in Guizhou. As planned, you will arrive in Guiyang Longdongbao Airport and our tourist guide meet you at the arrival hall and than take you to the capital city of Southeast Guizhou - Kaili by bus, it costs about 2.5 hours. After you have settled all your luggages in Hotel, you will enjoy free time. Kaili night market is a wonderful try.


Day 2: Kaili - Chong'anjiang
Visit Kaili Folk Museum in the morning to know about enchanting Guizhou colorful minority culture. Then we will take you to explore different minority villages to feel various minority customs, firstly we will drive to Chong'anjiang. Then you can enjoy hiking to Wanba Gejia Village. As a branch of Miao minority, Gejia people have distinctive costumes and dress-up. Chatting with innocent villagers and seeing beautiful natural sceneries, you indeed have a good time here.

At noon, surly you will have a good lunch with us in local restaurant. In the afternoon, we will drive to another way to visit Qingman Miao Village. Different from others, all women here are wearing unique short skirts. Then, we will take a side-trip to Shiqiao Miao Village to see China mysterious Traditional Paper-making process, which is a big attraction nowadays to travelers. At last we will drive back to hotel to close this day.

Day 3:Kaili - Datang
Today we will hit Langde Upper Village firstly to see its unique long-shirt Miao villagers. As a very popular minority attraction, Langde Upper Village is both mysterious and exciting, featuring Miao style houses "Diaojiaolou". Later we will drive to Paika Village, the home of a distinctive minority musical instrument - Lusheng. Here we can learn the whole producing process of Lusheng, even have a try to blow it.

The next spot we will visit is Xinqiao Miao Village in Datang town, by fortune, we can see a row of girls dressed in mini-shirts dancing together to welcome outsiders. Also we could learn different Miao customs in this village, and receive warm treatment from the hospitable Miao hosts.

Water granary collection will be our last seeing of this day. Smart Miao people built lots of wooden barns over manmade water ponds to store grains and prevent foods from fire damage. After we finished seeing all spots, we will drive back to the hotel in Kaili.


Day 4: Sisters' Meal Festival Day One
we will drive about 2.5 hours to join local Miao people's annual grand celebration - Sisters' Meal Festival at Shidong Piantou Miao Village.As one of the most important festivals of Miao minority, the Sisters' Meal Festival covers various meaningful ceremonies and interesting activities, such as bullfighting, cockfighting, Kungfu battle, singing and dancing competition and Miao silversmiths competition. It must be very exciting to see everyone dressed in their best shining costumes gathering at the square of village, and more than one thousand villagers will do drum dance together.

Foreigners will be warmly welcomed by these hospitable people. With no doubt, the whole festival's biggest highlight is Miao girls' Beauty Contest. Everything in this day at this place would be greatly attractive to outsiders. Given by poor staying condition in the village, we have to drive back to the hotel.


Day 5:Sisters' Meal Festival Day Two
The second day of Sisters' Meal Festival will continue yesterday's joys, we will just follow the activity schedule to join in different programs. Our tourist guide will be great helper to make you have deeper communication with local people, also you can walk around the village to touch colorful festival culture and Miao minority customs. Make sure you are with good camera and sufficient batteries, let us keep these two days forever.


Day 6: Guiyang
The last day your will go to Guiyang for departure. Our caring guide will say goodbye to you at the airport of Guiyang.

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