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Beijing Urumqi Turpan Dunghuang Xian Shanghai Silk Road Adventure - 14 Days

Destination: Beijing - Urumqi - Turpan - Dunghuang - Xian - Shanghai
Duration: Fourteen Day
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Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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The tour combine the spectacular sights, sounds & smells of China's Silk Road with the classic attractions of two ancient capital cities and one modern metropolis. Go for it, you'll feel like bathing in the deep river of history, folklore, Buddha art and silkroad legends.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$3800/persons 3800USD/Person

Day 1: Arrive in Beijing
The guide will pick you up at Beijing Airport, and then transfer you to the downtown hotel. The rest of the day is flexible for your will, have a rest at the hotel or take a walk around the famous Wangfujing Pedestrian Street enjoying the tasty Beijing snack there.

Day 2: Beijing
You'll start your Beijing tour with Tian'anmen Square, the largest square in the world and all the lofty jade stone bridges, moats, monuments, ornamental columns, stone lions, etc. Later walk northward and you reach Forbidden City. The largest and best-preserved imperial palace in China vividly showcases a whole set of the royal life. You'll be shown around several main halls like the Hall of Supreme Harmony. Have a good view of the emperor's chair, sculpture of mythical beasts, eave decoration and the like, you can touch some daily routine of the ancient Chinese emperors, courtiers and princesses.

Later you'll tour Summer Palace, the royal garden. You can keenly feel the imperial grandeur while touring the 728-meter-long painting-rich corridor, Foxiang Hall, etc. The trip includes an exciting cruise on the huge Kunming lake.

The evening activity is also wonderful - Chinese Kung Fu Show! A closer look at this marvelous Chinese martial art rather than see it on TV will surely win your wow! You can further take photos with the performers after the show.


Day 3: Beijing
After breakfast at hotel, you will have an excursion to the Mutianyu Great Wall. By roundtrip cable car you can feast on this vital section of the world famous China Great Wall. Mutianyu Great Wall not only boasts a surprisingly long history of over 1400 year but sports a special structure of three watchtowers on end.

Afterwards, you will visit the most famous tomb of Ming Tombs - Changling. The tomb is inhumed with the 3rd emperor of Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Zhu Di and his queen. Its tremendous scale and perfect degree of maintanence well fits the great achievement Emperor Zhu Di secured during his reign over China.

On the way back to downtown Beijing, you will stop by the Bird's Nest (Olympic National Stadium) and Water Cube (National Aquatics), to view the unique constructions and take some photos.


Day 4: Beijing - Urumqi
After breakfast you'll head for Temple of Heaven where the Emperor of the Ming and Qing dynasties(1368-1911) would worship heaven and pray for good harvests around the kingdom. Here you would have an eye-opening understanding of Oriental architectural aesthetics and the deeply rooted awe of heaven in ancient Chinese, from the emperor to the masses. You may have chance to see the locals doing morning exercise, playing Tai-chi or sword in the big park.

Later let's leave the blocks of royal buildings for the populace culture that hide itself in the Hutong. Taking a rickshaw tour through these narrow alleyways, you'll be impressed with the simple happy kids, the old enjoying their leisure time under the tree, exquisite old quadrangles, delicious sugared plums and all kinds of Beijing snacks at roadside peddlers.

After lunch, you'll move on to the airport and take the flight towards Urumqi. Upon your arrival, you'll be picked up and transferred to the downtown hotel. At night you may as well stroll around the hotel and taste some famous local snack and savor the exotic Urumqi street views.


Day 5: Urumqi
After breakfast let's drive to Heavenly Lake, known as a natural miracle on the northwestern plateau of China. The Lake is nestled high in the magnificent Tianshan Mountains (Heaven Mountains); on clear days, the snow-capped peaks glistens in the sun and finely contrasts with sapphire-blue lake water and steep forested hills. By the way, the on-passage mountainous scenery is quite awesome, just enjoy it.

End the fantastic Heavenly Lake sightseeing and drive back to the downtown Urumqi. Spend the rest of the day at the International Grand Bazaar. It's an essential place to experience the Urumqi lifestyle, offering gorgeous Muslim architectural art, all kinds of ethnic food and souvenirs. You can also optionally book the dinner show inside the bazzar, which boasts a sumptuous cast of 300 singers and dancers from Uygur, Kazak, Turkoman and Han people.


Day 6: Urumqi - Turpan
After breakfast, set out for Turpan from Urumqi by train. Upon your arrival, you'll be transferred to the downtown hotel in Turpan. With some brief rest at the hotel, start the exciting Turpan tour. The first attraction is the Grapes Valley, the delicate green paradise covered with layer upon layer of grapes. It's most pleasant to taste the sweet Turpan grapes and enjoy local singing and dancing performance.

Then steer to appreciate ancient Buddha art at Bezeklik Thousand Buddha Caves. The caves is a rich collection of for frescos portraying Buddhist theme and gorgeous Silk Road travelling culturere dating back to 9th centuries.

You'll go past the Flaming Mountain on the way back to Turpan. In the celebrated novel The Journey to the West, the Flaming Mountain is the battlefield where Monkey King fights troublesome monsters; in reality, a mountain seems on fire under the sun.


Day 7: Turpan - Dunhuang
Beging today's itinerary with Jiaohe Ancient Ruins (Yarkhoto). once a grand military garrison and important stop of the Silk Road, the gigantic ruins have gone through desert hardship for 2,300 years; A lofty historic feeling will stuff all your mind when you are face to face with the Ruins.

Return to the lively present from the remote ruins by visiting Turpan city weekend bazaar, which is famous for its novel lovely handicrafts and authentic local snacks. After that, leave Turpan and take an overnight soft-sleeper train to Dunhuang, stay overnight on the train.


Day 8: Dunhuang
Upon arrive in Dunhuang railway station, you'll be transferred to the downtown hotel for refresh. Afterward drive to visit the spectacular Mogao Grottos, the home to some of the most amazing ancient Buddhist cave art in existence and the glorious World Heritage. The millions of flying Apsaras all over the interior grottos will tell you how far the imagination of the ancient painters can go.

Then go on to explore Mingsha Mountain and Crescent Moon Spring, where you can take in an incredible view of the green oasis surrounded by an endless desert landscape. It's great fun to look at your reflection at the crystal clear crescent-shape spring and listen to the roaring sound of wind, which is echoed by the interesting mountain. Drive back to the downtown Dunhuang and spend a Dunhuang night at your hotel.


Day 9: Dunhuang - Xi'an
After breakfast, move on to the airport for the flight towards Xi'an. You'll be picked up and sent to the downtown hotel when you arrive in Xi'an. The rest of the day is your free time. You can have a walk around your hotel. The Muslim Quarter, a big stock of exotic souvenir markets and savory restaurants is strongly recommended.


Day 10: Xi'an
Start Xi'an tour with the best-known the 8th world's wonder Terracotta Warriors. You must be stunned by the expression-rich warriors and vigorous horses when you come face to face with them. You'll have a feast on the gorgeous troops of terracotta warriors at pit 1, 2 and 3 along with groups of ancient bronze chariot s and horses after watching a circular-screen movie.

Then move to Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a Buddhist temple built in 652 A.D.during Tang Dynasty. You can enjoy the architectural elegance of the Buddhist buildings and hear about some interesting stories of the respected monk Xuanzang and his 16-year pilgrimage to India for the real Buddhist culture.


Day 11: Xi'an - Shanghai
Drive to Shaanxi History Museum to see how enormous the most ancient capital Xi'an has stored. The museum is one of the 3 top museums in China, housing a marvelous collection of over 300,000 items. Have your eyes wide open at the treasury, and read carefully the 5,000-year-old civilization of the Chinese people.

Then Drive back and past the Bell Tower, which is the center of the old town. Dating back to 1384 A.D., the Bell Tower is a representative Ming Dynasty architecture with gorgeous building style.

Stretch the ancient building exploration to Ancient City Wall, which is the best preserved of this kind in China. The rampart is 12 meters high, with the upper part of 15 meters width. You can stroll freely and leisurely on top, and see the city from above. You can also optionally hire a bike to ride along the City Wall.

At late afternoon, steer to the Xi'an airport heading for Shanghai. After airport pick-up and hotel transfer, you'll have the rest of the day as your free time. It's quite regrettable to let go of the colorful Shanghai nightlife. You can optionally go visit Xintiandi Bar Street to feel the vibrant night color in Shanghai and romantic tone that prevails the whole street.


Day 12: Shanghai
To get more insight about Shanghai, let's steer to one of the top 3 museums in China, Shanghai Museum. The grant museum features 120,000 precious Chinese works of art. Listed are some famous galleries like Ancient Chinese Bronze, Ancient Chinese Sculpture, Ceramics, Painting, Calligraphy, Jade, Ming and Qing Furniture Galleries¡­ Just concentrate in one or two galleries.

Strolling along this 1,599-meter-long Nanjing Road is much like being immersed in seas of garment, shoes, jewelry, accessory, snack and souvenir. The pedestrian street leads you to The Bund. Here you can embrace the best cityscape, feast on the rich architectural fashions (Gothic, Baroque, Rome, Renaissance, Classic and Mixed Eastern and Western style, etc.)

Finishing the historic part of Shanghai, you will move on to the new landmark Oriental Pearl Tower. You'll be elevated to the top of Oriental Pearl Tower. At the height of 468 m (1,535 feet) you'll enjoy a bird's eye view of this vibrant city.

At night continue your excitement at Shanghai Acrobatic show. As one of the oldest performing arts in China, the acrobatics displayed on stage include a number of feats focusing on flexibility, strength, endurance and sheer will-power.


Day 13 Shanghai
After breakfast you'll launch the whole day tour in the Shanghai old town. Begin with the ancient Jade Buddha Temple. You'll appreciate the two delicate white jade Buddhist statues there. Then turn to the over- 400-year-old classic southern Chinese garden Yuyuan Garden to appreciate the elegant pavilions, villa, lotus pond and bridges, especially the Mid-Lake Pavilion. Walk steps away and you reach Yuyuan Market. It's a world of elaborate traditional Chinese handicrafts and art works. Have fun and buy yourself some lovely souvenirs.


Day 14: Shanghai Departure
After breakfast you'll be sent to the Shanghai airport and say goodbye to the joyful tour in China.


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