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Yungang Grottoes Hanging Temple Wooden Pagoda Mt. Wutai Pingyao Ancient City Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Datong - Mt. Wutai (Wutaishan)- Taiyuan - Pingyao
Duration: Six Day
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All year
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Explore Hanging Temple that holds fast to cliffs.Appreciate Buddha art stock Yungang Caves and Mt. Wutai.Tour unstirred Pingyao Ancient City and elaborate local Compound.This is a full-of-fantasy tour. All the attractions we show you among four cities in Shanxi Province are beyond your imagination. You'll see how strong the ancient buildings can get, how delicate Buddha carvings and paintings are and how splendid an ancient city can stay.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person

Day 1 Arrive in Datong (Yungang Caves - Nine Dragon Screen)
Arrive in Datong Railway Station or reach Datong Airport. We pick you up and escort you to the comfortable hotel in downtown Datong. Have a brief rest there and prepare for the tour schedule.

On your first day in Datong we arrange two big attractions for you. Isn't that wonderful? Today is a thorough feast of Datong attractions. The attracive of the attractive Yungang Caves will glue your eyes with 252 grottoes and over 51,000 Buddhist statues. They show you what an incredible level human intelligence and religious art can get. End the 2-hour tour and drive back to the downtown Datong to have your lunch, then head for the biggest Nine-Dragon Screen around China. The vivid dragons would pull you closer to the concept that Chinese guys regard the dragon as the symbol of the highest power and grandeur.


Day 2 Datong to Wutaishan City (Hanging Temple - Wooden Pagoda of Ying County)
Today's tour will update your understanding of strength of buildings. We will go visit the never-fall-apart temple and never-break-down wooden pagoda among huge numbers of temples and pagodas in Shanxi. Drive 70 km out from downtown Datong and the incredible Hanging Temple looks down on you from high cliff. 2-hour tour will engrave the temple into your mind for ever. Following is another construction miracle, Wooden Pagoda of Ying County. You can't believe that a wooden pagoda built more than 1,000 years ago has survived so many fierce attacks of earthquakes and tormoil until you face and probe into the five-storey wooden pagoda for 1 hour.

Around 4 P.M. we end today's playbill, yet all the hearts keep thrilled on our way driving to Wutaishan City where Mt. Wutai is located.


Day 3 Mt. Wutai to Taiyuan
The first half of the day will be excitingly spent in Mt. Wutai. The area is listed as one of the World's Five Buddha Mountains and World Heritage Site (elected in 2009) and the temples around are quite gigantic in scale. 3-hour-long visit doesn't seem enough, so we'll go directly to the essential temple compound district Taihuai and start feasting on the breathtaking art of Buddha architecture and sculpture. Then have lunch and go on to drive to another city Taiyuan.


Day 4 Taiyuan to Pingyao (Jinci Temple - Shuanglin Temple)
The Taiyuan-version Forbidden City unfolds itself to you today. To the eyes of Taiyuan folks, Jinci Temple is as comprehensive and sophisticated as the Beijing Forbidden City. It will meet your curiosity about traditional Chinese culture in every way possible--architecture, carving, landscape, painting, inscription and so forth. The ever-spouting Nanlao Spring, 42 maid sculptures shaped in Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) and the Divine Mother sculpture are the top three attractions inside Jinci Temple.

It takes one hour and a half to reach Pingyao from Taiyuan by car, yet traditional Chinese art of architecture and sculpture can't wait to boast itself even before you enter Pingyao Ancient City. Shuanglin Temple at the outskirt are what Pingyao locals feel proud of. Inside the temple there are more than 2,000 painted Buddha sculptures waiting for your exploration. Afterwards, you'll arrive in Pingyao, check in at the featured hotel.

A free night in Pingyao Ancient City is full of fun. Almost all the shops are decorated in old fashion and everything that bumps into your eyes is vintage. Red lanterns, red paper cuts, opera facial makeups are so Chinese accented; sidewalk restaurants sell traditional Pingyao diet and bars playing poetic Chinese ancient music. What's more, you're likely to meet some night watch dressed in ancient costume.


Day 5 Pingyao(Mingqing Street- Rishengchang Shop- Ancient Government Office- Biaoju- Ancient City Wall)
Pingyao Ancient City is an unbelievable melting pot. Buildings inside the Ancient City Wall, though taking on the same traditional looks, stand for sharply different contents. Exchange shops at Mingqing Street are to give you an active and ambitious Shanxi Commercial Group, which once dominated economy of modern China (1840-1949). Among them is the famous Rishengchang Exchange Shop that you must visit. Astonishingly, These capitalistic banking companies lives in peace with feudal Government Office of Pingyao. Moreover, these companies have the Ancient Security Guard Company (Biaoju in Chinese) as their property supercargo. You'll find yourself amazed by such a relation and way of living together with varied minds in Pingyao!


Day 6 Pingyao to Taiyuan Departure (Wang Family Compound£©
Today let's see how gorgeous the villa of ancient Pingyao commercial tycoon can get. After breakfast you would head for Wang Family Compound. The residential complex, five times as large as the more famous Qiao Family Compound, is a sea of Qing Dynasty architectural art. It's surely worthwhile your 2-hour visit. After that, your tour of Pingyao can draw a perfect period. We'll turn to another city Taiyuan by private car in the afternoon.

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