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Shanghai Suzhou Tour - 4 Days

Destination: Shanghai Suzhou
Duration: Four Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Attend the tour for buoyant big Shanghai and refined delicate Suzhou! You¡¯ll have your eyes wide open for the most modern skyscraper, the most thriving shopping street and the largest-scaled Western old buildings in Shanghai. On the other way round, you¡¯ll also experience the classic Chinese garden, the pretty riverside residences and well-preserved traditional lifestyle in Suzhou.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$700/persons 700USD/Person

Day 1 Arrival in Shanghai
After airport/ railway station pick-up and hotel transfer, you'll have the rest of the day as your free time. Don't let go of the colorful Shanghai nightlife outside your hotel. We recommend Shanghai Acrobatic show as your add-on activity. As one of the oldest performing arts in China, the acrobatics displayed on stage include a number of feats focusing on flexibility, strength, endurance and sheer will-power. Cheer up your bravos! Or you can simply visit Xintiandi Bar Street to feel the vibrant night color in Shanghai and romantic tone that prevails the whole street.


Day 2 Shanghai
Temple of City God will show you Taoism or what a grand Taoist temple looks like. The more interesting thing is that you'll taste all sorts of tasty local cuisine there.

Next is Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center where you can get to know this metropolis. From professional exhibits and various interactive display means, you can have a better understanding of Shanghai's yesterday, today and tomorrow. Remember to visit the highlight 360 Degree Experience Hall.

Then the car will pull you to the most flourishing Nanjing Road. Strolling along this 1,599-meter-long pedestrian road, you can discover whatever item you wish to discover. Your eyes will be attracted by numerous shops where varicolored clothes, ornaments, and other shopping stuff are on display.

Take a 10-minute walk away from Nanjing Road, soon you reach The Bund that provides you with a long array of magnificent buildings in different architectural styles: Gothic, Baroque, Rome, Renaissance, Classic and Mixed Eastern and Western style...Here you can not only embrace an epitomized old Shanghai, but also take in the booming view of the new Shanghai on the other side across the River. There is Shanghai World Financial Center stands. You will enjoy the stunning panorama of Shanghai city standing at the 100th ¨Cfloor sightseeing platform(474-meter-high).


Day 3 Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai
After breakfast and the following 1-hour drive, you'll arrive in Suzhou, the gorgeous city of gardens. The tour begins with Master-of-Nets Garden, a delicate garden that collects all the features of Suzhou gardens. In 1 hour you'll be wowing for the polished pictures the garden makes through smartly arranged pavilion, halls, lotus pond, blossom and corridors.

Along the Small Canal you'll be impressed with the ink painting scroll of Suzhou cityscape. The elements that make up a water town, like stone arch bridges, on-the-river markets, traditional yards shaded with willows are all presented. What's more, the Small Canal sends you to Suzhou Flower and Bird Market. You'll be in a color riot of bonsai and blossom while enjoying the sonata of various birds and crickets. It is right these lovely creatures that adorn up the houses of Suzhou people.

The deepest exploration comes to Suzhou Silk Factory. You may marvel at the stunning Suzhou silk products yet you haven't found the secret of silk manufacture. Through examining silkworm process and spinning wheel you'll have the secret unveiled. In the late afternoon let's finish Suzhou tour and drive back to Shanghai.


Day 4 Shanghia Departure
After breakfast we'll see you off at the Shanghai airport. Wish you a nice journey!

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