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Xiamen Yongding Tulou Earthen Buildings Wuyishan Mountain Tour - 5 Days

Destination: Xiamen,Yongding,Wuyishan
Duration: Five Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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It's a tour combining the resort leisure with the natural enjoyment - Gulangyu Island of Xiamen and Wuyishan Mountain. It's also a tour walking back to the old times - Fujian Tulou (Hakka Houses) and Xiamei Ancient Village. Experience natural charm together with the traditional culture, whether of tea, of Hakka people, or of architecture.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person

Day 1 Arrival in Xiamen City
Upon your arrival at Xiamen city, our local tour guide will meet you at the airport/ train station and take you to your hotel for checking in. This day is free for your own arrangement. You can take a rest at the hotel for preparing energy for tomorrow's trip, or have a stroll around the hotel for a quick peek of this city.

Praised as the Garden on the Sea, Xiamen (Amoy) is a seaport city with pleasant environment. It faces Jinmen (Kinmen) Islands of Taiwan across the Taiwan Strait. Gulangyu Island is a top feature of Xiamen. Local snacks are also very welcome.


Day 2 Xiamen - Yongding - Xiamen
After having breakfast, you will set out for a full-day exploration to Fujian Tulou, the UFO-like Hakka houses at Yongding County. Though the 4-hour drive from Xiamen is a little bit tiring, these amazing buildings are surely worth your visit.

Lying in the mountainous area, Fujian Tulou (Earthen Buildings) is both a living house and defensive fortress. A tulou is usually circular or rectangular in shape, acts as a small city of a clan, and divides into several parts like living areas, ancestral hall and storehouses. The largest tulou can hold up to 80 families.

Your destination is the Chuxi Tulou Cluster, the most gorgeous part of Fujian Tulou. It's a less beaten path and therefore preserves the original appearance and lifestyle at best. It's made up of 5 circular tulous and tens of rectangular ones. The oldest and biggest of the Chuxi region is Jiqing Lou, which dates back to the year 1419 and can hold 72 families.

Feast your eyes with the fantastic building style and gain some insight of the wisdom of local Hakka people and their culture and lifestyle. Lunch will be at the local restaurant.


Day 3 Xiamen - Wuyishan
After breakfast, you will start for a half-day tour to Gulangyu Island, which is renowned for its tranquil beauty and buildings in different styles. Gulangyu Island is only 600 meters off Xiamen downtown, and is 5 minutes' ride by ferry. Take a stroll around the Island through lanes, slow down your pace and rest your mind.

Sunlight Rock, a huge stone which is 92.7m (304ft) above sea level, is the premier scenic spot of Xiamen, and is the highest point where you can enjoy an overview of the Island.

Move on to Shuzhuang Garden, once a private garden featuring the exquisite architectural art of combining the sea with the garden. Elegant pavilions, artificial hills, bridges¡­ all are displayed at best here. Another highlight of Shuzhuang Garden is the Piano Museum, which is Asia's largest piano museum and has a collection of world famous antique pianos. Listen with your heart to the classical masterpieces as if they're coming from the old times¡­

After enjoying the music, hop on the golf cart and back to the ferry station for returning to Xiamen downtown. Lunch will be of local flavor. In the afternoon, set out for Hulishan Fortress, where the biggest and oldest Cannon in the world is displayed.

Later of the day, you will take a flight from Xiamen to Wuyishan city (45mins), and prepare for tomorrow's trip to Wuyishan Mountain. Our local guide will pick you up at the airport and escort you to the hotel for checking in.


Day 4 Wuyishan
Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, and then set out for today's trip to Wuyishan National Resort. Take a relaxing bamboo raft drifting (1 hour and 40 minutes) along the featured Jiuqu Xi (Nine-Bend River) through the pleasant and elegant mountains, and feel the charm of Wuyishan.

After a 30-minutes climb to the summit ¨C Tianyou Peak (Heavenly Tour Peak), you are exposed to a grandeur overview of Wuyishan, especially the panorama view of the Jiuqu Xi.

After lunch, keep on your exploration of Wuyishan at the impressive One Line Sky. Between two towering huge rock, a thread of sky can be seen from a tiny crack, which is less than 0.3m (1ft) wide and stretches more than 100m (328ft) long. Some legend goes that it was slipped by a needle of a goddess, while some says it was split by the axe of an ancient god.

Wuyishan is also home to the best quality oolong tea, so don't miss the Dahongpao Tourist Zone. Taste a cup of oolong tea, rest yourself while listening the history and culture of tea rooted in Fujian. A lingering fragrance of oolong tea is also the aftertaste of Wuyishan Mountain.


Day 5 Xiamen Departure
Today is a journey back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911A.D.) at Xiamei Ancient Village. Being part of the Wuyi World Cultural Hertiage, Xiamei village impresses visitors with its exquisite carvings of brisk, wood and stone. Passing the well-preserved buildings left from the old times, you can also experience the local lifestyle from the simple and unsophisticated villagers.

Later you are transferred to the airport/ train station for your onward flight/ train.

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