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Nanchang Lushan Jiujiang Jingdezhen Wuyuan Shangrao Yingtan Jiangxi Tour - 9 Days

Destination: Nanchang Lushan Jiujiang Jingdezhen Wuyuan Shangrao Yingtan
Duration: Nine Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Jiangxi is a southern province in China, spanning from the banks of the Yangtze River in the north into hillier areas in the south. It is centered on the Gan River valley, which historically provided the main north-south transport route of South China. You will marvel at the unforgettable scenery of picturesque Mt. Sanqing, Ancient Porcelain Street and grand Mt. Lu,and to top it off we have included the rural Wuyuan countryside.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2000/persons 2000USD/Person

Day 1 Nanchang  
Upon arrival you will be met by your guide and taken to your hotel. In the afternoon, start your tour by visiting at Teng Wang Tower, which is located at the convergent point of Ganjiang River and the old Fu River. Next you will go to Jiangxi Museum, which is a center for collecting and researching all the historical cultural and archaeological relics of Jiangxi.


Day 2 Nanchang - Lushan  
After breakfast, you will be driven to Lushan; a trip that takes approximately two hours. You will stop at Huajing Park; near the harp shaped Zither Lake.Next you will take a look at Meilu Villa; the summer home that was a gift to Chiang kai-shek and his wife Song Meiling. Following that you will go to Brocade Valley. Its 1.6km trail is a steep and narrow path, hugged by peaks and valleys. After lunch you will go to Immortal Cave, which is a rock chamber on the edge of a precipice, within which bubbles a natural spring. Then take a visit to Guling Town. Perched at 1,167m and ringed by mountains, the town is known by its cooling climate.


Day 3 Lushan - Jiujiang  
This morning you can strike out on your own for a hike to Sandiequan Falls, where savage rapids cascade into clouds of mists. From the top, you will have a view of Wulao peak. Afterwards go to Embracing Lake Poyang Archway.Where you overlook Poyang Lake at Wangpo Pavilion,you will see how splendid it is. After that you will be transferred to Jiujiang by private car.


Day 4 Jiujiang - Jingdezhen  

In the morning you will visit Bailu Dong Academy. Then you will go to Xiu Peak. The scenery around the XiufengTemple is quite fantastic. Then go to Gantang Lake, which was an important military base during the Three Kingdoms period.Later, you will be driven to Jingdezhen. There you will take a gander at Ancient Porcelain Street, which has 136 structures including shops, temples, archways, houses and roads all built during the Ming and Qing dynasties.


Day 5 Jingdezhen - Wuyuan
After a nice breakfast visit the Ruins of Ancient Porcelain consisting of the History Museum of Porcelains and an ancient porcelain mill. Then you will be driven to Wuyuan. In the afternoon pay a visit to Likeng village. A river with several stone bridges runs through the village, most of the houses are along the river bank. Fish can be seen swimming in the clear water while we can row a boat and enjoy the goings-on on land.


Day 6 Wuyuan - Shangrao  

In the morning, go to Sixi village for a tour. It is a real picture-postcard village. Then you will travel to Jiangwan Village. It is the Great Man's Hometown, like Jiangyong who was theeconomist in the Qing Dynasty, Jing Yilin who was Deputy Minister of Finance Ministry in the Ming Dynasty and Jiangqian who was aneducator and scholar of Buddhism during the late Qing Dynasty. There you will see many ancient buildings such as Sanxing Hall, Dunchong Hall and Peixin Hall.
After lunch you will go to Xiaoqi Village for a visit. The village was built in the Song Dynasty with many special ancient buildings. The roads of village were made of small stones. You can see the fish swimming freely in the Yangshen River. Many famous ancient trees and a picturesque landscape make you forget to go home. Later you will be transferred to Shangrao by private car.


Day 7 Shangrao  
This morning have a one day tour of Mt. Sanqing, which is located southeast of Jingdezhen. It is one of the sacred places of Taoism as well as one of the major national parks in China. Mt.Sanqing is famous for its oddly-shaped pines and rocks, Taoist temples, archways, palaces and terraces. Round-trip cable car is included.


Day 8 Shangrao - Yingtan 
Today you will be driven to Yingtan. It takes around four hours.
After lunch you will visit Shangqing; an ancient town with over 1,000years of history and many wonderful sights, such as Liuhou Temple, Tianyuande Pharmacy, Church etc. There are two must-see places, which are the Tianshi Mansion and Hanging Houses. All are the gifts from the ancients.


Day 9 Yingtan - Nanchang  

After breakfast go to Hundreds of Flowers Islets, which is built in the traditional style of Chinese gardens and known for its causeway, bridges, pavilions, artificial hills, and flower nurseries. Then, you will take a walk on Shengli Pedestrian Street. You will roughly know the living level of local people after visiting the flourishing business road.Then, you will be transferred to the airport and take flight back home.

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