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Changsha Zhangjiajie Guiyang Anshun Kaili Tour - 9 Days

Destination: Changsha Zhangjiajie Guiyang Anshun Kaili
Duration: Nine Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Train
Best Travel Time:All Year
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This tour gathers mixed minority cultural, bring to explore the beauty of unique nature scenery in Zhangjiajie, magnificent landscape and unique folklore culture in Guizhou. it is a totally different experience.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$2038/persons 2038USD/Person

Day 1 Arrive in Changsha
You will meet your tour guide at night, then take a bus to the hotel.  Afterwards, you will visit Huangxing Walking Street.

- Huangxing Walking Street: Huangxing Walking Street sprouts from Jiefang Road and stretches south to Chengnan Road. In many ways the center of the city revolves around walking street. There is shopping, snacks and a concert stage at the center square.


Day 2 Changsha - Zhangjiajie
After breakfast you will take a tour to Yuelu Mountain and Yuelu Academy. You will then be driven to Zhangjiajie.
-Yuelu Mountain: Is located on the west bank of Xiang River in Changsha, Hunan, China. Its main peak and the highest point, Yunlu Peak, is about 300 meters above the sea level, it is noted for its many scenic spots, including Qingfeng Gorge, Aiwan Pavilion, Lushan Temple, Yunlu Palace, the White Crane Spring and the Flying Stone.

-Yuelu Academy: The Yuelu Academy is located on the east of Yuelu Mountain in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, China, on the west bank of the Xiang River. It was founded in 976, the 9th year of the Song Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Kaibao, and was one of four most renowned Shuyuan (academies of higher learning).


Day 3 Zhangjiajie
After breakfast you will visit Tianmen Mountain which is the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie. Your guide will take you to explore the best scenic spots such as Tianmen Cave, Sky-walk Path and so on. Afterwards, you will pay a visit to Yellow Dragon Cave.

-Tianmen Mountain: Tianmen Mountain is a mountain located within Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, in northwestern Hunan Province, China.

-Yellow Dragon Cave: Yellow Dragon Cave is one of the most famous scenic areas in Zhangjiajie, and which is rated as one of the first AAAA National Tourist Attractions in China.


Day 4 Zhangjiajie - Guiyang
Today you will take a visit to Great Canyon, Junshen Gallery and Tusi Palace. Later, you will take a train to Guiyang (K 2285 19:12- 0523+1).

-Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is new discovery outside Zhangjiajie National Park one of the best scenic areas in Zhangjiajie city.Also a rated one( AAAA) with the typical Zhangjiajie Formation.

-Junsheng Sandstone Painting is regarded as ¡±the special pride of Hunan¡± and also of Chinese people in general. It is rated high aesthetically and prized by art collectors.Reputed to be a form of ¡±green painting¡± and ¡±environmental protection painting¡± in art circles.

-Tusi Palace: Tusi Palace is also know as Zhangjiajie Tujia Customs Park. It is a large integrated tourism service enterprises that consist of tourism, cultural performances, rare exhibitions, accommodation, entertainment and shopping.


Day 5 Guiyang
You will arrive in Guiyang in the morning, where you will meet your English tour guide and begin your  sightseeing with Jiaxiu Pavilion which is the symbol of Guiyang with a long history of more than 400 years.

After lunch you will head to Qingyan Ancient Town, 30km south of Guiyang. It is one of the most famous historical and cultural towns in Guizhou Province dating back to 1378.

-Jiaxiu Pavilion: Guiyang Jiaxiu Pavilion features unique construction in China's historic architecture with three eaves, four angles, and single pyramid roof. There are 12 stone columns holding the eaves. Ascend the pavilion and overlook the landscape. 

-Qingyan Ancient Town:  Qingyan Ancient Town is a famous historical and cultural town in Guizhou Province, formed in the Ming dynasty, dating 600 years in history.


Day 6 Guiyang - Anshun
After breakfast, you will be driven to visit Huangguoshu Waterfall, the largest in Asia, which reaches 76 meters high, 81 meters wide. You will then take a visit to Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot. Tianxinqiao Scenic Spot is composed of three areas: Tianxin Cave, Potted Landscape on Water and Stone Forest in Water, 7km south of Huangguoshu Waterfall.

-Huangguoshu Waterfall: Huangguoshu Waterfall is an national 5A Scenic Spot in China. It is the third largest waterfall in the world after Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls. Huangguoshu Waterfall is located in Zhenning Buyi and Miao Autonomous County, Anshun City, Guizhou Province.

-Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot: Tianxingqiao Scenic Spot is located about 6 kilometers downstream of Huangguoshu Waterfall. It is consisted of three main scenic areas, Tianxing Cave, Tianxing Potted Landscape on Water and Stone Forest in Water.


Day 7 Anshun - Guiyang
This morning you will visit Dragon Palace Cave, an underground water cave which requires a boat ride.
In the afternoon you will visit Tianlong Ancient Town. The ancestors of these villagers migrated from Jiangxi Province to Guizhou Province during the Ming Dynasty (1368 ¨C 1644). Women here are still dressed in traditional Ming dynasty costumes and houses remain faithful to the Ming architectural styles.

-Dragon Palace Cave: Dragon Palace Cave is located in Longtan Village, Anshun city of Guizhou province. It is about 45 kilometers away from Anshun city center and 1160 kilometers away from Guiyang city, the provincial capital of Guizhou province.

-Tianlong Ancient Town: Tianlong Ancient Town, known as Tianlong Tunpu Ancient Town, is situated in the west of Guizhou province and is about 72 kilometers west of Guiyang city.


Day 8 Guiyang - Kaili
Today you will be driven to Kaili, which is the capital city of the Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture of Southeast Guizhou, and also the base of southeast Guizhou's ethnic culture tour.

You will visit Xijiang Miao Village, where you can get general impression of the region and Miao and Dong's classification, costume and life style. Then you will head to Gejia Village.

-Xijiang Miao Village: Xijiang Miao Village, located in Guizhou Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture.

-Gejia Village: Located roughly 18 kilometers north of the city of Kaili, is home to about 400 members of the majority of Gejia, a Miao sub-group.


Day 9 Kaili - Guiyang
You will be transfer to Guiyang airport for departure.


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