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Xian Yinchuan Hohhot Tour - 9 Days

Destination: Xian Yinchuan Hohhot
Duration: Nine Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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This is an elaborately designed tour for you to explore the historic and cultural Xian, the unique scenery of the northwest China in typical Yinchuan, and the ethnic and grassland featured Hohhot.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2200/persons 2200USD/Person

Day 1 Arrival in Xian
Arrive in Xian, our guide will pick up you from Airport or Train Station.Then transfer to hotel for rest.


Day 2 Xian
Our guide will pick you up at your hotel and then transfer you to visit the first attraction Terracotta Warriors and Horses. It is dubbed as ¡°World's Eighth Great Wonder¡± and the largest excavation of the 20th century. Those artifacts of numerous life size terracotta figures of warriors and horses with different features, facial expressions, clothing and hairstyles arranged in battle formations provide live examples to study the military, cultural and economic of the period they were made.

Then we will proceed to visit the Great Mosque. This is one of the oldest and largest mosques in Xian. Famed for its long history and unique architecture which is a combination of Islamic and traditional Chinese style, Great Mosque is a popular attraction for tourists coming to Xian.

Next we will have a free strolling at Muslim Street. It is a renowned Muslim community in Xian. At Muslim Street, you will not only taste numerous delicious local Xian snacks and Muslim food, also you will experience the strong Muslim atmosphere and their lives there.

Then we will go to the Bell Tower and Drum Tower Square where we can appreciate the magnificent architectures of the Bell Tower and Drum Tower. Built in the ancient Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), the Bell Tower and Drum Tower have thousands of years' history with historical and cultural significance.


Day 3 Xian-Yinchuan
Today your sightseeing will begin with Ancient City Wall after breakfast at the hotel. Ancient City Wall is a one of the must-visit attraction and a symbol of ancient Xian. It is the largest and best preserved Ming Dynasty city wall. Visiting the City Wall you can not only learn city construction and architectural arts in ancient times, also you will get beautiful views of Xian City.

Then we will move to Music Fountain Square for the appreciation of the beautiful scenery of water, music and colorful lights. The next scheduled destination is Big Wild Goose Pagoda. It is a famous Buddhist pagoda in Xian, which was built in the Tang Dynasty and with a traditional Chinese architect characteristics.

Then our guide will transfer you to the railway station for overnight train to Yinchuan.


Day 4 Yinchuan
After breakfast, our Yinchuan local tour guide will meet you at your Yinchuan hotel and transfer you to visit Helanshan Rock Carvings. Your Yinchuan exploration will start with a visit to Helanshan Rock Carvings. Helandshan Rock Carvings refer to the ancient rock carvings scripted around the hillside of the Helanshan. Helanshan is located about 40 kilometers from Yinchuan City and most of the Helanshan Rock Carvings are concentrated at Helankou Pass. These tens of thousands of rock carvings left by ancient nomadic tribes could be dated back to 6,000 years ago. These rock carvings about animals, human, the sun, plants, religious motifs and many other items are painted with various styles and profound connotations. Helanshan Rock Carvings are not only considered as artistic works left by ancient people, they are also precious materials for us to get to know the history, culture, economy and customs of the ancient nomads of northern China.

The next destination arranged will be Western Xia Tombs. Western Xia Imperial Tombs are located at the foot of the Helan Mountains in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. The site occupies an area of 50 square kilometers. There are nine imperial mausoleums and 250 tombs of imperial relatives and officials. This burial complex lies 40 km westward from capital city of the Western Xia, the Xingqing fu or Xingqing which is the current Yinchuan. With its historic and cultural background, together with the surrounding magnificent Helan Mountains and spectaculars desert, Western Xia Tombs are popular tourist attraction in Yinchua.

As today's tour ends, our guide will transfer you back to your hotel.


Day 5 Yinchuan
After breakfast at the hotel, our guide will drive you to visit teh famous 108 Pagodas. 108 pagodas is a massive construction of 108 pagodas resting on the west cliff face of Qingtong Gorge, which is about 60 kilometers south of Yinchuan City. It is one of China's existing large Pagodas group. These pagodas are built out of bricks and by a massive buttress. Constructed in Western Xia Dynasty (1038-1227), this bizarre and unique sight has a strange but undeniable beauty. It is said that anyone who walks around all of the 108 pagodas will have eternal luck.

Next we will proceed to have a visit at Shapotou Tourism Area. The Shapotou Tourism Area is located in located in Zhongwei County, which has 150 kilometers distance from Yinchuan. It is one of the five most beautiful deserts in China, and is widely recognized as the capital of the sand. Standing on the sand hills, you can see the desert that stretches north and south, an oasis without borders. Besides enjoy the beauty and mystery of the desert, you will also have great fun by recreations like camel riding, sand-boarding, Yellow River cable-sliding and drifting.

After dinner, our guide will transfer you back to the hotel.


Day 6 Yinchuan- Hohhot
Today we will go to visit Nanguan Mosque after breakfast at the hotel. Nanguan Mosque is one of the most famous mosques in Yinchuan. Famed for its unique, elegant and dignified structure and its typical Islamic architectural style, Nanguan Mosque is one important mosque for religious activities and tourist attractions in Ningxia.

Next we will proceed to visit Haibao Pagoda. Haibao Pagoda is located in the north suburb of Yinchuan. As one of the eight highlights of Yinchuan and one of the sixteen pagodas in China, Haibao Pagoda is a symbol of Yinchuan. Haibao Pagoda is not only featured with its pavilion-style and distinctive architecture, also you will have a panoramic view of Yinchuan City together with the majestic scenery of Helan Mountains and Yellow River.

Our last stop for today will be Ningxia Museum. The Ningxia Museum is a comprehensive historical museum in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region. With a collection of cultural relics more than 10,000 and exhibitions about the Historical Relics of Ningxia, the Relics of Western Xia, the Revolutionary Relics of Ningxia and the Folk Custom Relics of Hui Nationality, Ningxia Museum has made great contribution for the study and understanding of the history and culture of Ningxia.

Our guide will transfer you to the airport for flight to Hohhot. When you arrived in Hohhot, our Hohhot local guide will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to the deluxe yurt we arranged for you.


Day 7 Hohhot
Today we will go for a whole day's sightseeing and fun at Xilamuren Grasslan.

Xilamuren, which means "yellow water" in Mongolian, is also known as Zhaohe. Featured with rolling hills, comfortable climate and spectacular scenery of lush green grass and beautiful flowers, Xilamuren Grassland is a famous summer resort around Hohhot.

Besides the gorgeous natural scenery, there are a lot of other excitements to experience at Xilamuren Grassland especially when Nadam Fair is held every summer. You will have chances to enjoy interesting activities like horse-riding, camel-riding, archery, wrestling and so on.

Tonight we will arrange you stay for one night at Xilamuren Grassland so that you will have time to enjoy and experience more at the grassland. A deluxe yurt will be provided to you. You will have chances to join in bonfire party held at night and enjoy the music and dance performances by Mongolian people.

Day 8 Hohhot
After breakfast, our guide will transfer you visit teh first site Zhaojun Tomb. The Zhaojun Tomb is located by the Da Hi River nine kilometers south of Hohhot. It was built to memorize Wang Zhaojun, a beautiful woman from the Chinese Han Empire who married a Xiongnu Chanyu. As a landmark of Hohhot, Zhaojun Tomb is a must-see attraction for people traveling to Hohhot.

Afterward, we will move to visit Dazhao Temple. Dazhao Temple is a Buddhist monastery in Hohhot. It is the oldest and largest temple in the city. With its impressive buildings, splendid statues, exquisite frescoes, musical instruments and fine collection of Buddhist scriptures, Dazhao Temple is a popular tourist attraction in Hohhot.

The last destination will be the Inner Mongolia Museum. It is a regional museum located in the city center of Hohhot. Founded on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 1957, the Inner Mongolia Museum is a great place to get to know the history and culture of Mongolian people. Among its collections, what amaze people most should be the precious collections of fossils and dinosaur remains found in both Inner Mongolia and Outer Mongolia. The museum is home to a Chagannuoer dinosaur, which is the biggest dinosaur living in the cretaceous age.

At last, our guide will transfer you to the deluxe yurt we arranged for you and you can have a good rest then.


Day 9 Departure from Hohhot
After breakfast, our guide will transfer you to the airport for your departure flight. Have a nice trip!


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