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Shanghai Tongli Zhouzhuang Zhujiajiao Tour - 2 Days

Destination: Shanghai Tongli Zhouzhuang Zhujiajiao
Duration: Two Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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China is home to the longest network of canals on Earth, and this labyrinth of manmade waterways offers guests the chance to see the country from a whole new perspective. This two-day tour takes in the town of Tongli, which dates back to the 9th Century and is linked by 49 curved bridges. From here guests, move on to the water village Zhouzhang, a haven of classical Chinese art, and finally to the charming town of Zhujiajiao.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$400/persons 400USD/Person

Day 1 : Shanghai - Tongli
Departure from Shanghai for Tongli. This little town whose foundation dates back to the 9th century is without a doubt one of the oldest in the region. Take a walk along the paved roads of whitewashed houses with black tile roofs so typical of the ¡°Venices of China¡±. Some superb Ming Dynasty residences are proof of the prosperity and vitality of the town, such as the Gengle Tang, the former residence of a dignitary arranged around three courtyards and comprising of around 40 bedrooms (there used to be many more). It is said that he was so happy in his little paradise that the villagers thought he was a hermit!

Boat trip on the Tonlgi canals, a town crossed by fifteen rivers and that is known above all else for its 49 curved bridges.

You will continue with a visit to Tuisiyuan, which literally translates as ¡°garden where one retires to reflect¡±, which in a slightly longwinded way explains the role of this wonderful garden built in the 19th century and which was used as a retreat for Qing dynasty mandarins.

Traditionally Chinese gardens should be a small-scale representation of nature, where the almost systematic presence of rocks represents the mountains, planes of water symbolize the lakes, and running water represents streams. This quest for harmony takes precedence over the tendency for geometric precision seen in western gardens. The routes through them are therefore never straight, making visitors walk randomly though, alone with your thoughts and without aim or a set itinerary. One tends one gardens as one tends one soul, a way of life practised by retired educated men and rich merchants of the region.

Your day will finish with a visit to the Sex Museum, somewhat unique and deserving of a detour. The museum is set in a former girls' school campus and traces the entire sexual history of China from ancient times through to the modern day. Some of the sex toys are over 3500 years old!

Night in Tongli.


Day 2 : Tongli - Zhouzhuang - Zhujiajiao
On to Zhouzhang, another water village, 900 years old and where, like in Tongli, there are only pedestrians and cyclists on the roads. The ¡°Twin Bridges¡± are the iconic symbol of the village, immortalised by the painter Chen Yifei to whom Zhouzhang owes its fame. Visit to the neighbouring Zhang residence, an architectural masterpiece built during the Ming Dynasty. The stage for opera that was installed with the aim of entertaining young women who were not allowed, in principle, to go out is one of the main attractions of this 70-room building. The Shen Clan Residence is considered by some to be the consummate example of Ming and Qing architecture, and is also the largest with its seven courtyards and 100 rooms.

Next to Zhujiajiao, the third and final ¡°Venice of China¡± of your journey which, like its neighbours, expanded rapidly during the Ming Dynasty. Today the town teems with a large number of small caf¨¦s, guesthouses and hip boutiques meaning that the best thing to do here is to walk around and appreciate the charm of the place! You will also visit the Catholic Church, built in the 19th century and proof of the European presence in Shanghai, as well as the Temple to the God of the town and the Fangsheng Bridge (built in 1571), known as the largest, longest, and highest bridge in Zhujiajiao!

Return transfer to Shanghai.


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