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China Private Family Tour - 13 Days

Destination: Beijing - Xi'an - Chengdu - Leshan - Guilin -Yangshuo - Hong Kong
Duration: Thirteen Day
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Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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China is becoming a fascinating destination for all ages, and this 13-day trip provides a multitude of exciting offerings for the entire family. Discover the ancient and modern wonders of Beijing on foot, by sidecar and Segway, including a trip out to the Great Wall, and even learn basic Chinese. Head out to the ancient city of Xi'an, home of the Terracotta Warriors, and Chengdu, which houses the world's biggest giant panda population, before sailing along scenic rivers and ending in Hong Kong.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$3500/persons 3500USD/Person

Day 1 : Arrive in Beijing
Welcome you at airport and transfer you to the hotel

Beijing, the capital of the ※Middle Kingdom§ place has become a thriving metropolis in recent years, and was brought back to the attention of everyone on the world stage in 2008 when it hosted the Olympic Games.

As you enjoy the ride to the hotel, you will stop at the ※Bird's Nest§, the modern stadium now recognized as one of the symbols of modern China and a triumph of architecture and the involvement of Ai Weiwei, the well-known Chinese artist. It still stands as the site of the unforgettable 2008 Opening Ceremony and the majestic 100m final when Usain Bolt flew down the track during the Games. You will ride a Segway (for 15 minutes) on the same tracks as the World fastest man#

Afterwards, you will finish your day with a refreshing change of decor and ambiance in the Wangfujing neighborhood, home to the famous Wangfujing road, the most commercial area of the capital. While you are there, you will get the opportunity to witness how modern China has become and how its fierce consumerism continues. Next door, the Donghuamen Market offers a delightful taste of the night markets in the city. No one in the whole world yells as loud as the wonton vendors in Donghuamen.

Once you have had enough of the market, you will return to the hotel for a rest.

Overnight in Beijing


Day 2 : Beijing (B,L)
Tuition in the Chinese language is growing in popularity all over the world, perhaps you have close family or friends wishing to put what they've learnt into practice by visiting China! You will start this day by basic introduction to the language.

8:00am: your teacher and your driver for the day will collect you from the hotel and take you to the Temple of Heaven.

8:30am: You will be given a short introduction to the history of the Temple and its role in Chinese history (the visit to the Temple is not included, and the classes will be given in the temple's park).

8:45am: a two hour class will be given on the history of Chinese characters, the underlying logic of the &radicals' of which they are composed, the evolution of calligraphy, tones, the creation of the &pinyin' system 每 made for foreigners, and other secrets#

10:45am: a break for any questions you may have

11:00-11:30am: a class on water calligraphy, one of the many activities often practiced by Chinese people in the morning. Using giant paintbrushes laden with water you will be able to write characters on the park's flagstones, and watch them evaporate with varying speed depending on the weather.

Return to the hotel with your teacher at about midday.

Note:  We offer these interactive classes for all levels which combine study and tourism and we can therefore adjust to each one expectation (for example: learn how to bargain in Chinese in Beijing flea market, learn vocabulary for daily life in Beijing hutongs and local markets#) Please consult us for further information.

We will then head over to the Forbidden City. Most Chinese buildings face south, which according to ancient beliefs symbolized the barbarian threat and potential invasion from the north. This explains why the main entrance to the Forbidden City faces south towards Tiananmen Square, the third largest city square in the world.

The construction of the City was finished in 1420 during the reign of the Ming Dynasty Emperor Yongle, and served as the Imperial administrative centre throughout the Ming and Qing Dynasties until the fall of the Empire in 1911. According to legend the Forbidden City is made up of 9999 different rooms.

You will then climb the artificial Coal hill just behind the Forbidden City provides a spectacular view of the entire site and lets you get a grasp of the layout of the whole of Beijing.

You will enjoy on the evening the Kung Fu show in Red theater! The Red Theater is originally known as Chongwen Worker's Cultural Palace Theater. After the renovation, the stage facilities has been dramatically improved and now the theater specializes in traditional Chinese performances, such as "The Legend of Kung Fu".

Note: for this day trip, a teacher will accompany you on the morning in the Temple of Heaven and a guide on the afternoon for the visit of Forbidden City and the show

Overnight in Beijing


Day 3 : Beijing
You will depart from your hotel to visit the Mutianyu section of the Wall (75km, 2 hours). Once you are there, you can benefit from the early morning sunrise in your photographs

Even though we like to falsely say that it is visible from the moon, the Great Wall is one of the most important symbols of the country and must be visited. In doing so, we must retrace our steps back to the Qin Dynasty (more than 2000 years ago) to find the first traces of the defensive walls. During the Ming Dynasty, workers restored and expanded the Wall to its height, width and length we recognize today.

Placed on the highest ridges, the wall offered an excellent view to the north and permitted the guards of the lookout towers to watch out for alarm fires down the wall in case of barbarian intruders. The Wall sufficiently prevented Mongolian cavalry from easily progressing on the wall and forced them to dismount from their horses before attacking.

At its peak of condition, the Wall extended over more than 6000 kilometers of ancient Manchuria until the fort of Jiayuguan (where the Gobi desert begins to the west). At a point in history, the government used to ban criminals to this desolate location.

After a 40 to 50 minutes walk you will have a break to have a picnic on the Great Wall!

Among the many outdoor activities practiced by the Chinese, kite is without doubt one of the most popular. This very typical China game that combines sport and contemplation attracts all generations! It is not uncommon to witness kind of ※aerial ballets§ during holidays in parks... Yet kite did not always meant fun, it was once used as a weapon to frighten the enemy or to cast out demons by cutting the kite's wires (representing the evil spirit) when it had reached its maximum top.

A demonstration will be done by your guide and you will the chance to try by yourself afterwards (subject to good weather conditions).

You and your companions will ride the toboggan back down (5 每 7 minutes)

Transfer back to Beijing where you will end your day by a vintage side car tour (1 hour) in Beijing hutongs (narrow alleys and streets of Beijing), you will cruise through the Hutong which surround Houhai lake and see its charm up close with all the restaurants, bars and sops.

You will pass nearby Gulou, the Drum Tower where during the Ming Dynasty, the city marked the hours of the day with the rumbling of drums. The tower faces the Zhonglou, the Bell Tower, and gives visitors a glimpse of ancient Beijing.

Sooner or later you will probably assist in a mahjong party, a social get-together around Chinese Chess or card games. The number of elderly swells around these very popular games, a gathering where bystanders often come to watch and your guide can help explain the rules.

Note: Maximum capacity is 2 passengers / sidecar. Helmets & rain gear are at your disposal.

In the evening you will try the famous Beijing roast duck! The hot roast duck will be brought to the table by the chef where he will slice it into hundreds of flakes, each having its piece of crispy skin. You will have then have to take one of the small & thin pancakes provided and spread it with plum sauce, slices of spring onions and then add some pieces of duck (sugar is a good optional add on as well). Finally roll up the pancake and take a bite!

Overnight in Beijing


Day 4 : Beijing - Xian (B)
You will head to Summer Palace (25km, 40 min). Otherwise a simple Imperial garden, the site was completely renovated by Emperor Qianlong during the 18th century to become one the most important sites of the capital. Back in the day, the members of the Imperial Court would flee the summer's insufferable heat in Forbidden City to lounge on Palace's immense lawn. Harmonious in nature, a variety of traditional Chinese temples, pavilions, lakes and gardens comprise the Palace. The Long Corridor, Marble Boat, 17-Arch Bridge, Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill are the cornerstones of the site.

You will take a paddle boat (30 minutes) for a short cruise on Kunming Lake.

Transfer back to city center and Beijing railway station for a high speed train to Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province often considered where Chinese civilization began. The capital of the Empire three times, Xi'an played a decisive role in the history of the country. On the Silk Road, the city was an administrative site and a hub of commerce

Expected departure time:  2 pm

Expected arrival time: 6:30 pm

When you arrive in Xian, your local guide will welcome you and provide transportation to the hotel.

Overnight in Xi'an


Day 5 : Xi'an (B,D)
The Terra Cotta Warriors are about an hour ride outside of Xi'an.

In 1974, a few farmers stumbled upon the Warriors by accident. Now, we can only wonder what those original farmers felt when they first laid eyes on the thousands of soldiers lined up in battle formation. They had just discovered one of the greatest archeological finds in history!

Incidentally, we now have this wonder to view because of Qin Shi Huangdi's fear of malevolent spirits. Qin Shi Huangdi built a mausoleum to have his immense army of infantrymen, archers, and cavalry riders to protect him in the Afterlife. Each one of the Terra Cotta Warriors has a different face from a soldier during the Emperor's life. Historians theorize that the Emperor may have wanted to rule the world from the Afterlife.

The statues you can view are separated in three pits. You will begin with the pits number 2 (that is still being excavated) and number 3 (that shelters the majority of items).  You will end with pit number 1, the most impressive one with about 2000 warriors.

Otherwise there is a small museum on site that houses two splendid bronze chariots found in 1980 west of the mausoleum. You can now see them on display along with other artifacts.

Head to one of Terracotta Factories in Xian where you can see how they are made and even make terracotta warrior statuettes on your own! This activity last 30 to 40 minutes.

On a different note, Xi'an is also a city of many cultures. During the day of the Silk Road, Muslim merchants from Central Asia came to China to do business and left their influence in Xi'an. Several Muslim minorities (totaling 15 million inhabitants) now live in China. The Hui minority is predominant in Xi'an. You will visit the Chinese-style Mosque and the vibrant neighborhood around it housing a number of butcher shops and different sorts of stores where men wear white skull caps and women wear colorful headscarves. At dinner, you will appreciate the unique ambiance of a night market as you dine on the neighborhood's specialties of spiced lamb kebabs, flat bread and mutton soup with noodles.

Overnight in Xi'an


Day 6 : Xi'an - Chengdu (B)
On the morning you will take a bike tour (or for an additional charge a cart tour) for about one hour to discover and glide through Xi'an without traffic jams and crowds. You can even test out a tandem bike for something with a little more jazz. During your tour, you will see the impressive Xi'an ramparts built during the Ming Dynasty. Today, they stand restored and reconstructed and are a part of the fortifications still visible in China.

You will then take part in a Calligraphy Course (20 minutes), one of the bedrocks of Chinese culture and a truly artistic pursuit in the Small Wild Goose Pagoda.

Welcome by your guide and transfer to the hotel.

Welcome to Chengdu, capital of Sichuan province and ancient capital of the powerful Shu Kingdom. Chengdu has had the same name for over two millennia, which is proof of not only its longevity but also the major role that it has always played in the region.

This venture will provide excellent opportunities to try some of the specialties of the region and its famous food culture.

You will assist on the evening to a Sichuan opera  performance (that last around 90 minutes), consisting of skits making references to Chinese history and literature, featuring dancers, singers, acrobats, fire-eaters or experts of "face changing" a very local art!

Note: before the show you will have the chance to meet the artists putting on their makeup. Kids can have their own faces painted (optional)!

Overnight in Chengdu


Day 7 : Chengdu (B,D)
On the morning you will visit the Panda Breeding Center (about 15km from Chengdu city center) that boasts slightly fewer than 100 pandas, making it the largest centre for Pandas in captivity in the world. The panda (※xiongmao§ in Chinese, literally meaning ※bear-cat§) is an endangered species that the Chinese Government and specialist NGOs have been consciously protecting since the 1980s.Their efforts have been rewarded and the latest population counts have shown an increase of nearly 50% in the number of pandas in the world (it is reckoned that there are more than 2000 living in the wild, although it is hard to give an exact figure).

Transfer back to Chengdu (55km, 1h).On the afternoon you will visit the Wenshu Temple (or Manjushri to the Indians), the best preserved Buddhist temple in Chengdu that still boasts a large number of worshippers. You will have a cup of tea in the House of Tea next door (the city has many such establishments and this is one of the most popular).

Walk in the People's Park, a perfect example of the parks where the Chinese practice Tai-Chi, Kung-fu, sword dance, meditation, dance, gymnastics# all activities that they consider essential to their well-being. The ※ear cleaners§ are also one of the very unique things you will see in the park#

Sichuan cooking is one of the eight major strands of cooking in the country, and is famous for being very spicy#You will try for dinner the Sichuan spicy hotpot! The broth is infused with lots of aromatic spices, fiery chili oil and tongue-numbing Sichuan peppercorn#

Overnight in Chengdu


Day 8 : Chengdu - Leshan - Chengdu (B)
Departure for Leshan (200 km/ 3 hours). You will see here the largest Buddha statue in the world, carved into the side of a cliff more than 1200 ago to calm the anger of the Min River, which had inflicted floods upon the locals and mariners. The Giant Buddha, as it is commonly known, measure in at 71m (231ft) high and 28m (92ft) wide 每 truly a stone giant! You can get up close to its face to admire its 7m (23ft) long ears, while taking the stairs down will let you get a real taste for the scale of this piece of art and will take you near to the toes, which alone measure 8.5m (28ft) high.

Optional: you can also admire the Giant Buddha from the Min River, on board a boat intended for this purpose. Consult us if you are interested.

You will then take a pleasant forest track through the Oriental Buddha Park, dotted with some small temples, thousands of small statues and the gargantuan artwork that is a lying-down Buddha which is over 170m long (558ft) and which is, amongst similar works, the most impressive in the world.

Transfer back to Chengdu.

Overnight in Chengdu


Day 9 : Chengdu - Guilin - Yangshuo (B)
Transfer to Chengdu airport and flight to Guilin.

Note: morning flight Chengdu / Guilin operates on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays. However evening flights operate on daily basis so we can adjust the program according to your travel dates.

Welcome to the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region! This region is best known for its numerous minorities and its fantastic countryside of rocky peaks bordering the Li River. This will be the nature portion of your itinerary.

 Transfer upon your arrival with your guide and driver to the village of Yangdi (70km, 1 hour to 90 minutes) where you will take a bamboo raft cruise on the Li River (90 minutes to 2 hours) overshadowed by picturesque hills with fantastic names: the Elephant Trunk Hill, Nine Horses Wall or Folded Brocade Hill#  These superb natural formations have inspired poets, painters and photographers, and constitutes today as one of the most capturing visits in the country.

The cruise ends at Xingping, an ancient village with over 1000 years of history and appears on the Chinese 20 Yuan note! Xingping is also known for its old Ming and Qing Dynasty houses and for its market (held every 3 days) where you will find amongst other things, cockerels and geese for sale. The village is surrounded by ※sugar loaf Mountains§ with names such as ※Five-Finger Hill§ and ※Camel Hill§ which supposedly resembles a camel crossing the river.

Your driver will pick you up in Xingping and you will head to Yangshuo (25 km, 40 minutes), the small market town that has become very popular during these last 15 years. The town's buildings follow the famous Li River

Note: Max capacity: 4 passengers per bamboo raft + the ※pilot§. The bamboo raft is equipped with life jackets and covered with a tarpaulin in case of rain. Your luggage will stay in the car during the cruise so we suggest you to travel light. Sun screen is strongly recommended.

You will enjoy on the evening the show Impressions Liu Sanjie. Created by the famous director Zhang Yimou of &Raise the Red Lantern' fame. Here in the heart of the Karst formation countryside, hundreds of actors including local fisherman, imitate scenes from rural life by dressing up in traditional costumes of the minorities of the region.

Overnight in Yangshuo


Day 10 : Yangshuo (L)
In 1990 Todd Skinner set up first routes in Moon Hill and the Banyan, Yangshuo became a very popular destination for rock climbing since then. 70 000 karsts peaks towers of tropical limestone scattered along the Li River in the region, and 400 routes with various difficulties (ranging from 5.4 t 5.15) are now opened!

Transfer with your driver and instructor at 8:30am from your hotel (time may vary depending on the location of your hotel) to the climbing school to choose your equipment (size of climbing shoes) and then from the school to the site. We suggest a spot for beginner for this approximately three hour climbing session as it can suit to everyone (please consult us for advanced and experienced level)

- Swiss Cheese Wall (beginner)

This choice is equally as accessible to beginners as to experienced climbers (a versatility that allows all manner of climber to ascend side by side), is one of the most popular climbs and is perfect for groups or families. It is made up of two sections: the right-hand wall for beginners and advanced climbers, and the left-hand vertical wall for more experienced participants. The site is easy to reach and a bamboo grove at the foot of the rock offers some welcome shade in the case of very hot weather.

Transfer back to your hotel.

On the afternoon transfer with your driver (without a guide) to the cooking school located in the superb Yangshuo countryside.

Classes start at 3:30am and last four hours. This includes a visit to a local market to allow you to select your required ingredients, followed by the group class at the school (maximum of 16 people per class), before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor at dinner!

There are two menus: course 1 is taught on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, course 2 is taught on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Each student will have a hob, a wok and all the necessary ingredients for making the day's five dishes.

Course 1:

Beer fish (famous local dish)
Chicken with cashew nuts
Steamed stuffed vegetables
Eggplant with soy and oyster sauce
Green vegetables with garlic
Or Course 2 :

Egg wrapped dumplings
Steamed chicken with mushroom
Duck with pickled ginger and chilies
Stir fried pork with vegetables and oyster sauce
Green vegetables with garlic

Return transfer to the hotel.

Overnight in Yangshuo.


Day 11 : Yangshuo - Guilin - Hong-Kong (B)
Your day begins with your guide transporting you to Guilin (80km, 90 minutes).

You will discover on the morning the Reed Flute Cave that gets its name from the numerous reeds growing at the entrance of the cave. Local tradesmen use these reeds for the fabrication of flutes. When you enter the cave, you will have the opportunity to explore the cave's stalactites and stalagmites that create a game of light across the cave's walls with the use of a flashlight.

You will walk around Shan Lake known for its two superb Sun and Moon pagodas.

Transfer to Guilin airport and flight to Hong-Kong. Arrival in Hong Kong. Welcome and transfer to the hotel

Welcome in Hong-Kong! With its status as a cultural and financial centre, its demography (slightly more than 7 million inhabitants), its &melting pot' environment, its port, its islands and the important role of the sea, its parks, its innumerable boutiques, its fascinating skyline and its nightlife unceasingly illuminated by multi-coloured neon lights, Hong Kong is a bit like an Asian version of New York!

Overnight in Hong-Kong


Day 12 : Hong Kong (B)
Transfer on public transport (metro and then bus) with your guide to Ocean Park. Opened in 1977, Ocean Park was rewarded in 2012 with one of the most prestigious titles in the world of amusement parks, a real testament to both its longevity and its capacity to change with the times! Explore this 870 000 square metre playground for both young and old.

Your guide will be present for the outward and return journeys but you will be entirely free whilst inside the park. As such, you will have the whole day to enjoy the different activities described below (all included in the day pass). You can have lunch (not included) in one of the park's many restaurants conveniently located in different areas of the park (particularly worthy of note are Neptune in Aqua City and Tuxedos in Polar Adventure).

-Aqua City: perhaps the park's most impressive attraction, a paradise for aficionados of the marine world. The Large Aquarium houses 5000 fish and more than 400 species which you can observe from the world's largest aquarium dome or through a giant porthole. The multi-sensory spectacle available from the world's only 360 degree aquatic screen is also worth a stop!

-Polar Adventure: travel from the North Pole to the South Pole in no time at all! This is the park's newest attraction and here you can take a bobsleigh ride, watch the dozens of penguins, arctic foxes, Pacific walruses, snowy owls and spotted seals.

-Rainforest: you can board a raft and immerse yourself in the exotic ambiance of a rainforest and its authentic fauna, with notably capybara (the largest rodent in the world), pygmy marmoset, kinkajou, the green arcari (the smallest of the toucan family)#

-Amazing Asian Animals: if you don't have time during your trip to China to visit a conservation center or national reserve for pandas, then under no circumstances should you miss this attraction. Here you can see the giant panda, the red panda, the giant salamander and even the Chinese alligator.

-Old Hong Kong: this rebuilt version of old Hong Kong allows you to experience the city of the 50s, 60s and 70s. Particularly of note are the replica tramway, rickshaw drivers, and policemen in period uniforms#

-Thrill Mountain: adrenaline junkies will find exactly what they're looking for on the ※Hair Raiser§ rollercoaster, on ※Flash§ which takes you upside down, in the ※Aviator§ flight simulator, on the tracks of ※Rev Booster§ or in a less unusual manner on the bumper cars!


Note: This list is not exhaustive, and there are other activities in the park which you are at liberty to explore. Additionally Ocean Park puts on special events for certain holidays, such as ※Halloween Bash§ and ※Summer Splash§.

Overnight in Hong-Kong


Day 13 : Hong-Kong Departure (B)
Transfer with your guide to the Avenue of Stars, located on the tip of Kowloon and based on the same concept as the ※Walk of Fame§ in Los Angeles, where you can try to find the handprints preserved on commemorative plaques of your favourite Hong Kong actor! You will probably recognise the life size statue of Bruce Lee, the legendary martial arts star.

You will go on foot to the neighbouring pier from where you will take the Star Ferry (5-10 minutes) for the famous bay crossing, a real institution for the locals and a mythical voyage that the National Geographic Traveller magazine listed as one of their 50 experiences of a lifetime. From the boat you can appreciate what some consider as being the most beautiful skyline in the world, where the skyscrapers are set against the city's highest hills. Visit to the small Tramway Museum, an important piece of the city's colonial heritage that has been functioning for more than 120 years#

Ascent to Victoria Peak taking around 5 minutes in the Peak tram, which ascends at a gradient of up to 27 degrees! The peak is the highest point in Hong Kong (552m/1811ft) and is truly a great place to come to escape the summer heat. British colonists, who completed their ascension carried in Sedan chairs, regularly took refuge here during the 19th century and even granted residence rights only to expatriates (it was not until after the Second World War that locals were allowed to live there)#

You will be able to take in the magnificent 360 degree view from Sky Terrace 428 which, when the weather is good, lets you see both the tip of Kowloon and the neighbouring islands of Lantau and Lamma.

Transfer to Hong-Kong airport and flight to your next destination.


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