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Guilin Longsheng Yangshuo Family Tour - 7 Days

Destination: Guilin - Longsheng - Yangshuo - Yangdi - Xingping
Duration: Seven Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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The week-long adventure has been specially designed for adventurous families wanting to explore one of China's most scenic destinations. Packed with activities for all ages, including hikes, bicycle rides, cookery courses, rock climbing and kayaking, this trip ensures that all family members are kept entertained. On top of the activities, guests are able to learn more about the Guangxi region's unique local cultures and customs, with trips to traditional hilltribe villages, terraced tea plantations and colourful markets. The perfect way for a family to explore Guilin's stunning mountain scenery.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1900/persons 1900USD/Person

Day 1:Guilin - Longsheng
Arrival in Guilin, meeting with your local guide and transfer to the Longsheng area, and more precisely to the Huangluo Yao village. The village is inhabited by people of the Red Yao minority, one of the many branches of a complex ethnic family. Yao women are characterised by their long black hair which they, according to tradition, don't have the right to cut until they are 16, at which age it is reckoned they are ready to find a husband. The grandmother keeps the cut-off hair, which she then gives to the family of the girl's future husband as a form of souvenir. Competitions take place in the region to honour the woman with the longest hair, the most recent of which was won by a woman whose hair had reached 1.75m in length! Walk in the village.

You will then continue on to the village of Ping'an, located around 20km away on a very windy road and taking around 40 minutes to reach. This village is 600 years old and populated by the Zhuang minority, passionate about song and theatre and, at 17 million in number, are the largest minority in China. Depending on the location and choice of your hotel, you can take a walk climbing towards the highest point in the village (taking around 30 minutes), during which time local porters will deal with your bags.
Overnight at the hotel in Ping'an.

Day 2 : Longsheng - Yangshuo (B,L)
Morning departure on foot for an approximate four hour walk, depending on your pace and how many stops are taken for photographs. You will walk on the ¡°Dragon's Backbone¡± (Longji), as it is commonly known, one of the most beautiful stretches of rice terraces in the country. It was over 700 years ago that the locals worked tirelessly to sculpt these mountains (whose high point is at an altitude of more than 1000m), in order to grow rice, sweet potatoes and other vegetables, and tea. Today the region looks like a succession of humongous staircases, along which sit various small villages typical to the Dong, Miao, Yao, and above all Zhuang minorities. You will pass through two villages particularly worthy of note, Zhongliu and Tiantouzhai (from where you get one of the most spectacular panoramas of the surrounding area).

Note : Part of the cultivation process means that the rice paddies are saturated with water, shining like millions of little mirrors during the month of May and through part of summer. In September they are a dazzling green up until the start of the harvest in October, from the start of autumn taking on a wheat colour. It is not advised to travel here between December and March, during which time the snow and fog can spoil the spectacle.

Transfer to Yangshuo. Night in Yangshuo.


Day 3: Yangshuo - Yangdi - Xingping - Yangshuo (B,L)
You will leave Yangshuo by private vehicle and head to the small village of Yangdi. Here we will start a walk through the local countryside along Li River. On route you take a small local ¡°ferries¡± on 3 separate occasions in order to cross the Li River. You have lunch in a local's home providing you with yet another chance to be immersed in the local culture.

The route ends at Xingping, an ancient village with over 1000 years of history and appears on the Chinese 20 Yuan note! Xingping is also known for its old Ming and Qing Dynasty houses and for its market (held every 3 days) where you will find amongst other things, cockerels and geese for sale. The village is surrounded by ¡°sugar loaf Mountains¡± with names such as ¡°Five-Finger Hill¡± and ¡°Camel Hill¡± which supposedly resembles a camel crossing the river.

We will head back to Yangshuo by private vehicle where you will be treated to a foot massage, a fitting reward for a hard day's trekking

Night in Yangshuo.

Day 4 : Yangshuo Cycling(B,L)
Transfer without guide at 8:30am by car/minibus (the departure time can vary depending on the exact location of your hotel) to the bicycle pick-up point, located in the town of Yangshuo. Meeting with your cyclist guide.

Option 1: Departure at 9:00am by bike from Yangshuo towards the village of Baisha, located around 10km away bordering the Yulong River (Jade Dragon River). You will cross the famous 400 year old Yulong Bridge, and ride along the river bordered by orchards where orange trees, mandarin trees, chestnut trees, and pomelo trees grow. All the while you can admire the rural scenery of the Guangxi countryside, famous for its superb karst peaks (commonly called ¡°sugarloaf¡±).

You have the choice to then go back across the river and return to Yangshuo, or continue further south towards Moon Hill. This imposing hill pierced by a moon-shaped hole offers spectacular views of the surrounding area (the ascent takes between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your pace and the price of the entrance ticket is not included in the total cost of the trip).


Option 2 : At around 9:00am you will cycle off towards Mushan, located 3km west of Yangshuo. 500 years old and known for its layout which follows the ¡°8 Trigrams of Taoism¡±, Mushan is of particular interest in the study of feng shui (also known as ¡°geomancy¡±, and which is increasingly popular in the West). From there you will follow the general path of the Li River as far as the fishing village of Liugong (around 20km from Yangshuo), which has been around for 800 years and is known for its ancient houses and its ¡®three colored pools'. Return to Yangshuo passing through Yongcun with an extension to Moon Hill if you want (entrance ticket is not included in the total cost of the trip) .

Transfert back to your hotel.

Option 1: Ride up to 40 km (60km if you decide to extend you ride to the Moon hill)).

Difficulty: Easy (flat all the way, partially around the Jade Dragon River area but principally along country paths)

Option 2: (Ride up to 40 km)

Difficulty: Easy (flat all the way, partially around the Li River part on a tarmac road, but principally along country paths)


Day 5 : Yangshuo Cooking Class
Transfer with your driver (without a guide) to the cooking school located in the superb Yangshuo countryside.


Classes start at 9:30am (10:30am between December and February) and last four hours. This includes a visit to a local market to allow you to select your required ingredients, followed by the group class at the school (maximum of 16 people per class), before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor at lunch!

There are two menus: course 1 is taught on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, course 2 is taught on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Each student will have a hob, a wok and all the necessary ingredients for making the day's five dishes.

You will be taught course 1, which is made up of:

Beer fish (famous local dish)
Chicken with cashew nuts
Steamed stuffed vegetables
Eggplant with soy and oyster sauce
Green vegetables with garlic

OR Course 2 :

Egg wrapped dumplings
Steamed chicken with mushroom
Duck with pickled ginger and chilies
Stir fried pork with vegetables and oyster sauce
Green vegetables with garlic
Return transfer to the hotel. Free afternoon.
Optional: In the afternoon you can have a relaxing mud bath in Black Buddha Cave nearby Moon Hill!

Night in Yangshuo


Day 6 : Yangshuo - Climbing & kayaking (B,L)
Please tell us your level of experience before this approximately three hour climbing session: beginner, advanced or experienced, which will determine the choice of site by your instructor.

Transfer with your driver and instructor at 8:30am from your hotel (time may vary depending on the location of your hotel) to the climbing school to choose your equipment (size of climbing shoes) and then from the school to the site. We propose three alternatives (which can be modified according to your preferences):


- Swiss Cheese Wall (beginner)

This choice is equally as accessible to beginners as to experienced climbers (a versatility that allows all manner of climber to ascend side by side), is one of the most popular climbs and is perfect for groups or families. It is made up of two sections: the right-hand wall for beginners and advanced climbers, and the left-hand vertical wall for more experienced participants. The site is easy to reach and a bamboo grove at the foot of the rock offers some welcome shade in the case of very hot weather.


- The Egg (advanced)

This is an excellent site for advanced or experienced climbers (the difficulty level ranges between 5.10 and 5.12 on the north face). The four faces of the rock are all accessible and this makes climbing possible all day long even as the sun moves throughout the day.


- White Mountain (experienced)

A superb rock that is great for experienced climbers (the difficulty level starts at 5.10 and reaches 5.13). Some inclined paths allow for a climb even if it's raining, and sun exposure is constant throughout the day, meaning that it is preferable to go either at the start or end of a day. A path 200 meters long including a section with an inclination of 15 degrees takes you to 60 meters above the ground¡­


Safety is our top priority and we only use professional instructors.

Helmets, climbing shoes, climbing harnesses, chalk etc. are all provided

The instructors are English speakers, there is an additional cost for other languages

It is also possible to arrange half day, full day or multi-day courses for those who want a fuller climbing experience.

Return to the bicycle depot. Lunch in Yangshuo (sandwich, fruit and bottled water), then transfer to Fuli for a guided kayak ride from Fuli to Liugong (total six kilometers, taking 3-3.5 hours to complete). The route takes you first along the Yulong River, and then the Li River.5

Return to the hotel. Night in Yangshuo.


Day 7 : Yangshuo - Guilin (B)
Transfer with your driver and guide to Guilin, and flight to your next destination.


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