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Yangtze River Cruise from Chongqing to Yichang with Three Gorges Tour - 4 Days

Destination: Chongqing - Cruise on the Yangtze - Yichang
Duration: Four Day
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Transportation: Cruise
Best Travel Time:All Year
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The third largest river in the world, the Yangtze winds through seven provinces in China and continues to play a major role in trade between the coast and the interior of the country. Enjoy a cruise along this awesome waterway with Tai Chi sessions on offer on the boats deck and breathtaking sights such as Qutang Gorge with peaks over 1200 metres (3900 feet) high.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$750/persons 750USD/Person

Day 1 : Departure from Chongqing
You will embark the President Cruise Boat 1 between 7-8pm from Chongqing pier and then settle in to your cabin. Departure estimated for 10pm.

Night on board the boat.


Day 2 : Cruise on the Yangtze (B,L,D)
For the bravest among you, on deck from 6am there will be Tai Chi sessions on offer (Tai Chi is an incredibly popular Chinese martial art similar to a sort of slow gymnastics that promotes circulation of energy and develops concentration skills).

Breakfast at around 7am. There will be a short welcome talk which will provide you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the facilities and services on board. Additionally, the schedule of the cruise will be explained to you in greater detail.

Optional: the first stop (around 170km/105 miles from Chongqing) at around 9am will let you discover Fengdu. The legend tells of two local civil servants exhausted by their day-to-day lives who became diligent adherents to the teachings and practices of Taoism until eventually they flew off into the heavens and there obtained the status of Immortals! The nickname ¡°Ghost City¡± given by locals comes from the combination of their surnames in Chinese (Yin and Wang), which means ¡°King of Hell¡±, and is also the reason for the presence of arresting sculptures in the temples on Mingshan Mountain (which can reached by foot or cable-car).

Flooded in 2009 by the rising waters caused by the Three Gorges Dam project, the town is now located on the other bank of the river.

If you do not want to take part in this visit, you will stay on board the boat.

The boat will leave here at around 11:30. Lunch on board.

The second stop is anticipated for around 2pm. It will be at Shibaozhai (precious stone fortress), an impressive 56 metre high 12-floor wooden pagoda, built during the Qing Dynasty, that sits imposingly over a steep cliff.

The boat will leave here at 4pm and your dinner will be served at 6pm, and will be accompanied by a talk from the captain. From 8pm on you can take advantage of the very extensive list of activities available during the cruise: singing, dancing, traditional clothing displays, tea ceremonies, reflexology (must be booked in advance), a games room¡­ Equally you can enjoy some peace and quiet in your cabin, watch a film or make use of the on-board library that includes works on Chinese culture, medicine, calligraphy, and painting.

Night on board.


Day 3 : Cruise on the Yangtze (B,L,D)
It is today that you will get to see the famous Three Gorges! At around 9am the boat should arrive at the Qutang Gorge, the shortest (8km) and the narrowest amongst the gorges, but equally the most spectacular, surrounded by breathtakingly high peaks over 1200 metres (3900 feet) high. The entrance to the gorge, nicknamed Kuimen, used to be considered as the most dangerous pass in the world. Along the cliff-side the remains of a particularly narrow old towpath which was well used in times gone by can be seen.

The passage through the second gorge should begin at around 10:30am. The Wu Gorge, the deepest of the three, stretches over around 40km (25 miles) bordered by 12 majestic peaks of which the Goddess Peak.

After lunch we will make a stop to change boat in order to sail up the Shennong River, one of the Yangtze's tributaries (1pm to 5pm). On this stretch of the cruise you can enjoy the calm and the well-preserved shores offering a glimpse of a yet untamed nature, while you are soothed by the chants of the Tujia people, still populous in the region (today numbering around 8 million). The Tujia are very fond of chanting and dance, and particularly worthy of note are the ¡°Hand waving dance¡± and a dance called ¡°Maogusi¡±.

This is also the perfect opportunity to see ¡°Cliff Coffins¡±, an ancient practice attributed to the Bo people, cousins of the Tujia.

Back on the ¡°President¡±, you will enter into the west part of the Xiling Gorge, the final and longest gorge (around 80km/50 miles). During the journey you can appreciate the Huangting Temple, built during the period of the Three Kingdoms ¨C a key phase in Chinese history when the Wu, Shu and Wei kingdoms fought for power after the fall of the Han Dynasty. The Yangtze sat astride the Shu and Wu kingdoms and played an important strategic role during these fratricidal battles.

A goodbye dinner will be served at 6pm, during the passage through the gorge which will finish at around 7pm. Although not as beautiful as the first two gorges, it is nonetheless an excellent place to view Chinese river commerce, from Chongqing upstream to Shanghai downstream, with other major towns like Wuhan and Nanking located between the two.

You will arrive at the Three Gorges Dam at around 8pm.

Night on board.


Day 4 : Arrival in Yichang (B)
Breakfast will be served at 6:30am. You will disembark at 8:00am for the visit to the Three Gorges Dam, the gigantic project that began in 1994 and was finished in 2009. The dam splits the Xiling Gorge in two, is 2.3km (1.5 miles) in length, is over 185 metres (600 feet) high, 18 metres (60ft) wide at the top and 130 metres (425ft) at the base, creating an immense reservoir over 600km (370 miles) in length! The figures alone are enough to make you dizzy¡­ The ¡°world's biggest barrage¡± currently generates a massive quantity of hydroelectricity (more than 2 million watts, accounting for around 10% of China's total capacity according to official figures), allows the vagaries of the Yangtze to be mastered and increases the navigability between the coast and the interior of the country.

You will set off on the final stage of your journey through the Xiling Gorge at 10:30am, arriving in Yichang at 11:30.


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