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Kunming Tengchong Dali Shaxi Lijiang Jinghong Tour - 15 Days

Destination: Kunming Tengchong Dali Shaxi Lijiang Jinghong
Duration: Fifteen Day
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Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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This tour of the tropical parts of Yunnan explores the ancient trading town of Tengchong near the historic "Burma Road" in an area of outstanding beauty blistered with volcanoes and hot springs; and the Southeast Asian region of Xishuangbanna in the deep South, rich in colourful minority villages and lush rainforests. The tour also includes time to relax and soak up the old-world atmosphere in the ancient towns of Dali and Lijiang, and an overnight stay in a traditional Yunnan village.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$3800/persons 3800USD/Person

Day 1 Kunming Arrival
Upon arrival at Kunming International Airport you will be welcomed to China by your private English speaking guide, and then transferred to your hotel.
Accommodation: Stay 2 nights at the Green Lake Hotel.


Day 2 Kunming - Stone Forest - Kunming
Located in Lunan Yi Nationality Autonomous County, the forest is a special type of limestone formation known as karst. Some 270 millions years ago the area was submerged in a lake and a thick layer of limestone deposited on the bottom. The movement of the earth's crust caused the sea bottom to thrust upward and become land, and through weathering and erosion over eons, the stone was formed into pillars. These bizarre stone formations stretch up to 30 metres tall and cover a large area stretching into the distance. After time to explore the Stone Forest you will return to Kunming and there will be a visit to Kunming's famous Golden Temple which is a unique Taoist temple and set in the grounds of a charming park.


Day 3 Kunming - Tengchong
This morning take a guided tour of Green Lake Park and then visit the Yuan Tong Temple which is the largest Buddhist complex in Kunming. After this morning tour your guide will transfer you to the airport for your flight to Tengchong.
Flight: MU2573 Kunming - Tengchong 14.10 - 14.50
On arrival you will be met and transferred to your hotel.Afternoon guided tour of Heshun Village: This afternoon visit the traditional village of Heshun, said to be one of the ten most charming ancient towns in China, with impressive architecture built 200 years ago by wealthy trading families. Many well-known Chinese merchants and literati were born in Heshun. Also of great interest is the town's library, the largest village library in China, and the World War Two museum displaying some fascinating historical records from the days of the "Flying Tigers".
Accommodation: Stay 2 nights at the Tengchong Hotel.


Day 4 Tengchong
Today's tour starts at the Volcano Park, an area with a number of active volcanoes. There are walking trails allowing you to hike to the summits for views of the surrounding landscape pock-marked with volcanoes, trek around the rims, and descend into the craters. Continue to the Wetland Park, a large but seasonal fresh water wetland to the north which attracts bird-watchers and nature-lovers. The tour finishes at the "Sea of Heat" area of hot springs, where you will see impressive Geysers and have the opportunity to bathe in the cooler small springs and a natural warm-water swimming pool.


Day 5 Tengchong - Dali
This morning set off along the Old Burma Road to Dali, a drive of approximately 5 hours. Stop en route at the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Gaoligong Mountain Nature Reserve. Stretching more than 300 miles along Yunnan's border with Myanmar, the jagged Gaoligong mountain range forms a divide between the Nu River to the east and the Irrawaddy to the west. Remote and rugged, the Gaoligong Mountains are protected by UNESCO for their immense biodiversity.
Accommodation: Stay 2 nights at the Landscape Hotel.


Day 6 Dali
Dali is home to the Bai people, a colourfully dressed minority influenced by the Chinese, Tibetans and Indians. Throughout the town you will see typical houses of the Bais with stone walls and dark blue tile roofs. Visit the Three Pagodas, made of bricks built a thousand years ago coated with white mud, housing a shrine with Buddha statue and lotus flowers. Continue to the ancient town dating from 1382 AD when it was founded as the capital of the Dali kingdom. The original city wall was 8m in height and 6km in length with four gates in the east, west, south and north. The layout of the ancient city resembles a chessboard. The tour finishes with a boat trip on Erhai Lake, with a magnificent setting fringed by mountains and ancient temples.
At leisure: This afternoon is free for bicycle riding around Erhai Lake, or walking on the Cangshan mountains.


Day 7 Dali - Shaxi
After breakfast you will set off on the drive to the ancient village of Shaxi which is nestled deep in the Himalayan foothills and is home to the Bai and Yi minority peoples. On arrival here you will check in to a simple Bai minority hotel for the night. Lunch will be taken at a local restaurant on arrival.
 Afternoon optional tours: This afternoon there are a number of tours available including wild Pine Mushroom hunting with a local expert (July to September only), a visit to see Shibao Shan 7th Century Buddhist rock carvings, or a trek to a mountain village (on foot or on horseback). Your guide will meet you later and take you for dinner in a local restaurant.
Accommodation: Stay 1 night at Laomadian Lodge Hotel.


Day 8 Shaxi - Lijiang
After breakfast you will set off on the drive to Lijiang, passing through Jianchuan on the way. You will make a stop to see some ancient Buddhist carvings at Shibaoshan. The Stone Treasure Mountain Grottoes here offer a fine example of 9th century Bai carvings. Lunch will be taken in a local restaurant en-route. On arrival in Lijiang you will be transferred to your hotel which is on the edge of the old town.
Afternoon at leisure: Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure to explore the charming cobbled streets of the old town.
Accommodation: Stay 3 nights at the Zen Garden Hotel.


Day 9 Lijiang
This morning take a walking tour of Lijiang. Visit Black Dragon Pool Park where between an arched marble bridge and a three story Chinese pavilion you can see the towering peak of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain reflected in the crystal waters. This peak dominates the scenery for miles around and has a continual covering of snow.


Day 10 Lijiang - Wenhai Lake - Lijiang
Depart Lijiang this morning in a 4x4 vehicle for a visit to Wenhai Lake. Nestled in a sub-alpine valley, against the towering backdrop of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain peak, lies the peaceful Wenhai Lake at an altitude of 3000m above sea level. The neighbouring village of the same name was established in the valley over 300 years ago, and was one of most important grazing grassland for during the Tea Horse Road. There are several villages near the lake inhabited by the Naxi, while Yi people live in villages to the north, further up the mountain. The local Yi and Naxi people still keep their traditional way of life, speaking their own language and wearing traditional clothing.


Day 11 Lijiang - Jinghong
Today you are free to explore on your own.
This afternoon you will be transferred to Lijiang's airport for the China Eastern flight to Jinghong in the heart of Xishuangbana.
 Flight: MU5950 Lijiang - Jinghong 20.05 - 21.05
On arrival in Jinghong you will be met and transferred to your hotel to check in.
Accommodation: Stay 3 nights at the Tai Garden Hotel (Standard Room).


Day 12 Jinghong
After breakfast you will set out to explore Jinghong. Visit the Galanba Thai Village and the Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden. The Garden has been constructed as a botanical garden with the largest area and the richest plant diversity in China. Afterwards have lunch in a local restaurant. This afternoon you will visit the Kino tribe village to see at first hand their colourful ethnic culture. On returning to Jinghong you will have a chance to relax at the hotel or take a walk around the city to get a feel for the Dai people and their customs.


Day 13 Jinghong
After breakfast you will set off for a tour of the villages of Menghun and Mengzhe which are around 40 miles west of Jinghong and provide an interesting insight into the indigenous culture of this part of the Yunnan. You will arrive in Menghan in time to see the colourful Sunday market which brings local folk from around the region to the village to trade. Lunch will be taken in a local restaurant and after time to explore these villages and meet the locals you will return to your hotel in Jinghong to relax.


Day 14 Jinghong - Kunming
After breakfast you will set off for a tour of Banna Wild Elephant Valley to learn about the life of the 40 or so wild elephants that live in the tropical forest a little way outside Jinghong. A cable car runs over the treetops giving you a bird's eye view of the amazing creatures. Lunch will be taken in a local restaurant.
This afternoon you will be transferred to Jinghong's airport for the China Eastern flight to Kunming.
Flight: MU5811 Jinghong - Kunming 14.35 - 15.25
On arrival in Kunming you will be met and transferred to your hotel to check in and relax for the rest of the day.
Accommodation: Stay 1 night at the Green Lake Hotel.


Day 15 Depart Kunming
This day you will be transferred to Kunming's airport for departure.

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