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Yuanyang Hani Rice Terrace Xishuangbanna South Yunnan Tour - 7 Days

Destination: Kunming,Jianshui,Yuanyang,Xishuangbanna
Duration: Seven Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Yuanyang is renowned for its rice terraces crafted out, no sculpted by bare hands by the Hani people one thousand years ago, transforming a barren valley into a humid Eden; perfect for rice crops. The 1000m of mountain slopes of terraces is still in use today, claiming to be the world's most spectacular and extensive terraces. An optional gateway to Yuanyang, Jianshui is a little town with interesting historical architectures and relics, including a mini Tiananmen Gateway.


Close to the border of Myanmar and Thailand, Xishuangbanna subtropical region is home to the Dai ethnic people. Lowland rice fields along the banks of a broad Mekong River are divided by rolling hills covered in virgin rainforest and interspersed with isolated communities of Dai, Hani, Jino and Bulang minority peoples. Xishuangbanna is an ideal retreat for the winter when most of China is cold. Visit authentic villages of three minorities and their homes and stroll around the local market. Distinctive ethnic people in colourful costumes, various local food and products and a tea plantation will make your trip truly memorable.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1600/persons 1600USD/Person

Day 1: Arrive into Kunming - Jianshui
Beijing--Kunming by air 07:50--11:15. Shanghai--Kunming by air 07:35--10:50
Other locales: if you depart from other locale, let us know and we arrange this trip for you.

•Fly to Kunming in the morning and have lunch (local specialty - Cross Bridge Rice Noodle).
•Drive about 4 hours (220 km) to Jianshui. On the way, we will pass Yuxi, where at right season (February and early spring) rapeseeds flowers are in full blossom.
•Check into the  Hotel.
•In the evening, we stroll in the city and mount on the Chaoyang Men Gate.


Day 2: Jianshui - Yuanyang
•Tour the ancient township of Jianshui and drive to see Family Zhang' s Garden and the ancient Tuancheng Village.
•After lunch, we drive 3 hours to Yuanyang.
•Check in the hotel in Yuanyang.


Day 3: Yuanyang ¨C Hani Rice Terrace
•The best views are at the sunrise and sunset.
•Explore, if not so foggy, the best views of terraced rice paddies on foot (slippery).
•Visit a Hani village and mushroom shaped hut houses.
•After lunch, the whole afternoon will be dedicated to the Hani Rice Terrace - one of the largest one in the world. We will visit Laohuzui (literally Tiger's mouth), one stunning section of the rice terrace.


Day 4: Yuanyang - Kunming - Xishuangbanna

•Take the last view of the rice paddies before breakfast and then drive 7 hours (370km) to Kunming. On route, you will also see fully blossomed rapeseeds flowers.
•if the traffic is smooth and we will arrive in Kunming before 3pm, then we will stop by the Stone Forest (which ticket office is closed at 4:30pm).
(The admission fee will be additionally charged if the Stone Forest visit takes place). 
•Hang out around the town of Kunming for one to two hours before we drive to the Kunming airport.
•Fly into Xishuangbanna (50 minutes flight) and stay the night in Xishuangbanna.


Day 5: Xishuangbanna
•We will catch up  the local market in Menghun, where various ethnic peoples don their colourful costumes and gather together to sell and barter all different local vegetables, fruits, goods and crafts.
•Then we will head to a Bulang People's village and check out a tea plantation by way of riding tractors.
•After lunch, we explore a Dai people's paper-manufacturing village, and then a Hinayana Buddhist Temple (Thai and Burmese style).
•Stay overnight in Xishuangbanna


Day 6 Xishuangbanna
•Join the local ladies in the local market.
•Drop by some villages of Dai People in the area.
•In the afternoon take a walk in the serene and soothing botanic garden.
Note: we don't visit the "Wild Elephant Valley" as it becomes quite touristy and no any single wild elephant can be seen there.
•Stay overnight in Xishuangbanna.


Day 7 Xishuangbanna Fly out
•After breakfast, transfer to the Xishuangbanna airport and fly to Kunming, then connect flight to Beijing or Shanghai.


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