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Yunnan Nujiang Valley of Three Parallel Rivers Tour - 11 Days

Destination: Lijiang,Dali, Baoshan,Liuku,Fugong,Gongshan,Bingzhongluo,Wuli,Laomudeng.
Duration: Eleven Day
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Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Browsing through a Chinese geographic map, you may easily note with interest that three mighty and important rivers run parallel to each other for hundreds of kilometers in the southwestern province of Yunnan. The three rivers are the upper reaches of the Yangtze, the Mekong, and the Salween (known as Jinshajiang River, Lancangjiang River, and Nujiang River respectively in China).
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2200/persons 2200USD/Person

Day 1 Lijiang Arrival
Activities: Airport Transfer (Lijiang), Lijiang Ancient Town, The Black Dragon Pool.
- Lijiang Ancient Town: The old town of Lijiang is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and has a long history and splended culture. It is famous for its orderly layout of waterways, bridges, wooden-structure houses, cobblestone streets and relaxing atmosphere. Cars are not allowed in the old city in order to protect the wnvironment. There are numerous bars and coffee shops where you can idle away.
- The Black Dragon Pool: Listed in the Collections of Famous Pools of China, the Black Dragon Pool deserves more attention. The Black Dragon Park is named after the Black Dragon Pool. It is a good place for sightseeing and enjoying leisure time.


Day 2: Lijiang -  Jade Dragon Snow Mountain  - Lijiang
Activities: Jade Dragon Snow Mountain , The Mural in Baisha Village.
- Jade Dragon Snow Mountain :  Jade Dragon Snow Mountain (Yulong Mountain) is the southernmost glacier in the Northern Hemisphere. Consisting of 13 peaks, among which Shanzidou is the highest with an altitude of 5,600 meters (18,360 feet), the mountain stretches a length of 35 kilometers (22 miles) and a width of 20 kilometers (13 miles).
- The Mural in Baisha Village: Baisha village is one of the Naxi Minority villages in Lijiang and is more special because of the collection of murals in the village. Painted over a thousand years ago, they combine the cultures of Han, Tibetan and Naxi people displaying the life stories of the Tibet Buddhism, Confucian and Taoism. The unique artistic style and precious historical content of the murals attract visitors from home and abroad.


Day 3: Lijiang - Dali
Activities: Transfer from Lijiang to Dali, Cruise on the Erhai Lake, Ancient City of Dali, Houses of Bai People in Xizhou.
- Cruise on the Erhai Lake: Erhai means ¡°Ear-Shaped Sea¡± in Chinese because of its shape. Boating on the lake and around its islands provides a good way to enjoy the scenery, and you will also visit a fishing village nearby, where you can see local fishermen use trained cormorants to catch the fish.
- Ancient City of Dali: The ancient city of Dali is located at the foot of Cangshan Mountain. Built in 1382, it has traditionally been the settlement by Bai and Yi ethnic groups. The local people like planting trees and growing flowers, so there is a garden at almost every household. Dali is also famous for the many types of marbles it produces.
- Houses of Bai People in Xizhou: The village is a housing complex of Bai people formed from ancient times. In the center is the Square Street, surrounded by many shops. In the village you will see ethnic people dressed in their typical traditional clothes, busy with their daily chores. The local houses are very old, with exquisite paintings of artistic value on the outside walls.


Day 5: Dali - Baoshan - Liuku
Activities: Transfer from Dali to Liuku.
-  Liuku Town is situated at Lushui County and it is the first town of Nujiang Grand Canyon in Nujiang Prefecture. Liuku Town is closed to Biluo Snow Mountain in the east, Myanmar in the west, Shangjiang Town and Laowo Town of Lushui County in the south, Daxingdi Town and Luzhang Town in the north. Liuku is the cultural, polictical and economy center of Nujiang Lisu Autonomous Prefecture. Liuku lies on the Nujiang River, which eventually meets up with the Lancang and the Dulong rivers to form the Three Rivers Natural Reserve, farther north.The landscape up here is amazing and most people head to Liuku to carry on north toward Nujiang Gorge.

Day 6: Liuku-Fugong
Activities: Transfer from Liuku to Fugong,Laohu tiao,Flying Stone.
-Fugong, 123km north of Liuku, mainly populated by the Lisu tribe. There are rice terraces just outside the town centre on the slopes all along the river, easily accessible by walking. We will visit Laohu tiao (Tiger Leaping Gorge), Feilai shi (A huge stone caussed by Landslide). Enjoy the bonfire in evening with local Lisu people.


Day 7: Fugong-Gongshan-Bingzhongluo
Activities: Transfer from Liuku to Bingzhongluo,First bend of the Nujiang, Christian Zion Church .
-The most beautiful part of Nujiang Gorge starts from Binzhongluo. Bingzhongluo is another one-street town. It has a strong Tibetan flavor as most of the inhabitants around it are Tibetans and Nus and it is very close to Tibet itself. Immediately outside the main street to the east, small plots of farms spread out in terraces towards the river. There are more farms (mainly wheat) across the river on a beautiful peninsula jutting into the river- the Plum Island. The west of Bingzhongluo is backed by a few snow peaks. Bingzhongluo is also a jumping off point for exploring the Dulong and LanCang (Mekong) Rivers.


Day 8: Bingzhongluo-Wuli Village-Gongshan
Activities: Transfer from Bingzhongluo to Gongshan,Sliding Ropes.
-At many points up and down the valley there are two steel cables strung across the river and sloping in opposite directions, each to cross over to a different side. In Chinese these are often called "sliding ropes".
-Another quite impressive sight visible from the road is the stone moon, which lies almost halfway between Gongshan and Fugong. Stone is a misleading name: it is actually a huge round hole going straight through the middle of a peak that rises across the Nujiang from a village called Lishadi.


Day 9: Gongshan-Laomudeng-Liuku
Activities: Transfer from Gongshan to Liuku, Laomudeng.
-Laomudeng village in Fugong in home to 180 families. Laomudeng is from the Nu ethnic language and means "a place people like to visit". The church here is the biggest in the area and has a capacity of 500 people.


Day 10: Liuku - Baoshan
Activities: Transfer you from Liuku to Baoshan.


Day 11: Baoshan Departure.
Morning take flight from Baoshan to Departure.

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