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Trekking from Nujiang Valley via Biluo Snow Mountain to Yubeng of Meili Snow Moutain Tour - 12 Days

Destination: Nujiang,Deqin
Duration: Twelve Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Trekking
Best Travel Time:All year
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Tour Ruote: Baoshan - Liuku - Gongshan - Dimaluo - Biluo Snow Mountain - Cizong - Deqin - Feilai Temple - Xidang Village - Upper Yubeng Village - Lower Yubeng Village - Sacred Waterfall - Lower Yubeng Village - Upper Yubeng Village - Base Camp - Ice Lake - Upper Yubeng Village - Minyong Village - Deqin - Zhongdian - Kunming

This Tour taks you from Nujiang Grand Valley to Shangrila in the Northwest Yunnan. You will experience Lisu,Dulong and Tibetan Ethnic Culture by treeking through diversified villages.Enjoy the beautiful landscape and nature sites by visiting great Biluo Snow Mountain, Meili Snow Mountain, Nujiang River and Mekong River.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2600/persons 2600USD/Person

Day 1: Kunming - Baoshan.
On the first day, arrive Kunming Airport, then transfer flight to Baoshan City in West of Yunnan. The distance from Kunming to Baoshan is 571km. Stay at a local hotel.


Day 2:Baoshan - Liuku - Gongshan
Drive from Baoshan to Liuku. The distance is 146km and the journey takes about 3 hours. After lunch in Liuku, then rive from Liuku to Gongshan. The journey is 200km for about 4 hours. Stay overnight in the Green Mountain Guest House.


Day 3: Gognshan - Dimaluo
On the third day, trek for 28km from Gongshan to Dimaluo. It takes one day for the trek and this route will almost have you trekking in the forest. Stay at a local villager's house.


Day 4: Dimaluo - Baihanluo - Balagong Ranch
The estimated trekking time today is about 9 hours. Start trekking up Mt. Biluo, the Snow Mountain (4652 meters) which rises between the Nu and Mekong Rivers. You will pass the Baihanluo Village and a Catholic Church along the way. Either camp or stay at a local villager's house. Climb over the highest peak, Balagong Pass on the Baihanluo Mountain (3900 meters) and camp at the Balagong ranch.


Day 5:Balagong Ranch - Biluo Snow Mountain - Diwazhaduo Ranch
The estimated trekking time is about 8 hours, trek to the valley floor below, and then up to cross the Shelalaka peak of Biluo Snow Mountain(4300 meters). Climb down the mountain to reach the Diwazhaduo Ranch at an altitude of 3500m. Stay overnight in the camp.


Day 6: Diwazhaduo Ranch - Feilai Temple
View the sunrise over Meili Snow Mountain. Take vehicle to Deqin which is 80km away from Cizhong Village. Then go to visit the Feilai Temple which is 10km away from Deqin. Stay overnight at Meili Shanzhuang which is a guest house at the temple.


Day 7:Feilai Temple - Xidang - Lower Yubeng Village
Take a bus for 1.5 hours from the temple to Xidang hotspring. Start trekking for about 5 to 6 hours via Nazongla Pass to reach the Upper Yubeng Village. Continue to walk for about half an hour to reach the Lower Yubeng Village and stay overnight.


Day 8£º Lower Yubeng Village - Sacred Waterfall - Upper Yubeng Village
Visit the Sacred Waterfall, a hike of about 8km via the mountain road.  The round trip for this trek is about 5 hours. After you get back to the Lower Yubeng Village, walk for about half an hour along the country road to the Upper Yubeng Village and stay overnight.


Day 9: Upper Yubeng Village - Ice Lake - Xidang Village - Mingyong Village
Walk for about 2 hours to the Base Camp, and then walk for 1.5 hours to visit the Ice Lake. Continue to trek for another 3.5 hours to return to the Upper Yubeng Village, then another 4 hours to arrive at Xidang Village via Nazongla Pass. Take vehicle to Mingyong Village and stay overnight.


Day 10: Mingyong Village - Mingyong Glacier - Feilai Temple
Trek from Mingyong Village to Mingyong Glacier. Visit the Prince Temple and the Lotus Temple Return to Mingyong Village. This trek takes about 5 hours, then take vehicle to Feilai Temple and stay overnight.


Day 11: Feilai Temple - Zhongdian/Shangrila
Drive from Feilai Temple to Zhongdian, visit Dongzulin Lamasory on the way.


Day 12: Zhongdian Departure.
Morning visit Ganden Sumtseling Monastery, then take afternoon flight to Kunming, transfer flight there to your next destination.

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