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Kawagebo Peak Meili Snow Mountain Trekking Tour - 11 Days

Destination: Lijiang,Shangrila
Duration: Eleven Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:May to Oct.
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This tour will take you to the upper Yangtze and Mekong River gorge to see the spectacular landscape and meet up with local ethnic people of Naxi, Lisu, Pumi, Yi and Tibetans. You may learn about their life and religions. Follow up the pilgrim path of Kawagebo to Yubeng and Shepu waterfalls to see the different faces of this Holy mountain. Another trek to Baima Nature Reserve will give you the chance to climb up to the mountain pass over 5000m, and you can view the area.
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$2500/persons 2500USD/Person

Day 1: Lijiang Arrival
Take morning flight to Lijiang, and visit the old town.The old town of Lijiang is a World Heritage Site having been repaired after a nassive earthquake 1996.The narrowe cobbled streets, lined with tiny wooden houses, are divided by rushing streams crossed by little arched bridges. We will follow up the streams to the Black Dragon where the water comes and you can see the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain if the weather is fine.


Day 2: Villages and Monastery
Drive to Puji and walk through the village. Climb up the hill through the pine forest for an Hours before arriving at the Puji Monastery. Visit the Monastery built 300 hundred years ago, with copper roofs. It's nice and quiet without many tourists. Meet up with lamas and the locals who take care of the Monastery. Walk down the hill and then drive to Yuhu village in front of the Jade Dragon Mountain, where the explorer Dr. Rock used to live for his research. Walk through the village to visit some local farm houses and meet up with people. Drive to visit Zhiyun Monastery near Lashi Lake to listen to the chatting of lamas.


Day 3:  Lijiang to Weixi
Drive along the Yangtze to visit the First Bend of Yangtze where the Yangtze made a big turn here and also the place where the Red Army crossed the Yangtze during the Long March. Visit a workshop where people make tiles and bricks from clay. Then drive along the Yangtze up to Qichong and turn right and say goodbye to Yangtze via Tacheng, with stops to visit local Naxi and Lisu villages


Day 4: Weixi to Cizhong
Today, we will drive along the Mekong River, with stops to visit Lisu villages and a church in Xiao Weixi, which was built by French missionaries. Carry on to drive along the Mekong, and you can see locals cross the Mekong by a rope on a steel cable. As the road construction work is going on here, we may need to wait sometimes. Cizhong is a small village inhabited by Tibetan, Naxi and Lisu people. There is a church built by French Missionaries.The traditional way of French wine making still kept here, and you have the chance to try the wine.


Day 5:  Cizhong to Feilaisi
Carry on north ,along the Mekong, with visits to Tibetan villages. Stop to see the beautiful Mekong River gorge. As we drive further north, the landscape changes dramatically with higher mountain ,with fewer trees and much more drier in the area. The Tibetans who live in the gorge are also different from other places. As they are much influenced by Lisu and Naxi here. Drive up to Deqen and carry on to Feilaishi. Prepare for trek.


Day 6: Feili to Yubeng
Get up early to see the sunrise of the Kawagebo, and there are many photo chances if the weather is good. Drive down to the Mekong and cross the bridge. Carry on to Xidang where we will start with our four-day trek on the pilgrim path of Kawagebo. Five hours trek in the forests and get over a mountain pass at 3900m and down to Yubeng village with good view of Meili Mountain. Yubeng is a small Tibetan village surrounded by Meili Snow Mountain, and you can see the different faces of Meili from here.


Days 7: Yubeng to Sacred Waterfalls to Yubeng
Day trek to the west of Sacred Waterfalls in front of Taizhi Peak. This is a very important place for the pilgrims who come here to get the holy water. You will see many praying flags and other things offered by the pilgrims along the way. Here we see waterfalls but actually very little water, and you can get only a few drops of water from the cliffs in the dry season.


Day 8:  Yubeng to Base Camp to Ice Lake to Yubeng
Today, we trek north of Yubeng village to the Base Camp where the Japanese once tried to climb Kawagebo. We walk through some forests up to a meadow where you can see glaciers and icy lakes. It is a little difficult to walk somewhere, but it's worth doing so. If you are interested in plants, you may find many new plants here. You may walk to the glacier near the icy lake.Back Yubeng.


Day 9:  Yubeng to Xidang to Benzilan
Five hours trek back to Xidang where we came on Day 7, and drive to Benzilan via Mekong River, Deqen and Baima Snow Mountain pass at 4290m.


Day 10:  Benzilan to ShangriLa
Visit Benzilan and drive to ShangrLa along the Yangtze and cross over the mountains. We will stop on the way to visit Nixi village where people are specialized in making pottery and other handicrafts , and visit some masters' workshops and see how they make them.


Day 11: ShangriLa Departure
Visit Suntzeling Monastery, named as Small Potala , was originally built by the fifth Dalai Lama on a small hill. There are eight temples here for lamas from the Kham, and it's the home for 500 lamas to study and practice here. Lamas are supported by their families, and it's a honor for a Tibetan family to send a lama to a monastery. In the afternoon we are going to visit Ringsha Temple, which is the first temple built in the area. It's small but very popular among locals. Here you can learn to make praying flags yourself and hang them over the mountain behind the temple for your luck. Visit local Tibetan villages. Evening flight to Kunming. Tour Ends.

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