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Laojun Mountain Trekking Tour - 10 Days

Destination: Laojun Mountain
Duration: Ten Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Laojun Mountain is in the northwest part of Yunnan Province. It is part of the Laojun Mountain region, which includes an area of 1,085 square kilometres with elevations ranging from 2,100 to 4,513 metres. The region includes four counties: Yulong, Jianchuan, Lanping, and Weixi. The western part of the region adjoins the Lancang River, while the eastern part is contiguous with the Jinsha River.The region was included in the Three Parallel Rivers UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003, and the Laojun Mountain National Park was announced in January 2009.

This is an eco-tour and wild animals exploration in Lijiang.Laojun Mountain in Lijiang covers an area of 2,340 square km and is a very scenic place approximately 93 km west of Lijiang City, the landscape here is very beautiful and has virtually been untouched by any urban development. Laojun Mountain in Lijiang is located between Jinsha-Yangtze River and Lancang-Mekong River in the Three Parallel River Area. This mountain is featured by the wild snub-nosed monkeys, birds and different plants including spruce trees, fir, pine trees, camellia, orchid and so on. The highest peak of Laojun Mountain is 4247 meters, here you will have a nice view about the Three Parallel River Area.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2100/persons 2100USD/Person

Day 1 Lijiang Arrival (D)

Sightseeing: Lijiang Ancient Town, Black Dragon Pool, Dongba Culture Museum

Optional Special Experience:Enjoy the Naxi Ancient Music and Orchestral in Naxi Concert of Lijiang Ancient Town.

Arrive at Lijiang International Airport, meet your tour guide and driver, then transfer to the hotel in Lijiang Ancient Town. If time permits, trip to Black Dragon Pool, Dongba Culture Museum and explore the Naxi ethnic life. You will have an option to enjoy Naxi Ancient Music at night.

-- At the foot of Yulong Snow Mountain in northwestern Yunnan Province is the ancient town of Lijiang. In the remote past, it was already inhabited with tribal people. In 1253, Kublai Khan, the Mongol chief, stationed his troops here on his southward march to conquer the State of Dali. For the next 500 years, to the early days of the Qing Dynasty, the place was ruled by a hereditary succession of chieftains from the Mu clan of the Naxi people, under the jurisdiction of the imperial court.

The Lijang Old town, screened by a mountain and facing a river, has no high walls. It is crisscrossed with ancient streets and lanes paved with colored stones and lined with residential houses of wood-stone-mud structure characterized by pretty, simple and practical styles. Small streams run parallel with Sifang Street in the center of the town and many other lanes. Green trees shade the houses and lanes. Willow tree branches hang low to caress the water in the streams. Residential houses either stand against a stream or have in the front small bridges across streams. In some cases, a stream runs right underneath houses.


Day 2 Lijiang- Lijiang每 99 Dragon Pools- Elonghaizi(3900M) (B+L)

Sightseeing: Jiuhe Villages of Naxi and Bai minorities, 99 Dragon Pools, rhododendron forest, Taishan Peak of Laojun Mountain

Trekking Duration: 5 hours

Take private car for 109KM/3hours to Qunlong Villa of Laojun Mountain National Park (3870M), have a nice view of Lashihai Lake and the First Bend of Yangtze River as well as the Bai and Naxi ethnic villages on the way. Arrive in Laojunshan Mountain National Park, you will trek about 30Mins to visit 99 Dragon Pool (3900~4100M), enjoy a panoramic view of plateau glacier lakes Jiemei Lakes(Sister Lakes), Shengmu (Holy Mother Lake), Sancai (Three Talents Lakes), various plateau plants and Taishang Peak (4247M) of Laojun Mountain, you will have lunch there. After lunch, trek 6KM around 4 hours to Elonghaizi(3900M). Camp there tonight.

--In the eastern side of the north of main ridge of Laojun Mountain, in the lap of the mountain in elevation above 3,800m, there are tens of lakes and swamps, distributing in cluster along the stream, which are called 99 Dragon Pool. Its water comes from the melted snow in spring and rainfall in summer, clear and cold, being of high quality. The overflowed water of the lake gathers together and forms streams, waterfalls and rivers, which flowing through the forest and finally running into Jinsha River and Lancang River.


Day 3 Elonghaizi 每 XiaoQiaotou- Liju Village (B+L)

Sightseeing: wild animals and plants, original forest,Lisu ethnic village

Trekking Duration: 7 hours

In the morning, trek 4 hours to Azuoluo, en route, enjoy the various rare animals and plants, have lunch there. In the afternoon, trek 3 hours to XiaoQiaotou (2380M). Take car for 5Km/0.5Hr to Liju Village. After dinner, enjoy the bonfire party with Lisu ethnic people in the village.

Accommodate in Liju Inn.


Day 4 Liju Village 每 Sanchahe 每 Fengwu Villa (B+L)

Sightseeing: the original forests, the various rare animals and plants

Trekking Duration:6 hours

Trek 3KM to Sanchahe River, cross the original forests, enjoy the various rare animals and plants, also you have a panoramic view of the highest peak of Laojun Mountain, arrive at Fengwu Villa after 7 hours trekking tour. Camping there tonight


Day 5 Fengwu Villa 每 Jinsichang 每 Qixian Lake (B+L)

Sightseeing: Jinsiyu Peak (4513M), Sister Lakes, Qixing Lake, original forest

Trekking Duration:6 hours

Trek to visit Jiemei (Sister Lake) Lakes in Jinsichang Snow Mountain Area, Stone Man and Stone Horse of the mountain, overlooking the main peak of Mt. Laojun 每 the Jinsiyu Peak (4513M), and Qixian (seven immortals lake) Lake. Camping there tonight

--In elevation of 4,513m, Jinsichang is the main peak of Laojun Mountain. Small lakes of different sizes and shapes scatter in the mountain in three or two, mounted in the meadow on the mountainside, as clear as bright mirror. No one knows the exact number of forming process of them. Their mysterious quietness arouses a holy feeling in people's heart. Some said they are glacier lakes, others bravely guess that they are made by the ancient meteorites.


--Sisters Lakes in Jinsichang connect with each other indistinctly, different in shape and dependent to each other, presenting lasting appeal from its mystery and beauty. Its accompanist is a sweep of red cuckoos, which are reflected on the dragon pool in spring. Numerous cuckoos freely bloom without any disturb, clustering around the pool and making it more charming. The most beautiful season of the double lakes is from mid May to mid June, when the flowers just bloom, the snow has not melted and the water is clear, everything is perfect.


Day 6 Qixian Lake- Snub-nosed Monkey Observation Station (B+L)

Sightseeing: Jinsichang Azalea Park and Snub-nosed Monkey Observation Tower

Trekking Duration:6 hours

Trek for 14Km/6Hrs to Snub-nosed Monkey Observation Station of Laojun Mountain National Park, visit Jinsichang Azalea Park and Snub-nosed Monkey Observation Tower. Camping there tonight.

--The Black Snub-nosed Monkey (Rhinopithecus bieti), also known as the Yunnan Snub-nosed Monkey, is an endangered species of primate in the Cercopithecidae family. It is endemic to China,[1] where it is known to the locals as the Yunnan Golden Hair Monkey (????) and the Black Golden Hair Monkey (????). It is threatened by habitat loss.

--The Black Snub-nosed Monkey is a large, stocky and well-furred primate belonging to the leaf-monkey Colobinae subfamily. Despite its morphological distinctiveness and noteworthy biology this is one of the lesser known primate species. In recent years, however, knowledge about the behavior and ecology of the Black Snub-nosed Monkey has grown. Lack of information is mainly a result of difficult research conditions due to the monkey's semi-nomadic lifestyle, elusive nature and inhospitable habitat with extremely steep hillsides, impenetrable bamboo thickets, freezing winter climate with snow as well as damp and foggy summers with minimum visibility.


Day 7 Snub-nosed Monkey Observation Station 每 Dayangchang 每 Daibaiqi (B+L)

Sightseeing: Dyangchang Alpine Pasture, original forest

Trekking Duration:7 hours

From Snub-nosed Monkey Observation Station of Laojun Mountain National Park, you will trek about 7 hours to Daibaiqi, en route; enjoy the nice landscape and national customs. You will stop and have lunch at plateau meadow of Dayangchang (3600M).Continue the hiking to Daibaiqi in the afternoon and camp there.


Day 8 Daibaiqi 每 Liming (B+L)

Sightseeing: Red Stone Street, Qiangui( Thousands Tortoises) Mountain,Lisu ethnic villages

Trekking Duration:4+3hours

Special Experience: Enjoy the Bonfire Party with Lisu ethnic people's traditional dance and music.

In the morning, trek for 16Km/4Hrs to Liming Hongshi (or Red Stone) Street, have lunch there.Free on your own, or a climbing of Qiangui( Thousands Tortoises) Mountain is suggested.Accommodate in Far Away Inn in Hongshi Street.

Visit the 240km large region of Liming, a red sandstone karst mountains landscape, where Lisu people inhabit the deep valleys. These beautiful layered peaks are some of the highest of their kind in China and are especially mystical because they are said to create the rising and falling of the sun 3 times in one day at certain times of year.

This is actually caused by the angle of the earth and your view of the 3 peaks which block the sun throughout the day, hence creating 3 additional sun rises and 3 sets. On this tour you will also visit historic places of worship to the once totemistic Lisu. This colourful ethnic minority are scattered throughout the Mekong region.


Day 9 Liming 每 Sechongluo 每 Lusheng Village 每 Liming-Lijiang (B+L)

Sightseeing: Lusheng ethnic village, Liming Danxia Landform, the First Bend of Yangtze River, Shigu Ancient Town

Trekking Duration: 5 hours

Trek to visit the villages evolved by gorgeous Danxia landscape 每 Sechongluo, Laomo Village and Lushang Village. Here is a paradise of photographers. After the trip, take private car back Lijiang.

-- Located in Liming Village, with "Danxia" Landform formed by red sandstone as its major landscape, Liming Meile Scenic Spot covers 240 sq. km, being the largest and most completely developed Danxia landform. Owning various and colorful cliffs, perilous peaks and limestone caves, it is the most colorful one of numerous sights of Danxia landform in China, in the highest elevation, with greatest difference in height and most clearly layered. Among the attractions, Qiangui Mountain, Liguang Buddha and Niaowang Mountain are unique in the world, which are comparable to Wulingyuan in Hunan.

On the Qiangui Mountain, there is a huge bared rock, which is effloresced into the shape of fish scales, and this is called "thousands of tortoises racing for swimming". It consists of a mountain slope covered by huge scales laid out in order. Every huge scale looks like a climbing tortoise. Looking carefully, you will find that the slope composed of the thousands of stone tortoises is like a larger climbing tortoise. Both the larger tortoise and the small ones climb towards the eastern direction where the sun rises. Because of the wonderful sight, people name the mountain Qiangui (thousands of tortoises in Chinese) Mountain.


Day 10 Lijiang Departure(B)

Transfer to Lijiang Airport for Departure.


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