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Lijiang Tiger Leaping Gorge Shaxi Shibaoshan Shuanglang Dali Tour - 10 Days

Destination: Lijiang,Shaxi,Shaunglang,Dali
Duration: Ten Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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This 10 days tour around northern Yunnan is especially designed for travellers who want both in one trip, active adventure holiday and sightseeing at Yunnan's highlights. During this tour, you will discover Lijiang Old Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Shibaoshan, Shaxi, Dali, and much more!Enjoy your trip experiencing exciting activities such as trekking, climbing, biking, kayaking and abseiling!
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$2000/persons 2000USD/Person

Day 1: Lijiang    
Your guide will pick you up at Lijiang airport with a private van and drive you to Shuhe, a quaint and less crowded Naxi village not far from the tourist hot spot Lijiang Old Town. Spend the afternoon biking around Shuhe's old town, learn about the ancient art of Naxi paper-making and visit the museum dedicated to the life of Joseph Rock, an explorer and biologist that made his home in the area in the early 20th century.
Stay in Shuhe overnight.


Day 2: Lijiang - Wenhai
Trek up to Wenhai Lake (3,100m), a marshland that is a regular visited by migratory birds.
We will arrive in the early afternoon and the rest of the day is yours to spend exploring the lake and the nearby villages. We will spend the night in a charming guesthouse at the foot of 5,500m high Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and enjoy hot showers and warm meals.


Day 3: Wenhai - Tiger Leaping Gorge     
Wake up early and be able to enjoy spectacular views of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain rising above. We will then continue hiking down to Snow Flower Village (XueHua Cun), an agriculturally coined village of the Yi minority that primarily grows potatoes and buckwheat.
We will enjoy fresh buckwheat bread for lunch and have a chat with the village headmaster before continuing our trek. Following the trail further westwards we will soon be rewarded with first fascinating views of the famous Yangtse River, known here as Jinsha River. We will continue down to Long Pan village on the east bank of the Yangtse.
A short van drive will take us to the trailhead of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, and after a Sichuan-style lunch, we will resume trekking. (You will be requested to repack your bags and take with you everything you need for the following two days.This should be limited though to clothes, personal articles, and small snacks).
Our destination for tonight is less than two hours away: the cosy Naxi Family Guesthouse.


Day 4: Tiger Leaping Gorge
This morning we are trekking up the 28 Bends the most challenging section of this trail. Here we will officially enter the gorge and finally will see all of its majesty! Steep limestone cliffs drop several thousand meters to the raging rapids of the Jinsha River below. We will continue along the trail at a comfortable pace, taking our time to savor the gorge.
In the afternoon we will arrive at a mountain lodge, which boasts a terrace and bathrooms (it's true!) with the nicest views in the world. Beyond this the host's apple pie is delicious.
Sleep well at Halfway Guesthouse.


Day 5:Tiger Leaping Gorge - Shaxi
Today we will trek along a path carved into the cliffs passing under a waterfall and past a temple dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Continuing down to the main road we will then hike to the very bottom of the gorge (something which - due to restrictions - most individual hikers don't have the opportunity to). We are now standing atop a massive boulder in the narrowest part of the gorge (the place giving the gorge its name) as the river surges past violently while we marvel at its splendor.

Finally, we will return to the road following a different route, with an opportunity to climb the "Sky Ladder" for those brave enough. After a short rest, you can watch the wonderful landscape from the private van while the driver brings you to Shaxi (a two hours' drive) where we will stay overnight.


Day 6:Shaxi
After breakfast, stroll around Shaxi Old Town which is one of the best preserved trading posts on the Old Tea Horse Road (Southern Silk Road) and one of the nicest areas in Yunnan to observe traditional village life. If the stars are aligned on a Friday, we can visit the weekly Shaxi bazaar to which the locals pour in from the countryside to trade everything from animals over vegetables and tobacco to daily use items.
Spend the afternoon biking around the Shaxi Valley. In the afternoon we will go on a nice bike trip around the picturesque Shaxi valley, through old villages and rice paddies.



Day 7: Shaxi - Shibaoshan - Eryuan

In the morning we will hike up Mt. Shibaoshan, which contains a handful of ancient temples built directly into the sandstone rock faces. After having hiked up to a small canyon with a secluded reservoir we'll learn how to perform a roped abseil from the top of a bridge. We will explore the rest of the temples as well as a handful of grottoes that contain 1000 year old Buddhist carvings and statues.
In the afternoon, we're driven to a small resort with hot springs and spend the evening enjoying a relaxing bath.

Day 8:Eryuan - Shuanglang
This day's morning is reserved for Little West Lake, an ecological hotspot and marshland that is home to several rare species of birds. We will kayak through the reeds and enjoy lunch in the home of a local farmer on the shores of the lake.
In the afternoon, we will drive to Shuanglang, a 1000 year old fishing village on the shores of Lake Erhai and spend the afternoon rock climbing, enjoying the stunning views of the entire valley.


Day 9: Shuanglang - Lake Erhai - Cangshan Mountain - Dali
Today we cycle along the eastern shore of Erhai Lake and catch a ferry to Dali Old Town, just in time for lunch.
After checking in to your guesthouse we will go on an easy hike up the Cangshan Mountains to Wuwei Si, a Daoist temple where aspiring monks train Kung Fu and Tai Qi. After having enjoyed a traditional Dali meal in the evening you are free to explore the lively Dali street culture, shop for souvenirs or whatever you are up to.


Day 10: Dali Departure
Wake up early and wander around Dali's Old Town. Transfer to airport in Dali for departure.

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