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Pearl Of The Silk Road Kashgar Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Kashgar
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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The ancient city of Kashgar is the Western Gateway to China at the intersection of the Northern and Southern Silk Road Trade Route. The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region is home to 47 ethnic groups, most notably the Uyghur Muslims.

In "The Travels of Marco Polo" he writes: Kashgar was once a kingdom, but now it is subject to the Great Khan (Kubla Khan), it has villages and towns in plenty. The biggest city, and the most splendid, is Kashgar.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1200/persons 1200USD/Person

Day 1: Kashgar Arrival
Pick up from Kashgar Airport then transfer to your hotel in Kashgar City.
Hotel: Kashgar


Day 2:Kashgar to Tashkorgan
Details: Our experienced local guide and driver will pick you up from your Hotel at 7:00am local time or any desired time you wish, before we set out along the Sino Pakistan (Karakorum Highway) which is one of the most beautiful highways in the world. After an hour of driving we stop in Opal village to buy fresh fruit and Naan bread and finally enter into the surreal glaciated scenery of the Karakorum Highway.
Entering the world of the Kunlun Shan is an opportunity to experience one of the last truly unexplored places on Earth. The hues and colours of some of the world's highest mountain ranges dominate every horizon on your journey towards Karakul Lake ¨C The Kunlun Shan is known to contain 148 different kinds of minerals. About 125Km from Kashgar City, we must stop to check passports at a checkpoint before stopping at an ancient Caravan Sarai (former camping place of camping place for Silk Road Caravans). Karakul Lake lies not long after.

On the way keep a sharp look out for Kyrgyz Nomadic herds, small mountain and the hued mass of Sandy Mountain all accented by the high colorful peaks of the Kunlun mountain range. By lunch time we reach Karakul Lake and have lunch at a lake side restaurant there.

Karakul Lake (which means great lake) sits at the feet of the notorious Muztagh Ata (7546m) and Kongur (7719m) mountains. ¡®Muztagh Ata' means Father of the Ice Mountain and is one the most beautiful and mysterious mountains in the world.

After lunch at by the lake, we push on to Tashkorgan, itself once an important hub on the old Silk Road. This whole area around the Tajik town borders Pakistan and Afghanistan and is connected to them via the Khunjerab Pass. On the way into Tashkorgan there are many Tajik villages and nomadic herdsman by the roadside. In the town you'll have an opportunity to see the town's ancient stone fort - still standing after 1800 years! Tashkurgan is actually a translation of ¡®Stone Fort.' While there we also recommend you also visit the Tashkurgan Historical and Cultural museum. Then we'll take a walk around the local pastoral land and villages of this historic town. This is a fantastic opportunity to try traditional Tajik food and immerse yourself in the culture of the Tajik community.

In addition, Tashkurgan is surrounded by mountains and grasslands providing a great backdrop to the matchless life of the highlands. Spend the night in Tashkorgan's top Pamir Hotel.


Day 3:Tashkorgan via Kunjirap Pass to Karakul lake
Details:Leave for the Khunjerab Pass at 8:00am local time and travel 130Km from Tashkorgan into the peaks atop the nearby Karakorum Mountain Range. It takes 1.5hours to summit the pass and it's an experience that shouldn't be missed. Enteringinto an amphitheatre of fluted peaks atop the highest international border in the world, you're in a place few people on Earth can ever claim to have been.
Khunjerab means ¡®Valley of Blood' in Uighur. Many Caravans once died summiting this pass on the old Silk Road and the area was famous for brigands and bandits. On top, you'll also have opportunity to take your photo with the friendly Pakistani guards at the border.

We'll set off back to Karakul lake whenever you're done and stay overnight in the yurt of a local Kyrgyz family, which is a great opportunity to experience the life of local people and temporarily slot into the life of another world.


Day 4: Karakul Lake to Kashgar
Details:Get up early in the morning to welcome the sunrise between the Kongur and Muztagh Ata peaks above your yurt. Eat a typical Kyrgyz breakfast and walk around Karakul Lake. Distance around the lake is around 13 kms and takes between 3 to 4 hours. We can also visit Subash village which is about 7km from Karakul Lake if you desire. Concluding our morning excursion, we return back to Kashgar in the afternoon after lunch. Return journey should take 3.5 hours.


Day 5 :Kashgar
We will begin our tour of Kashgar City by visiting the ApakHoja tombalso called fragrant concubine tomb (Xingfei in Chinese). This is avery tranquil place and a beautiful example of Uyghur Islamicarchitecture.Next we will head to the Infamous lively Sunday market renowned as thebiggest market in Central Asia. It is said you can buy anything youwant from the Sunday market except chicken milk and Cow eggs.We will then enjoy lunch in a typical Uyghur restaurant.After lunch we will wander through the narrow winding streets of thehistoric Old town brushing shoulders with the friendly Uyghurresidents. Located at the spiritual heart of old town is Id KahMosque, the largest mosque in China. We will go inside and have thechance to understand a bit more about the Islamic life of the Uyghurpeople. We will pass down Handicraft Street where we can view potsbeing hammered, wood craftsmen at work and traditional musical Instrument workshops.
Hotel: Kashgar


Day 6: Kashgar Departure
In the morning our guide and driver will take you to the Kashgar Airport for your onward flights home.

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