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Flying Tiger Fleet Tracing Yunnan Route Tour - 13 Days

Destination: Shanghai每Xian每Kunming每Tengchong每Kunming每Guilin
Duration: Thirteen Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Tour Route:Shanghai每Xian每Kunming每Tengchong每Kunming每Guilin
Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$4100/persons 4100USD/Person

Day 01: Arrive in Shanghai
On arrival in Shanghai, meet our local guide and transfer to hotel for rest.
Overnight in Shanghai


Day 02: Shanghai
Shanghai is a city that must be seen to be appreciated. Morning visit Yuyuan Garden. Laid out in the 16th century by a Ming official, this small (2 hectares) garden is a delight of pools, pavilions and rock gardens. Strolling through the bazaar surrounding the garden, you will find lines of stores that sell traditional Chinese arts and crafts. Next visit Shanghai Old City. In the afternoon, we visit Jade Buddha Temple. It was founded in 1882 with two jade Buddha statues imported to Shanghai from Burma by sea. These were a sitting Buddha (1.95 metres tall, 3 tonnes), and a smaller reclining Buddha representing Buddha's death. The temple now also contains a much larger reclining Jade Buddha, donated from Singapore, and visitors may mistake this larger sculpture for the original, smaller piece. Later, enjoy walking tour on the Bund. Along the 1.5 km bund, all the grand buildings are over hundred years, each of them has its own story. Lined with all the colonial buildings, the Bund is a significant area for the recent Chinese history and overlooking Huangpu River. Then visit Jiang Nan Silk Factory (lasts for 1.5 hours). After dinner, have a cruise on Huangpu River. Overnight in Shanghai


Day 03: Shanghai 每 Xi'an 
Take flight to the ancient former capital city of Xi'an, and visit the ancient Xi'an City Wall (14th century) one of the most important city walls in China. Then visit of the afternoon we will go to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda. The square, seven-storey pagoda was built in 652 AD and is a fine example of Tang Dynasty Buddhist architecture. Afterwards, we will transfer to your hotel.
Overnight in Xi'an


Day 04: Xi'an
Following breakfast in the hotel, we will set out for another highlight of your tour, the Terracotta Warriors Museum. The thousands of life size soldiers and horses were created to guard the tomb of Qin Shi Huangdi, the first Emperor to unite China under his firm rule. The royal tomb itself has yet to be opened but the rank upon rank of Warriors is a sight that is unrivalled anywhere in the world. After lunch, we will visit the Great Mosque built in 742 during the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The traditional Chinese-style architecture makes this mosque quite distinct from its Arabic counterparts.
Overnight in Xi'an


Day 05: Xi'an 每 Kunming 
This morning free for your shopping. Then, transfer to the airport for CZ5070 (14:10/17:30) to Kunming, the origin of China-Burma Road which played an important role for China's victory in World War II. Our Chinese representative will welcome you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel for check-in. Special dinner at Flying Tiger Restaurant and Museum.
Overnight in Kunming


Day 06: Kunming 
Today we will go to Jiaoye Park (suburb park, visit Hump Monument, a memorial honoring those American pilots who flew over Himalaya and gave their lives in World War II). Then we will visit the Bamboo Temple which is a Mahayana Monastery. Set in the tranquil hills just outside Kunming, this complex dates back to the Tang Dynasty. It is famous for its 500 life sized carved Arhats or disciples of Buddha. After lunch, we will set out for Flying Tiger Museum which is in memory of a bunch of American young pilots flying voluntarily from USA to China with the Disney Painting on their planes, helped a lot in the anti-Japanese war for the Chinese and defensed a lot of booming attack from the Japanese on the border of Yunnan and Myanmar under the leading of a great and arrogant general- Clair Lee Chennault. After that we will visit the Golden Temple which is the China largest bronze temple built in 1672. Overnight in Kunming


Day 07: Kunming 每 Stone Forest
After breakfast, we will start out to visit Bamboo Temple (if you failed to visit it yesterday). Next comes the Stone Forest (Yi minority area, 80 km and 1.5 hours per single trip), a typical karst formation, the Stone Forest covers an area of more than three hundred square kilometers. Scientific research has shown that what is now the Stone Forest was 270 million years ago an immense expanse of water with a vast stretch of limestone sediment formed over the years on the seafloor. As a result of the crustal movement, the seabed rose gradually and a large piece of land thus came into being. Exposed to rains and winds, eroded by the elements, the strange-looking limestone ranges were shaped by time. About 200 million years ago numerous stone peaks, pillars, and stalagmites rose abruptly from the ground and towered into the sky, extending now as far as the eye can see, looking like a vast forest of stone, hence the name ※the Stone Forest§. The Heisongyan Scenic Spot (also named as the Naigu Stone Forest) is 8 kilometers from the Scenic Spot of Stone Forest. This area is the major sightseeing area of dark stones which mainly composes of stone pillars, stone pagodas and stone castles. All of these towering stones are displaying a grand view over magical sceneries. The locla flavor Yiliang Roast Duck which famous in whole Yunnan Province will be arranged as lunch.
Overnight in Kunming


Day 08: Kunming 每 Tengchong 
Fly to Tengchong, meet the local guide and sightseeing begin with visit Heshun Township 每 Homeplace of Overseas Chinese. Heshun Village is one of the most beautiful villages in China with its impressive library of over 70,000 books, well preserved houses and courtyards. There also we will visit the World War II Museum in Heshun Old Town. The museum is the first and biggest one in Yunnan Province with a lot of war relics collected from the civil, among which, there are relics of Japanese, American and allied forces from Yunnan and Burma.


Day 09: Tengchong

In the morning take a visit at Graveyard of the National Heroes. There are a total of 9168 ranked and anonymous soldiers who died in World War II in west Yunnan war field, being buried in this National Martyrs Cemetery. It was built honoring officers and soldiers of China Expeditionary Force who was killed in Anti-Japanese War. With museums, relics and graves of 19 American soldiers who devoted their lives for China in western Yunnan battlefield, the cemetery is the first, the largest and the best preserved cemetery in China for warriors killed at frontline during World War II. Later, we tour this spectacular and different part of China featuring hot springs and geysers. Tengchong is one of China's three major geothermal areas, known as ※Land Abounding in Geothermal Resources§. There are plenty of springs of hot water and hot vapour, called ※Hot Sea§. There are quite a number of hot fields as well. Tengchong is a resort where people can travel, take a bath and have medical treatment. The Hot Sea, with an area of 9 square kilometers, lies 20 kilometers away southwest of the county seat and in the center of the geothermal area. There are over 80 springs of hot water and hot vapor, of which there are 14 spring whose temperature reaches 90⊥.
Overnight in Tengchong


Day 10: Tengchong 每 Kunming 每 Guilin 
Morning visit Tengchong Beihai (North Sea) Wetland Reserve, located in the northwest to the county, 12.5 kilometers from the city, is the only national wetland protection zones in Yunnan Province. It has highly eco-tourism and scientific exploration value. The broad expanse of paddy fields and lakes, bamboo-made bridges and little boats sliding along the river create a quiet and peaceful scene. After lunch drive southwest along Stilwell Road which was built in memory of General Joseph Stilwell by Chinese army in 1944. The road was an earthen road but now an expressway.

After lunch, transfer to airport to take flight MU5956 (14:55/15:45) to Kunming, then take flight 8L9977 (17:40/19:10) to Guilin. Check in the hotel when arrival.
Overnight in Guilin


Day 11: Guilin 
In the morning take a short drive to visit Yang Tang Airport which once played a very important role in the Sino-US cooperation of fight against Japanese imperialism. The airport and the war remind us to mention American Air Force: Flying Tigers. In 01 August, 1941, Lake Infants Chennault formed the American Volunteer Air Force named Flying Tigers. Based on the airports in Liuzhou, Hengyang, Guilin and Nanning, the Flying Tigers had the task of making sure the security in south of China, as well as fighting against Japanese transportation army in the sea. In the afternoon visit the Reed Flute Cave, named after the reeds used in the manufacture of flutes that grow near it. The cave system has a stunning array of natural limestone formations that are made all the more impressive by the clever use of colored lighting. Then visit Elephant Trunk Hill, as its name implies a quite remarkable example of the hand of nature upon the landscape. Next to Seven Star Park, takes its name from its seven peaks which are laid out like the Big Dipper constellation (with its handle bent forward). The park is on the eastern side of the Li River central Guilin city. Attractions in the park include: Seven Star Cave, Dragon Hiding Cave, Flower Bridge, the Zoo, Maping Mosque, Guihai Forest of Steles and much more. Covering an area of 1.34 square kilometers, it is the largest park in Guilin, and contains some of the finest sights in the city.
Overnight in Guilin


Day 12: Guilin 每 Yangshuo 
After breakfast, take a short drive to join a cruise that will take you on a voyage of discovery along the Li River. The river wends its way through the unique scenery of Karsts (limestone mountains) that have strange and fabulous shapes. Admire the shapes and try to guess their names 每 Crown Rock, Conch Hill, Jade Lotus Peak and Snow Lion Peak are just a few while enjoying lunch on board. When arrival Yangshuo, walking on the West Street which is the oldest street in Yangshuo with a history of more than 1,400 years. Situated at the center of Yangshuo County, West Street has become, since the 1980's, a window of eastern and western culture and the biggest &foreign language center' in China. Farewell dinner will be arranged this evening.
Overnight in Yangshuo


Day 13: Yangshuo 每 Guilin Departure 
Transfer to Guilin International Airport for departure international flight.


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