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Nujiang Valley Trekking Tour - 5 Days

Destination: Nujiang Valley
Duration: no date
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Trekking
Best Travel Time:April to October
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From the Nujiang Valley to the Mekong Valley
This scenic trekking tour starts from Dimaluo in the Nujiang (Salween) valley and leads over the remote and untouched Biluo Mountains into the Mekong valley.

Thanks to its remote location in the far north-western part of the Yunnan Province, the Nujiang Valley managed to preserve its natural beauty and so far got spared from the Chinese tourist groups. The northern part of the rugged Nujiang Valley is part of the UNESCO protected ※Three Parallel River National Park§. There are few landmasses in the world that can lay claim to having so many famous rivers gathered together in temporary proximity as there are in this part of the Yunnan Province. Over 300km the three major rivers in China 每 the Mekong, the Yangtze and the Nujiang (Salween) - run parallel to each other from north to south, at some places only a few kilometers apart but always divided by up to 6500m high mountain ranges. This remote area holds an exotic mix of Han, Nu, Lisu, Drung and Tibetan nationalities.

From the idyllic village of Dimaluo in the Nujiang valley the trail leads over the 4250m high Shelalaka Pass to Cizhong in the Mekong Valley. We come across untouched mountain area, grazing herds of Yaks, clear mountain streams, and forests of colorful Rhododendron bushes. The friendly and hospitable mountain dwellers are always happy to share the latest news and gossip in the area with your guide.

In the villages we will often come across picturesque Catholic churches, a legacy of French and Swiss missionaries who arrived here in the 19th century with the colossal task of Christianizing the entire Tibetan region. Their mission came to an end with the expulsion of all Missionaries from China by Mao in 1952.

After 5 days we reach Cizhong, a picturesque village nestled on a sunny terrace above the Mekong valley. Cizhong, was subject to some major missionary activities by Swiss and French Jesuit Priests from the ※Mission Etrang豕re§ in Paris, who arrived in the area around 1850 and 1960. As a result about 80% of the population remains Catholic to this day. The village church stand in the midst of a idyllic vineyard, which has been planted by the monks over 150 years ago and still produce wine.

Along the way we either stay at very simple accommodation or in tents. Trekking- and outdoor experience and a certain amount of endurance are essential for this tour.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1000/persons 1000USD/Person

In the morning we reach Dimaluo from Gongshan.
The idyllic village of Dimaluo is located about 40km north-east of Gongshan in a side valley of the Nu Jiang (Nu Jiang) Valley in the north-eastern part of the Yunnan province. As the original population in the valley was predominantly Nu, many of the families of Dimaluo are now mixed Nu-Tibetan descent. About 80% of the population is Catholic which is a result of some missionary activities by Swiss and French Jesuit Priests from the ※Mission Etrang豕re in Paris§, who arrived in the area around 1850 and 1960. Together with the locals we visit the weekly Mass that is held in the over 100 years old local Catholic Church.  In the afternoon tour briefing and time at leisure.
Simple overnight accommodation at a local family's home.


Day 2:   DIMALUO 每 BAIHANLUO 每 SEWALONGBA (Walking time about 8 hours)
Immediately behind the village of Dimaluo the path (1'815m) starts to rise sharply and leads up the mountains towards the village of Baihanluo. There is a beautiful, small Catholic Church which was built here in 1898 by French Missionaries.  Even though the Church has been built in French style, the Tibetan influence is clearly visible. We continue our trek uphill until we reach the highest point at 3'800m after about 5 hours.  After another 3 hours walk through a magnificent Rhododendron Forest we reach the picturesque Nisai Valley where we set up our camp for the night at 3'400m. Overnight accommodation is in a tent.


Day 3:   SEWALONGBA 每 SHELAKA PASS 每 RI XIA TONG (Walking time: 8 hours)
In the early morning we leave the idyllic Nisai Benggu and climb for another 4.5 hours up the slopes of Biluo Mountain, passed the tree line towards the Shelalaka Pass located on 4250 meters above sea level.  On a nice day we are rewarded with a breathtaking view over the Biluo Mountain Range and the surroundings. After a short rest we begin our 3 hours decent toward Ri xia Tong, an idyllic pasture at 3'200 meters. Our camp lies on the foot of a snow capped mountain and next to a crystal clear stream that is running down towards the Mekong River. Overnight accommodation in a tent.


Day 4:   RI XIA TONG - CIZHONG (Walking time  6.5 hours)
Through marvelous pastures, past ruminating cows and astonished looking Yaks, across magnificent, meadows and pristine forests our trek of today leads mostly downhill towards the Mekong Valley deep below.  We pass centuries old Rhododendron Trees, Azaleas, wild cherry trees and there are countless small waterfalls plunging down the deep mountain slopes.  We arrive in Cizhong in the late afternoon. Overnight accommodation is inside the Catholic Church that has been built here in the 1920s.


Continue your journey by private car or by public to either Deqin or via Weixi to Tacheng or Lijiang.
Ask us about details.


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