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Yunnan Private Sightseeing Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Kunming,Zhongdian,Lijiang,Dali
Duration: Six Day
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Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Spring City Kunming
This tour starts in Kunming, the capital of the Yunnan Province in South-West China. Due to its all year round pleasant climate, Kunming is also called the ¡°Spring City¡±.  From here we fly to Zhongdian, a city located in the North of the Yunnan Province at an altitude of 3300m above sea level. The turning prayer wheels, the colorful prayer flags and the countless stupas along the way are constant reminders that we are now on Tibetan soil. The highlight is the visit of the magnificent Songtsam monastery where your guide will provide you with interesting details about the unique Tibetan culture and its religion.


The Deepest Canyon in the World
Our next stop is the famous Tiger Leaping Gorge. Wedged between the Jade Dragon Mountain and the Haba Mountain range the Tiger Leaping Gorge is reputedly the world¡¯s deepest canyon. We walk down into the Gorge and witness the power of the water squeezing its way through the narrow, at some places only 15m wide gorge. Especially during the summer months this is quite an awesome and spectacular sight.


Famous Lijiang Old Town
Lijiang is just another highlight of this tour. You take a stroll through the maze of cobblestoned lanes and canals crisscrossing the picturesque Old Town. Lijiang is best known as the home of the Naxi people. During the visit of the romantic ¡°Black Dragon Pool¡± park with magnificent views of the Jade Dragon Mountain, you get to know more about the Naxi people and their mysterious and ancient Dongba religion which is still practiced by many people today.

Lijiangs dramatic backdrops are the 12 snowcapped peaks of the majestic Jade Dragon Mountain, which gives Lijiang with a laid back, ¡°alpine¡± flair.

We round up this journey with the visit of the remarkable 3-Pagoda-Temple in Dali. Nestled between the blue waters of Erhai Lake and the 4000m high Cang mountain range, Dali inspires the visitor with its rich cultural heritage and stunning natural surroundings. From Dali you can continue your journey either by plane, bus or train to Kunming.

Within this enriching six-day journey we not only provide you with an up-close view of the major highlights but also we give you an insight of the rich cultural heritage and the ethnic diversity of the Yunnan Province.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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US$1500/persons 1500USD/Person

Take a stroll through the nearby Green Lake Park, a popular gathering point for the local population, to see the locals engaged in their morning workouts, practice Tai Chi, show off their birds and enjoy social dancing. We pay a visit to the former Kunming city gates "Jin Ma Bi Ji" and the East-West Pagodas, the oldest structures remaining Kunming. Drive to the Western Mountains, from where you will enjoy breathtaking views over the Dianchi Lake and the city of Kunming. We climb the stairs up to the Dragon Gate, a group of Grottoes that have been hacked out from the cliff by some Taoist monks in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Transfer to the airport and flight to Zhongdian, which recently changed its name to "Shangri-La". Zhongdian is situated on the eastern Tibetan plateau at about 3000 meters above sea level.  Check-in at hotel.
After lunch visit the impressive Tibetan monastery of Ganden Sumtseling Gompa. Later drive to Zhongdian for a stroll through the picturesque old town and to climb Turtle Hill to spin the giant prayer wheel 3 times to gain merit for the ¡°Karma¡±. Overnight accommodation is in Zhongdian.


We leave Zhongdian and the eastern Tibetan Plateau and drive through a magnificent landscape toward Lijiang.  Half way we visit ¡°Tiger Leaping Gorge¡± (Hu Tiao Xia), where the Yangtze waters are squeezed through a narrow, at some places only 15 meter wide gorge. Continue to Shigu village, to see the Yangtze's famous "First Bend". Continue to Lijiang and take a stroll through the apparently countless narrow lanes and canals crisscrossing the old town. We also learn more about the secrets of the mystic Naxi-Dongba culture.  Overnight accommodation is in Lijiang.


Day 4:   Lijiang (B)
After breakfast visit the nearby traditional village of "Baisha", the former capital of the Naxi kingdom. Visit the Liu Li Temple, with its beautiful, well preserved wall paintings. Visit of the wonderful "Black Dragon Pool" Park, from where, weather permitting, one has a spectacular view of the 5'596 Meter high "Jade Dragon Mountain" (Yu Long Shan).
Afternoon at own disposal to explore Lijiang. Overnight accommodation in Lijiang.


Day 5: LIJIANG - DALI (B) 
Drive to Dali. Dali is situated on the eastern shores of the stunning Erhai Lake on the foot of the 4000m high Cang Shan mountain range. During the 9th century Dali served as capital of the once powerful Nanzhao and later the Dali Kingdoms, before the town was overrun by the Mongols about 400 years later. Dali is home to the Bai ethnic group.
Visit the 3-Pagoda-Temple (San Ta Si) and take a leisurely stroll through Dali old town.


Transfer to the airport (25km) or the train station. (15km)


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