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Xishuangbanna Yunnan Pu Er Tea Workshop Tour - 4 Days

Destination: Xishuangbanna
Duration: Four Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle & Flight
Best Travel Time:All Year
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Xishuangbanna - a major tea growing area in China
Xishuangbanna (Xi Shuang Banna) is the southern most autonomous prefecture of the Yunnan province and covers an area of 19¡¯700km2 which is about half the size of Switzerland. It shares its border with Myanmar to the south-west and Laos to the south-east. The name Xishuangbanna (Xi Shuang Banna) originates from the Thai word Sip Song Pa Na, which means literally ¡°12 rice-growing districts.¡±

The areas around Pu¡¯er, Mengla and Yiwu are famous for their high quality green tea and pu¡¯er tea production. Especially the Pu¡¯er Tea has gained popularity around the world in recent years. Pu'er is the name of a city that was on the ancient Tea and Horse Route in the south of Yunnan, China. Subsequently, it is a name that has come to refer to a particular kind of tea; a post-fermented, aged tea produced in Yunnan Province in the south west of China.

Health benefits of Pu'er Tea
Pu'er tea has proven evidence for weight loss and a remarkable reduction in cholesterol levels with clinical trials carried out within Europe, USA and China. Rich in vitamins and minerals, it also is known to reduce stress and lowering high blood pressure. Used for centuries and recognized as an herbal medicine by the Chinese, later becoming the everyday drink of the people, most Chinese will drink a Pu'er tea just after eating any food that is heavy or greasy.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1000/persons 1000USD/Person

Arrival in Jinghong, the capital of Xishuangbanna, the southern-most autonomous prefecture of the Yunnan province and one of Chinas mayor tea growing areas. Pick up at the hotel and transfer to your hotel. You visit a local tea shop and learn about the complex art of making a good cup of tea.  You will look and sample different kinds of tea and get to know the various kinds of tea leafs and how to identify a good Pu'er tea. Our local tea expert will also give you valuable information and hints on storage, handling and buying tea. Overnight accommodation in Jinghong.


The mountains around Jinghong are home to various ethnic groups like the Hakka, Bulang or the Jinuo which have been growing tea in this area for centuries. On the way you will see some of the most pristine high altitude rain forest in China and pass through various local villages. We reach our destination around lunch time. We have lunch at a small, family run tea farm.  We explore various tea gardens in the area, each of them producing a unique tea. If possible we will accompany a tea picker and get an insight into the tea harvest. In the evening we taste and enjoy the local teas together with the hospitality of the villagers.


Today we learn more about the processing of tea. We will learn how your tea is fried, rolled, dried and packed the local way. In the afternoon we will drive to a local tea factory where traditional stone-pressed tea cakes are made.  Here you will be able to press your own, characteristic tea cakes, almost like it has been done over hundreds of years.
If time permits we will visit one of the colorful local markets in the area before heading back to Jinghong. Overnight accommodation in Jinghong.


Transfer to Jinghong Airport for departure.

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