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Genie Mountain Hiking Tour from Chengdu - 9 Days

Destination: Genyen Massif ,Genie Shan
Duration: Nine Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:Summer
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Genie Mountain, also named Geyen Mountain, is the third highest mountain in Sichuan with an altitude of 6204m after Gongga Mountain and Mount Siguniangshan. Covering 500 square kilometers, Genie area features "supernatural, magnificent, beautiful", where is rarely known by people, so far, tourists can only hike or ride a horse to go there from Zhangna and Lamaya townships.

Genie Mountain Area is an untapped scenic spot, featuring "supernatural, magnificent and beautiful". It is a good place for you to explore and hike. The months of September and October are the good time to hike. Usually, we arrange three days for hiking from Zhangna, to Hupiba, to Lenggu Temple and back to Hupiba, and then to Lamaya township. More than 40 kilometers hiking tour require you have a good body.
In the tour, you will also visit the paradise of photography - Xinduqiao, stay one night at the Highest Town - Litang, and overlook Gongga Mountain from the black rock city of Gaoersi Mountain.

Genie Holy Mountain: The mountain is the third highest peak in Sichuan Province. Its peak is covered with white snow all year around. Under the sunlight, it is glittering. Standing at 200 or 300 kilometers away, you can also view three spectacular peaks towering straight into the clouds.

Lenggu Temple: Built in 1164, the temple nestles the Xiaozha Mountain and faces the Genie Mountain. In the temple, there are three treasures: a female antler, an anti-helical conch and a white area stone honored as ¡°the heart of Genie¡±.

Genie Mountain Hiking: Genie Mountain Area is an untapped scenic spot. It is one of best places for you to explore and hike in western Sichuan, and others like Yala Kamiyama, Mt. Gongga, Mt. Siguniang. The perfect hiking time is September to October. 

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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Day 1: Chengdu Arrival

Upon your arrival at the Chengdu Shuangliu international airport, our tour guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel in Chengdu downtown. The rest of the day is yours to relax and have a good rest.

Day 2: Chengdu - Ya'an - Luding - Kangding (325km)
After breakfast at your hotel in Chengdu, we will start your journey to Genie Holy Mountain. Driving on the Chengdu-Ya'an Highway and turning to G318, you will enjoy the beautiful natural sceneries of western Sichuan. After driving through Erlangshan Tunnel, a sunshine day with blue sky will turn out, and then you reach to the Dadu River Grand Canyon which is the largest one in western Sichuan. After about 6.5-hour driving, you will arrive in Kangding, and check in the local hotel.

Day 3: Kangding - Xinduqiao - Yajiang - Litang (290km)

Today after breakfast, we will drive across the well-known Zheduo mountain that is famous for its marvelous sea of clouds, and arrive in the paradise of photography - Xinduqiao with enjoying the Muya Tibetans' peaceful countryside scenery and lifestyle along the way. Xinduqiao is honored as the paradise of photographers, not because of the village itself, but the 33KM landscape corridor from Xinduqiao to Tagong Grassland - the winding river, the blooming flowers in summer, the golden terek bostan in autumn, the unique Tibetan houses, as well as the wonderful lighting and shades casted from the clouds.
After lunch on the road, drive through Yajiang, and in the late afternoon arrive Litang, which boasts of "the Highest Town" because of its 4014 meters over sea level. And it is an important religious city in Tibetan plateau with strong nomadic features and strong atmosphere of traditional Tibetan life.

Day 4: Litang - Tiejiangshan Yakou - Zhangna township (81km)
Today drive along G318 through Maoya Grassland and then turn to rough road and over Tiejiangshan Yakou where you can view the Genie group mountains. After about 4 hours driving, you will arrive at Zhangna township. To rent horses for taking your equipments in the township. At the rests of day you need have a good rest for the hiking tour of the second day.

Day 5: Zhangna - Naiganduo Village - Hupiba (hiking 13km)
Today is to start your hiking tour in Genie Mountain Area, about 7 hours. Genie Main Peak, Xiaozha Mount and Kemailong Mount will come into view. The elevation increases gradually. While hiking along the valley, you will enjoy the breathtaking beauties. Finally, you will arrive at Hupiba and camp there. Hupiba is under the Genie Mountain and it is the perfect place to view Genie Mountain.

Day 6: Hupiba - Lenggu Temple - Naiganduo Village (hiking 13km)
Get up early for the beautiful morning glow of Genie, and then start to hike about 2 hours along the valley up to Lenggu Temple where you will visit the main temple hall, see the three treasures of the temple: a female antler, an anti-helical conch and a white rare stone. After visiting, you will hike about 1 hour back to Hupiba, and then walk about 3 hours to Naiganduo Village for camping. In the evening, you may visit the Tibetan horse and know the local Tibetan culture, play with the children, dance Guozhuang with the Tibetans.

Day 7: Naiganduo - Zetong Village - Lazai Yakou - Lamaya township - Litang (85km)
Today's hiking is also splendid. From the time of the first sunshine, you can see the tempting mountains, making you not want to leave. Then hiking to Zetong Villag and Lazai Yakou, you can see the mountains lining up from left to right. When reaching to a viewing place, the sceneries will refresh your visual enjoyment. At about 13:00, you will arrive at Lamaya township and take the car back to Litang.

Day 8: Litang - Xinduqiao - Kangding (290km)
After breakfast, drive back to Kangding from Litang. On the way, we will have a stop at the black rock city of Gaoersi Mountain, which is one of the mysterious religion holy land with the black rocks all over the mountain. It is the best point to overlook the king of Sichuan mountains - Gongga Mountain from the west to the east. Most of the master-class photos on the internet were taken from here. And the second time to pass through Xinduqiao which boasts of its stone Tibetan houses, villages, wooden bridge, white poplar forest, hills, clean brooks, and all of them built a picture of harmony.

Day 9: Kangding - Chengdu (325km)

Today is the day to back to Chengdu and also the last day of our tour. It takes about 6.5 hours. When arriving at Chengdu, we will transfer you to your hotel in Chengdu, or the airport/ train station for your next destination.

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