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Daocheng Yading Mount Siguniang Danba Tour - 10 Days

Destination: Daocheng Yading Mount Siguniang Danba
Duration: Ten Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:March to November
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In this tour to Daocheng Yading via Mount Siguniang,you will see the best of west Sichuan province by this panorana tour. Starting your exploration in Mount Siguniang, you will enjoy the marvelous natural beauty of the valleys, then moving on the the highlighted Daocheng Yading Scenic Area, you will spend two days to fully enjoy the breathtaking view of the holy mountians and sacred lakes in this area, which local Tibetan culture experience. On the way back to Chengdu, you will also visit Xinduqiao, the paradise for photographers and Hailuogou Valley to closely see the glaciers of Mount Gongga.
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Day 1: Chengdu Arrival

Upon your arrival at Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, our tour guide will meet you and escort you to your hotel in Chengdu downtown. The rest of the day is yours to relax and have a good rest.

Day 2: Chengdu 每 Wolong 每 Shuangqiao Valley in Mt. Siguniang 每 Rilong
In the morning, we will drive about 4 hours from Chengdu to Rilong Town (now named as Siguniangshan Town). We will drive through the Duwen Express to Wenchuan, and then pass through Yingxiu and Wolong. Driving through the Balang Mountain, we will arrive in Rilong town at noon.
In the afternoon, we will visit Shuangqiao Valley in Mount Siguniang. In the valley, you need take the scenic bus which is the easiest and fastest way for natural sightseeing. The bus will stop at each station for picking-up and tourists can get off to view the unique attractions, including: Willow Bridge, Sun-Moon Mirror Mountain, Five-Colored Mountain, Ginsenguo Flatland, Jianzi Mountain, Dumu Peak and more.

Day 3: Rilong Town 每 Changping Valley in Mt. Siguniang 每 Danba
Getting up early in the morning, we will head to Changping Valley, one of the three major valleys in Mount Siguniang. Changping Valley is 29km's long, covering more than 100 square kilometers. The Mount Siguniang is just located 16km to the entrance of Changping Valley. Since only part of the valley is opened to cars, you need to hike or ride a horse for the rest journey in the Valley.
After visiting Changping Valley, we will move on to Danba via Xiaojin County. Today, you will live in Danba or Jiaju Tibetan Village.

Day 4: Danba 每 Jiaju Tibetan Village 每 Bamei 每 Tagong 每 Yajiang
After breakfast, we will drive from Danba County to visit Jiaju Tibetan Village. It was selected as one of the most beautiful six villages in China by the Chinese National Geographic Magazine. The village has more than 140 families. More than 200 colorful Tibetan buildings spread over the green mountain under the blue sky, forming a stunning landscape painting. The houses are all distinctive with crown-shaped roofs, red eaves and white walls.
After visiting Jiaju Tibetan Village, we will drive to Tagong via Bamei grassland. You will look far from the Bamei grassland and Huiyuan Temple. Once we arrive in Tagong, you can enjoy the marvelous natural beauty of the plateau aside the Sichuan-Tibet highway. The rivers, grassland, with Tibetan monasteries and local Tibetan houses form the unique scenery that you can just see in the western Sichuan. The holy Yala Kamiyama is at the back.
At last, we will drive to Yajiang or Xinduqiao for today's accommodation.

Day 5: Yajiang 每 Litang 每 Daocheng
After breakfast, we will drive to Litang, the Highest Town in the world at 4014 meters above the sea level. After driving up through Mt. Kazila, you will see the Litang Grassland. If you visit there in summer, you can see the endless green grassland dotted with millions of colorful wild flowers. After we driving through Tu'ershan Mountain, and Mount Haizi Nature Reserve Area (Altitude: 4500m), you will see the vast land covered by stones and see the row of snow-capped mountains composed of the horizon.
We will arrive in Daocheng at later afternoon. Stay overnight in Daocheng or Shangri-La Town (Riwa Township).

Day 6: Daocheng 每 Shangri-La Town 每 Yading Village
Today, we will have a full day tour in Yading Scenic Area. After breakfast, we will get to Shangri-La Town (Riwa Township) to take the eco-bus to Yading Village (Eco-bus ticket is 120 RMB per person, need to be paid by yourself). During the one-hour journey to your guesthouse in Yading villageㄗAden Village), you will appreciate the scenery of Mt.Xiannairi.
After taking a little break at your guesthouse, we will keep our journey to the holy lake 每 the Pearl Lake. After the tour, you will be transferred to Yading Village for overnight.

Day 7: Yading 每 Shangri-La Town 每 Daocheng
Try to get up early in the morning for watching sunrise. After breakfast, we will take the eco-bus to Zhaguanbeng, and then hike to Chonggu Temple Service Center. You will enjoy the landscape around Chonggu Temple with the holy Mountain Xiannairi at the background. Then you can take the local Battery Car to Luorong Paster (The ticket price for a round-trip is 80 RMB per person, and need to be paid by yourself). You will appreciate the breathtaking views of the three sacred peaks: Mt. Yangmaiyong (5958m), Mt. Xianuoduoji (5958m) and Mt.Xiannairi (6032m), experience the harmonious relationship between local people and the natural wonders.
After today's tour, we will drive back to Daocheng County and stay overnight in a local hotel.


Day 8: Daocheng 每 Litang 每 Yajiang 每 Xinduqiao
Today, you need to get up early for today we will have a long journey back to Xinduqiao. After driving over Mount Kazila, through Mount Jianziwan Tunnel, and Mount Gao'ersi Tunnel, we will finally arrive at the paradise for phogoraphers 每 Xinduqiao.

Day 9: Xinduqiao 每 Kangding 每 Hailuogou Valley (Moxi Town)
In the morning, we will drive to Hailuogou Valley after breakfast. The ticket for sightseeing-bus is 70 RMB per person, and it should be paid by yourself. You will take the sightseeing-bus trough the No.1 Campsite, No.2 Campsite and crossing the primary forest to No.3 Campsite. You will enjoy the landscape of valleys, forest, and snow-capped mountains.
Upon you arrive at No.3 Campsite, there are two ways for you to go up to see the glaciers.
By Cable Car
You can take a cable car from No.3 Campsite to No.4 Campsite, which is the highest point in this tour. On the way, you can see the panorama view of the forest with glaciers. If the weather permits, you can also see the Mount Gongga, the King of Mountains in Sichuan. The cost of a round-trip cable car is 150 RMB per person, and need to be paid by yourself.
By Hiking
Firstly, you need to take the sightseeing bus from No.3 Campsite to the Cable Car Ticket Office. Then, you can hike up to the No.4 Campsite through the sightseeing trail. It takes about one and a half hours to reach the top and another one and a half hours to get back. You will hiking through the forest and closely see the glacier from the observation deck.
Stay overnight in Moxi Town or Haluogou Valley.

Day 10: Hailuogou Valley (Moxi Town) 每 Ya'an 每 Chengdu
After breakfast, we will drive back to Chengdu from Hailuogou Valley. Before arriving in Chengdu, we will pass by Ya'an, the rain city. Then, keep driving for 2 hours to reach Chengdu.(Drive 320km for about 6 hours in total today)

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