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Kunming Lijiang & Lugu Lake Tour - 6 Days

Destination: Kunming Lijiang & Lugu Lake
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:All the year
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Trip Overview
Start your tour from "the city of Eternal Spring" - Kunming; marvel at the natural stone masterpieces of Stone Forest; overlook and get a panoramic view of Lijiang Ancient Town, the landmark building of Lijiang; and spend two days to explore the Lugu Lake and enjoy the Lake View from your lake-facing hotel. In the Lugu Lake area, you are treated by a Mosuo local family and experience it by yourself. We will arrange you to visit the Mosuo family and taste their home-made "Sulima Wine" and "Tuotuo mutton" and hear the story of the walking-marriage custom which still retain here.
Lugu Lake is accessible from either Lijiang or Chengdu, about 6 hours from Lijiang and 14 hours from Chengdu. This trip connects Kunming, Lijiang and Lugu Lake. Please check our tailor-made Lugu Lake tour from Chengdu if you prefer to access from Sichuan.



Lugu Lake: Ascent to the Lake, which sits at 2690m, is via a spectacular switchback road and the first sight of the 50-square-kilometer body of water, surrounded by lushly forested slopes, will take your breath away.

Walking Marriage Bridge: With a history of 100 years, the Bridge is the only bridge on the lake, locating in the Caohai area. Its overall length is more than 300 meters and it is made of the wood.

Lige Peninsula: Situated at the north of Lugu Lake, the Lige Peninsula is surrounded by water. In the early morning, tourists can enjoy the beautiful mist on the Lake from Lige Village which links to the peninsula with a 2-meter-wide road. Most beautiful panorama photos of Lugu Lake is taken from the top of the mountain behind Lige Village.

Liwubi Island: Expect to head for Liwubi Island, the largest island in Lugu Lake, by the ¡°pig troughs¡± ship, and experience the unique Mosuo's cultures.


Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
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Day 1: Kunming Arrival

Welcome to Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan province, is dubbed as "the city of Eternal Spring" due to its warm weather with an average of 20 degrees for the whole year. Our trip leader and chauffeur will escort you to your hotel in Kunming downtown.
Spend the rest of the day at your leisure. If time is enough, ask our trip leader for some advices about Kunming city visiting and local featured food and restaurants.
Hotel: Kunming Business Hotel 


Day 2: Kunming-Stone Forest-Kunming (171km)

Today after breakfast, we will head to visit the Stone Forest which is known as "the first wonder of the world". Marvel at its natural stone masterpieces and be bewitched by the stone peaks, pillars and stalagmites rising abruptly from the ground and extending as far as the eye can see.
After the tour in the afternoon, return back to Kunming city. En route, we will stop by the Golden Temple Park, a large Taoist temple in Yunnan, located on the Mingfeng Mountains, 7KM to the east of Kunming city. There is a fine building made of bronze, commonly known as Jindian (the "Golden Temple").
Kunming Business Hotel (standard room with private bathroom)


Day 3: Kunming-by Flight-Lijiang
After breakfast, our trip leader and chauffeur will escort you to the airport for the morning flight to Lijiang. Upon arrival in Lijiang, meet your trip leader at the arrival hall, and transfer by private car and driver to your hotel. Check in and have a short rest before exploring the ancient town.
In the afternoon, overlook and get a panoramic view of Lijiang Ancient Town from Wangwu Tower, the landmark building of Lijiang. This pure wood building is built at 33 meters tall on the top of Lion Hill. Afterwards, explore the city at your leisure. In the recent years, Lijiang ancient town has been commercialised, very touristy, and things are expensive targeting on tourists. So make sure to ask some advices from our trip leader even for a cup of coffee.
Lijiang Ancient Town, also called Da Yan ancient town, is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and one of China's four best preserved ancient cities with Sichuan Langzhong, Shanxi Pingyao and Anhui She County, known for its unique ethnic culture, water system and architectural style.
Lijiang Local Featured Hotel (standard room with private bathroom)


Day 4: Lijiang-Lugu Lake (205km)

Today we will get up very early and head to Lugu Lake, and it takes about 5~6 hours to arrive. You may feel uncomfortable due to the bumpy road, ask your trip leader for a pill of dramamine to help out the carsick. Upon arrival at about 13:00, check in your lake-facing hotel. Have a short break, and we will head to the Lover Bridge, the world's longest man-made traditional wooden bridge crossing over 300-meters Grass Sea; wander on the bridge and enjoy the sunset scenery. Have a Mosuo local flavor dinner with "Sulima Wine" and "tuotuo mutton" to the Lugu Lake. Join the fire party after the dinner and enjoy the folk songs and dance with the local people in a big courtyard.
Lugu Lake, situated in the mountains on the border between Sichuan and Yunnan provinces, the remoteness of the region has long preserved traditions, is the historical home of the Mosuo, one of the last matrilineal societies in the world. The mirror-like lake surrounded by the lush peaks has the crystal clear water and here you can see many metres down into the water and the plant life below. Just clicking your camera shutter, there is the blockbuster photo same as the ones you find on the internet even you are using the basic photography facility.
Mosuo people still retain the custom of Walking marriage, which means "male does not marry, female does not marry." If two people like each other, the young man climbs up a tall wall and crawls into a window to have intimate relation with a girl at night and leaves before day break secretly. Lovers have no economic or any legal relationaship, and continue to live in their mother's home when they have children. The females are called "Azhu" and the the males are called "Axia".
Facing-lake local hotel (standard room with private bathroom)


Day 5: Lugu Lake One Day Tour

We will rent a moped and spend the whold day riding around the lake. It is about 60km to Lige peninsula located at the north side of Lugu Lake, surrounded on three sides by water and connected with a 2-meters lane in the north side. In the afternoon, check in the facing lake hotel in Lige penisula. You can taste the roast suckling pig for the dinner and have some drinks and relax in the bars.
Facing-lake local hotel (standard room with private bathroom)


Day 6: Lugu Lake-Lijiang Town (205km)
After breakfast at about 7:30, enjoy and shoot the beautiful sunrise of Lugu Lake in the first rays and listen the sweet lover songs from the lake. Then say goodbye to the calm lake, warm sunshine, boundless forest, blue sky and all over the sky stars. Then we will return back to Lijiang town. Transfer to your hotel or the airport for your next destination.

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