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Siguniang Mountain Erfeng Climbing Tour 6 Days

Destination: Siguniang Mountain Erfeng
Duration: Six Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Mountaineering
Best Travel Time:Suitable for the whole year, best from March to December
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Mount Siguniang( Four Girls Mountain,Four Sisters Mountain,Siguniang Shan,Four Maidens Mountain) is the highest peak of Qionglai Mountains in Western China. It is located in the bordering area of Rilong Town, Xiaojin County and Wenchuan County in Ngawa Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province,China.

Mount Siguniang encompasses four peaks: Daguniang Feng (Big Peak or 1st peak), Erguniang Feng (2nd peak), Sangungiang Feng (3rd peak), and Yaomei Feng (4th peak). The highest peak is Yaomei Feng (peak of the youngest sister), also known as the "Queen of Sichuan's peaks" , standing at 6250 meters. It is also the second highest mountain in Sichuan Province. The other three lower peaks are regular mountaineering destinations through all seasons. Mount Siguniang DaFeng (peak of the oldest sister, 5025 m) is normally considered as a pure trekking peak while ErFeng (peak of the second sister, 5276 m) and SanFeng (peak of the third sister, 5355 m) is more challenging as it involves basic climbing technique.

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Siguniang Mountain Erfeng Climbing Tour 6 Days
Siguniang Mountain Erfeng, Sichuan,Chengdu, Rilong
Tour Type: Private Tour
Best Climbing Time: Suitable for the whole year, best from March to December.
Location: Xiaojin County, Aba Prefecture, Sichuan, China
Altitude: 5276 Meters
Climbing Level: Entry level climber & beginner.
Day 1: Arrival Chengdu
Fly to Chengdu, the tour guide will meet you at Chengdu Airport. If time permit, visit downtown Chengdu.
Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Chengdu -Wolong -Balang Mountain -Siguniang Mountain Town
Leave the hotel in the early morning, drive to the Panda Breeding Base hometown - Wolong and take lunch there. Go along the winding road over the Balang Mountain, and you will see the full view of Mount Siguniang and finally arrive Siguniang Mountain Town /Rilong Town. Take rest in the afternoon to adapt Tibet Plateau Climate in west Sichuan.
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 3: Siguniang Mountain Town- Dahaizi
Morning trek into Haizi Valley, through highland shrubs and meadows to reach Dahaizi Camp Site.  
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 4: Dahaizi- Base Camp of Mount Siguniang Erfeng
Trek from Hazi Valley to reach Base Camp of Mount Siguniang Erfeng.If you are not able for the heavy trekking, riding a horse is a solution.
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 5: Base Camp - Ascending the Summit - Siguniang Mountain Town
Get up at 03:00 and leave Base Camp at 04:00 in the early morning. It takes around 4 hours to top the summit is everything goes good. When ascended the peak, take a while for enjoy, then go back Siguniang Mountain Town through Base Camp.   
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 6: Siguniang Mountain Town - Chengdu
Drive around 5 hours back from Siguniang Mountain town to Chengdu city for your departure. Tour ends.  
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
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