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Qinghai Sob Gangri Climbing Tour 8 Days

Destination: Qinghai Sob Gangri Peak
Duration: Eight Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Mountaineering
Best Travel Time:April to October
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Yuzhu Peak or Yuzhu Feng, with the altitude of 6,178 meters, is located in the east part of Kunlun Mountain. Yuzhu Peak is at the common boundary of Golmud and Yushu in Qinghai Province.Yuzhu Peak is covered by snow all year round and there are also many glaciers. Around the main peak are about 20 snow mountains with the altitude above 5400 meters. To its north is Xi Da Tan with the altitude of 4,300 meters, and most glaciers are hanging glaciers. Get over Kunlun Mountain and get to the south side of Yuzhu Peak, where there are different landforms. The 10-meter end of glacier is an ideal place for training mountaineering. The road conditions on the northern side are relatively challenging, and all three glaciers on the slope lead to the summit, requiring good mountaineering skills. All these traits make Peak Yuzhu an optimal destination for both professional and amateur mountaineers.
The climate of Yuzhu Peak area belongs to the continental climate. The yearly average temperature is five below zero, and the lowest temperature could be thirty below zero. Due to its geographic location, the east Kunlun Mountain becomes the dividing line of the different climates between the south and the north of western China, and the location also causes the complexity of the climate of Yuzhu Peak. The route of the south slope of the peak is mainly snow slope. Base Camp is located at the altitude of 5040 meters, and Camp One is at the altitude of 5600 meters.
Seen from afar, Yuzhu Peak likes a holy dragon lying peacefully. It is an ideal place for tourism, mountaineering and athletes training.
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Qinghai Sob Gangri Climbing Tour 8 Days
Qinghai Sob Gangri Peak,Mount Sob Gangri, Qinghai,Golmud,Kunlun Mountain
Tour Type: Group Tour
Best Climbing Time: April to October.
Location: Golmud/Geergu, Qinghai, China
Altitude: 6178 Meters
Climbing Level: Entry level climber & beginner.
Day 1: Arrival Golmud
Fly to Golmud in Qinghai Province.Pick you up at Golmud airport and send you to Hotel for rest.Check you climbing kits and adapt Qinghai Tibetan Plateau Climate.
Meals: Dinner

Day 2: Golmud - Xidatan - Budongquan
Morning depart the hotel in Goldmud to Budongquan (4600m), the total journey is 180km and takes 4 hours. When you arrive Budongquan, please take rest.
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 3: Budongquan - Base Camp of Sob Gangri Peak
Morning drive 30 km along Qinghai Tibet road, and continue drive 18 km sandstone road to reach Base Camp (5050m)at the south slop of Sob Gangri Peak.The oxygen there is only 50% compare to plain area, wind is cold and heavy, sunlight is stronger. Please drink more hot water at Base Camp, and do not eat too much food.  
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 4: Base Camp Training Day
Today is a climbing training day at Base Camp. The climbing guide will train basic climbing techniques,ice walking,self rescue, and other knowledge.   
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 5: Base Camp - Camp 1
Morning take rest at Base Camp(5600m). After lunch start trek from Base Camp to Camp 1, it will takes around 3 hours in 1.5 km salt bed. The climbing guide will lead you and trek slowly to keep energy.    
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch & Dinner
Day 6: Camp 1 - Ascending the Sob Gangri Peak  
Today continue climbing towards the Sob Gangri Peak. The average slop is 30¡ã for the whole route. When reach the altitude of 5800m, begin to set rope and climbing for around 2 hours to reach the summit. After top the peak, take 3 hours return to Base Camp. The drive 3 hours to Golmud City.  
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
Day 7:  Flexible Day
Today is a flexible day prepare for Day 6 if the weather is not allowed for top the peak, the climbing guide will organize the group to do it on Day 7. If everything goes well, today you can visit some sightseeing sites in Golmud city or around. 
Meals: Breakfast & Lunch
Day 8:  Golmud Departure
Send you to Golmud airport for departure.  
Meals: Breakfast
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