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Zhongdian Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery Meil Snow Mountain Trekking Tour -7 Days

Destination: Songzanlin Lamasery,Dukezong Acient Town,Pudacuo National park,Great Budda Lamasery,Nixi Pottery Village,Tibeta Family Visit, Napa Lake,Blue Moon Valley, Benzilan Village,Meilin Snow Mountain,Mingyong Glacier.
Duration: Seven Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Vehicle
Best Travel Time:Suitable for the whole year
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The Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery, also known as Sungtseling and Guihuasi, is a Tibetan Buddhist monastery situated 5 kilometres from the city of Zhongdian in Yunnan province, China. Built in 1679, the monastery is the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in Yunnan province and is sometimes referred to as the Little Potala Palace. Located in the capital of Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, it is also the most important monastery in southwest China.

Meili Xue Shan or Meili Snow Mountain is the highest mountain in the Chinese province of Yunnan. The Meili range is a small massif of the much more extensive Hengduan Shan, the major north-south trending complex of mountains lying along the eastern edge of the Tibetan Plateau in eastern Tibet, northwestern Yunnan, western Sichuan, and far northern Myanmar. The Meili Xue Shan forms part of the divide between the Nujiang and Mekong rivers.

Yubeng Village is situated in the valley at the foot of Wuzi Peak which is at the bottom of Nianmu Peak of Meili Snow Mountain in Deqin County. It is almost inaccessible to many visitors because roads are definitely impossible to be developed. One can only get there by trekking or horse-riding for 18 kilometers, challenging the highest elevation of 3,700 meters above the sea level. Yubeng Village is endowed with intriguing and primitive landscapes. Its remoteness and isolation make people disbelieve that there are even human beings living and multiplying in this valley.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$1050/persons 1050USD/Person

﹛Day 1 ﹛Shangrila Arrival 

Activity:Morning pick you up in airport and send you to Hotel.Then visit Zhongdian Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery to watch Tibetan Buddists read Holy Scripts.Visit Great Budda Lamasery.

Sightseeing: Zhongdian Ganden Sumtsenling Monastery, Great Budda Lamasery.

Hotel:Shangrila                                  Meal: Lunch+Dinner

Sumtsenling Monastery

Great Budda Lamasery

Dukezong Acient Town

﹛Day 2 ﹛Shangrila

Activity: Visit Pudacuo National Park in the morning. Afternoon visit Napa Lake. After that visit a traditional Tibetan Family to experience local Tibetans life.

Sightseeing: Pudacuo National Park, Napa Lake,Tibetan Family Visit.

Hotel: Shangrila                              Meal: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Bita Lake

Tibetan Family House

Napa Lake

﹛Day 3﹛Shangrila -Feillaisi,Deqin

Activity: Visit Nixi Pottery Village. Drive to Benzilan Village to see traditional Tibetan villages. Through Grand Jinsha River valley, drive to Dongzulin Lamasery to see the most original Tibetan buddist temple. Arrive in Feilaisi View Platform to watch the sunset of Meili Mountain.

Sightseeing: Nixi Pottery Village,Benzilan Village,Dongzulin Lamasery,Feilaisi Temple.

Hotel: Feilaisi                                                                       Meal: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Feilaisi View Platform

Feilaisi View Platform

Nixi Pottery Village

﹛Day 4﹛Feilaisi,Deqin-Shang Yubeng Village

Activity: Morning drive from Feilai Temple to visit Mingyong Glacier Park, then arrive Xidang Village, start trekking from Xidang Village to Shang YuBeng Village.
Trekking routes: Xidang Village每 Mountain Pass 每 Shang YuBen (6 hours)

Hotel: Sahng Yubeng  Village                                     Meal: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Mingyong Glacier

Xidang Village

Shang YuBen

﹛Day 5﹛Shang Yubeng Village-Xia Yubeng Village

Trekking routes: Shang YuBeng Village 每 Xia YuBeng Village 每 Waterfalls 每 XiaYuBeng Village 每 Holy Lake 每 Xia YuBeng Village. (6 hours).

Hotel: Xia YuBeng                                            Meal: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner


Ice Lake

Trekking Road

﹛Day 6﹛Xia Yubeng Village -Feilaisi,Deqin

Trekking routes: Xia YuBeng Village 每 DeYiXing 每 NaJi 每 GeJiuDa 每 NiNong (6 hours) Drive from NinNong to 2 hours to Feilai Temple Village.

<--EndFragment-->Hotel: FeilaiSI,Deqin                                               Meal: Breakfast+Lunch+Dinner

Trekking View


Ninong Village 

﹛Day 7﹛Feilaisi,Deqin-Shangrila Departure

Activity: Drive back to Shangrila.Send you to Airport in the evening.Take flight to Kunming.Tour Ends.

Hotel: No                                                                    Meal: Breakfast+Lunch

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