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Chongqing Yichang Yangtze Cruise Tour - 4 Days

Destination: Yangtze Cruise,Three Gorges
Duration: Four Day
Tour Code:
Transportation: Cruise
Best Travel Time:Suitable fore the whole year
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Yangtze Cruise Tour with Three Gorges from Chongqing to Yichang

The Yangtze River is the largest and longest river in China and the third longest one in the world. It is the cradle of Chinese civilization. No trip to China is complete without a cruise on the world-famous Yangtze River. Cruising the mighty Yangtze River, you will appreciate its stunning sceneries along the bank, such as the peculiar-looking rocks and peaks, fabulous fog and clouds,the most impressive Three Gorges ( Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge and Xiling Gorge) . All the sceneries present as a long beautiful picture scroll. Besides, you can take shore excursion on Little Three Gorges or Shennong Stream, explore local customs and experience local culture of the surrounding areas.

Qutang Gorge runs eight kilometers from Baidicheng in Fengjie County in the west to Daxizhen in Wushan County, Chongqng City. Immediately downstream of the ancient village Baidicheng, the Yangtze River passes between the Chijia Mountain on the north and the Baiyan Mountain on the south. The point where the river passes between these mountains is called the Kuimen Gate and it is the entrance to the Qutang Gorge. Rocky mountains rise perpendicularly like walls on both sides of the river squeezing the broad river into a narrow ribbon threading its way in the gorge. 
Qutang Gorge is the narrowest of the Three Gorges. The widest point measures only 150 metres (500 ft) wide. The mountains on either side reach as high as 1,200 metres (4,000 ft). This combination of narrow canyons among high mountains with several switchbacks in only 8 kilometers creates spectacular vistas, and the Qutang Gorge is often considered the most beautiful of all the Three Gorges.There are many historical sites in Qutang Gorge. On a hilltop on the north bank are the town of Baidicheng, boasting many rare historical relics. On the south bank are the Whitewashed Wall covered with carved inscriptions, the legendary Meng Liang's Ladder, the Upside Down Monk, Armour Cave and the sweet-tasting Phoenix-Drinking Fountain in a deep cave. Also on the south bank, not far downstream, is a very strange-looking peak standing by the river; it is called the Rhinoceros Watching the Moon because it looks like a rhinoceros. 

Wu Gorge
Wu Gorge, sometimes called Great Gorge  is the second gorge of the Three Gorges system on the Yangtze River of China. Formed by the Wu River, it stretches 45 kilometres from Wushanto Guandukou, and is located downstream of Qutang Gorge and upstream of Xiling Gorge. The gorge straddles the boundary between Wushan County of Chongqing Municipality (formerly part of Sichuan Province) andBadong County, Hubei Province.
The Gorge has been known as the Wu Gorge since at least the Three Kingdoms Period, when it was recorded in the geographical treatise Shui Jing Zhu. In 589 AD, General L¨¹ Zhongsu of the Chen Dynasty stationed troops in the Wu and Xiling Gorges in an attempt to stop the advancing Sui Dynasty armies. Tang Dynastypoet Yang Jiong wrote a classical poem entitled "Passing Wu Gorge".
The mountains on both sides of the Yangtze, through which the river cuts the Wu Gorge, are known as the Wu Mountains

Xiling Gorge
Starting from Xiangxi (Fragrant Stream) Kou of Zigui County in the west and ending at Nanjin Pass in the east, Xiling Gorge, zigzagging about 49 miles, is the longest gorge among the three gorges of the Yangtze River. Because of numerous reefs and odd-shaped stones existing in rapid shoals, the gorge is also well known for its danger.Scenery along the Xiling Gorge is spectacular. Some renowned streams, springs, stones and karst caves can be found along this section. As many historic celebrities such as Qu Yuan and Bai Juyi have been here and left numerous poems praising the natural scene of Xiling Gorge, it is bestowed with a great sense of history.Xiling Gorge is mainly composed of smaller gorges and dangerous shoals. From west to east, there are four gorges - The Military Books and Precious Sword Gorge (Bingshu Baojian Xia), The Ox and Horse Lungs Gorge (Niugan Mafei Xia), Kongling Gorge, and Lantern Shadow Gorge (Dengying Xia) - and some dangerous shoals such as Qingtan, Xietan, Xintan and Konglingtan. In the past, a great number of boats have sunk here, striking the reefs in the rapid flow of water. Thanks to the Gezhouba Water Conservancy Project, the water now has been calmed to some extent. 
Besides the natural landscape, some historic landmarks including the Huangling Temple and Three Travelers' Cave (Sanyou Dong) are also worth visiting. As your boat cruises out of Nanjin Pass at the eastern end of Xiling Gorge, the scenery of dangerous cliffs and shoals will be left behind as the middle section of the Yangtze River begins. 
Now Xiling Gorge has become a highlight of the Yangtze River Cruise and has been praised by numerous visitors, both native and foreign.

Browsing these pages and they guide to the Yangtze Cruise for you. We¡¯ve collected a lot of information on Yangtze River travel and keep it up to date. Our experienced travel advisors will respond quickly to help you for your Yangtze River travel.

Full price of this tour (per person in US$):
Price Price Instruction
US$850/persons 850USD/Person
¡¡Day 1 ¡¡Chongqing Arrival

Activity:Pick up you in Chognqing Airpot and a short tour in Chongqin city to People's Square, Porcelain Town . Then borading Yangtze Cruise in the evening.

Sightseeing: People's Square, Porcelain Town.

Hotel: Yangtze Cruise                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner


People's Square

Porcelain Town
¡¡Day  2 ¡¡Chongqing-Fengdu - Shibaozhai

Activity:Along the Yangzte River up to Fengdu Ghost City and have a short land stopover there to visit the city, then continue go upstream to ShibaoZhai.

Sightseeing:  Fengdu Ghost City, Shibaozhai.

Hotel: Yangtze Cruise                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Victoria Cruise

Fengdu Ghost City

¡¡Day  3¡¡Shibaozhai ¨C Three Gorges

Activity:Along the Yangzte River up to three different Gorges to have a amazing view along the Yangtze River.

Sightseeing:  Three Gorges Qutang Gorge, Wu Gorge, Shennong Stream.

Hotel: Yangtze Cruise                                  Meals: Breakfast + Lunch +Dinner

Bawu Yangtze Gorge

Wushan Ynagtze Gorge

Shengnong Stream
¡¡Day  4¡¡Three Gorges Dam- Yichang  Departure

Activity:Along the Yangzte River up to three Gorges Dam. After arrive Yinchang City, then send you to Yichang airport for departure.

Sightseeing:  Three Gorges Dam.

Hotel:No                             Meals: Breakfast + Lunch

Yangtze Gorge

Three Gorges Dam

Three Gorges Dam


Cruise Map

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